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Fire Razes Down School Hostel In Kano, Kills 7 Girls

Fire Razes Down School Hostel In Kano, Kills 7 Girls

A mysterious fire has razed down Government Girls Secondary School, Jogana, killing seven students and 21 injured.

The fire broke out in the hostel dormitories while students were sleeping
The fire incident which occurred yesterday midnight, November 29, started from the biggest hostel of the school while the students were fast asleep at about 2am.

The recorded deaths resulted from suffocation and stampede as hundreds of students rushed to escape the blaze through two exits. The bodies of the dead girls was confirmed by hospital and school officials, with the confirmation that their bodies have been deposited at Murtala Mohammed Specialists Hospital.

Fire Razes Down School Hostel In Kano, Kills 7 Girls
The fire completely destroyed the school’s biggest hostel

The Executive Secretary of Secondary Schools Management Board, Husaini Ganduje, also confirmed death of seven students in the fire, saying those who sustained injuries were currently receiving treatment. Usman Bello, the director of press to the deputy governor, Hafiz Abubakar, also released a statement concerning the sad event.

“Firemen have quenched the fire that broke out at the hostel of the Government Girls Secondary School Jogana. The students were evacuated to their classes and those affected were rushed to Gezawa and Sir Sanusi Hospital.

“The special adviser to the governor on education Dr. Bakari Ado Hussaini and management of Kano State Senior Secondary Schools all mobilized to the school and were coordinating with the state deputy governor and commissioner of education, Prof. Hafiz Abubakar. The commissioner of health has also mobilized health personnel to attend to the victims of the incident,” the statement read.

A source in the state also said that authorities of the school have no emergency arrangement for fire, which made some neighbors around the school premises to come to the rescue of the female students who were all in their sleeping gowns.

A local resident, Malam Auwalu Iro, said that due to the pitiful situation, they had to mobilize even their wives to join in the rescue mission during the fire accident as their was no immediate response either from the school authorities or the fire Service who have to come from Kano city a distance of about 25 kilometers to Jogana town.

As at the time of filing this report, parents were seen at the school picking up their wards in a very apprehensive manner.

Meanwhile, correspondent, Nnenna Ibeh and photojournalist, Yinka Adeparusi on Wednesday, November 25, spent a day with pupils of School Without Walls, a school in Kuchingoro camp for the internally displaced children.

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8 Signs She Has Lost Interest In You (Must Read For All Guys)

8 Signs She Has Lost Interest In You (Must Read For All Guys)

Has your girlfriend suddenly started acting differently around you? Have you been trying to understand her actions but just can’t seem to figure them out? Well, the reason she’s been acting differently may be because she is losing interest in you.

In our article the 5 Signs She’s Not Into You, we examined signs of a woman’s low interest level in the early dating stages. But what about when you’ve been together for a while? If you see that your girlfriend exhibits any of the following warning signs, you have reason to be concerned.

1. She Puts Her Girlfriends Ahead Of You

All women are entitled to a girl’s night out here and there with their girlfriends, but if spending time with their girlfriends has begun to take priority over you and she consistently leaves you at home to gallivant in nightclubs, she is definitely losing interest in you.

2. She Avoids Public Affection With You

If your girlfriend has allowed you to kiss her or hold her hand in public in the past and suddenly begins rejecting your advances or moves away from you without an obvious reason, you have reason to worry about her interest level in the relationship.

3. She’s Lost Interest In s*x (With You)

If she has suddenly become bored by your performance in bed and you’re rarely hitting the sheetsanymore, she may be wishing for someone else to rub her the right way.

4. She Starts Fights With You Without Any Good Reason

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If she has all of a sudden noticeably lowered her tolerance level for your little mistakes, constantly picks fights and turns every little thing into an argument or a disagreement, chances are her interest level has lowered and she is probably unhappy about the way your relationship is going.

5. She Shows Interest In Other Guys

If you notice your girlfriend openly checking out other guys and flirting with other men while you’re right there beside her, it could be her way of sending you a subtle message that she’s shopping around for another man.

6. She’s Put Distance Between You

A woman who is in a happy relationship always makes time for her partner. So if all of a sudden you don’t see your girlfriend for a week or more and when she does answer your calls, she is busy and is always in a rush to get off the phone with you, something is definitely wrong. Take this as hint that she wants time apart to explore what it feels like to be away from you.

7. She’s No Longer Affectionate Toward You

If she just sits there and does nothing when you attempt to touch her and caress her or you’re always the one who initiates the hand holding or hugs first, a breakup may be impending.

8. She Begins Saying “I” Instead Of “We”

If you feel like your girlfriend hardly talks, doesn’t contribute much to the conversations you have your and she starts to use “I” instead of “we” when talking about the future, this means that she does not see a future with you in it anymore.

Drop your Comments, I believe you guys must have dated one or two girls who are now Ex – Tell Us The Sign you noticed before you finally broke up

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Actress, Ini Edo Teases Her Fans on a Str!pper Pole (See Photo)

Actress, Ini Edo Teases Her Fans on a Str!pper Pole

Nollywood star actress, Ini Edo sure gets our attention in whatever disguise she’s on.
The Akwa-Ibom State-born actress posted a recent photo of her dressed much like a Str!pper and standing beside a pole, hopefully trying to tease her fans with her S3xiness. Not sure if the photo-scene is from a movie or she just wanted to give her over 600,000 followers something to feed their hungry eyes with.

Actress, Ini Edo Teases Her Fans on a Str!pper Pole

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Boko Haram On Revenge Mission, Kills 7 In Fresh Attacks

Boko Haram On Revenge Mission, Kills 7 In Fresh Attacks

It seems Islamist sect, Boko Haram, has launched a revenge mission.

Seven persons, including a soldier have been reportedly killed in a raid by the terror group in both Bam and Gajigana villages of Biu and Magumeri local government areas of Borno state.

Vanguard reports that the insurgents who were at Bam village at about 3:30 am over the weekend left with an unspecified numbers of unmarried teenage girls unchallenged. They killed three persons alongside a soldier and injured many in Gajigana village before carting away foodstuff. No one could contend with them as they also set shops and houses on fire.

Mallam Ali Bam, one of the residents of the area who fled to Miringa town for safety, told Vanguard on phone that:  “the Boko Haram terrorists after separating a lot of teenage girls from married women in Bam, set ablaze the whole village and fled with the girls unchallenged, as the attack lasted for some hours before they fled. I called on General Buratai to do something as we have been telling the soldiers that the Boko Haram were so close to the village, but they only went to Mangari village which is few kilometers away from Buratai and shot into the air and left. The soldiers don’t want to confront the terrorists, Buratai should better do something before they start attacking and sacking villages, as they were doing before.”

Bam is about 7 kilometers away from Buratai village, the home town of Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai. The village has suffered series of Boko Haram attacks of recent, even a mansion owned by the Army General was burnt down recently by the Boko Haram members.

Mallam Aliyu Jibrin, a member of the Civilian JTF from the attacked area, noted sadly how the attack in Gajigana could have been avoided if soldiers had not taken to their heels, fleeing away without facing the insurgents.

“I believe it was a revenge mission, because recently, we arrested over 17 Boko Haram insurgents in the community and handed them over to the military. I am calling on the Federal government and the military authorities to do something about the pockets of insurgents in the bushes and villagers before they regroup and start attacking big towns and villages,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army recently warned citizens to be security conscious and extra vigilant as the Christmas and New Year celebrations is approaching.

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Snoopdogg Certainly Reacts To ‘billboard’s 10 Greatest Rappers Off All Time’ List Like I Did

Snoopdogg Certainly Reacts To ‘billboard’s 10 Greatest Rappers Off All Time’ List Like I Did

Biggie is the greatest rapper of all time? That’s according to a new list by Billboard magazine. Who agrees with the list? Snoop didn’t. He shared this and wrote “This is so disrespectful. !! Whoever did this list need a swift kick in the Ass. No. Tupac. Come on cuz. Jus my opinion”
See excerpts below>>

Snoopdogg Certainly Reacts To ‘billboard’s 10 Greatest Rappers Off All Time’ List Like I Did

I certainly agree with him tho, buh anyways. That’s just a list, not reality, *calms down*

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Young 15 Year Old Girl Disappeared After Going To Meet A Man She Met On Facebook

Young 15 Year Old Girl Disappeared After Going To Meet A Man She Met On Facebook

In this age of strange and wicked occurrences, we have to be very careful who we interact with on social media.

15 year old Kayleigh Haywood went to meet a man she met on Facebook last Friday, November 13, and since then she has not been seen.

The unfortunate thing is no one knows exactly who this man is and where he is, because she told her parents she was going to stay with her best friend, and told this best friend that she was going to stay with her aunt,

Both Aunty and Bestfriend have not set eyes on her since she left home on Friday.

Read full story below

Two men have been arrested after the 15-year-old, who was last seen on Friday, told her parents she was going for a ­sleepover at her best friend’s house.

But it is believed the popular youngster secretly met a man she had been in contact with on social media .

A source said: “Kayleigh had told her best friend about a man who had been messaging her on Facebook.

“They were both going to meet this man on Friday evening, but earlier in the week Kayleigh announced she was no longer going to meet him.

“Usually she would spend the weekend with her best friend and her family. But Kayleigh told the girl that she would be going to visit an auntie instead.”

It has emerged that her mobile phone was discovered by a dog walker in Sence Valley Forest Park in Ibstock, Leics, on Saturday afternoon.

The park was sealed off as police searched for clues.

The phone was used to send a text message to her distraught mum Stephanie, 36, earlier that day. Her family, of Measham, Leics, said they “fear the worst” as she would never have willingly parted with her mobile.

via Mirror

We can recall that here in Nigeria, 25 year old Cynthia Osukogu met her untimely end in the hads of men who befriended her on Facebook. They lured her to Lagos hotel and murdered her there.

Lets be careful, folks.

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Funnies: Crazy Scope Nigerian Girls Use To Know Or Ask If A Guy Has A Girlfriend

Funnies: Crazy Scope Nigerian Girls Use To Know Or Ask If A Guy Has A Girlfriend

Nigerian Girls have been using this tricks since time immemorial, especially during chatting. You would see chats like this;

Funnies: Crazy Scope Nigerian Girls Use To Know Or Ask If A Guy Has A Girlfriend

Guy: Hi Shawty
Girl: Hey cutie

Guy: I like your D.P
Girl: Realy?? Aww! Thanks dear

Guy: Yea! For real… Like seriously, i wish you could be mine.
Girl: Hehehehe  Hmn! Where do u want to place that sister?

Guy: Which sister is that
Girl: I mean your Girlfriend now…Don’t tell me fine boy like you don’t have a girlfriend ooo

Guy: Bidemi, am serious… am very single oooo
Girl: Femi, abegi… If i hear? leave me joor! “Don’t allow your Gf to come and break my head ooooo”

Guy: Lol

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Homosexuals Are “Sick And Foolish” – Apostle Onyinah

Homosexuals Are “Sick And Foolish” – Apostle Onyinah

The chairman of the Church of Pentecost Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah has lashed out at homosexuals and their advocates, describing the act as “foolishness”.

Homosexuals Are “Sick And Foolish” – Apostle Onyinah

Apostle Dr. Onyinah explained the act of homosexuality is responsible for many diseases the world is grappling with today. There have been debates about recognition of gay rights in Ghana as the country’s constitution is mild over its illegality. Some churches in the Western world have gone ahead to accept the act allowing homosexuals to even serve as ministers of God.

Recently, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana was in the news for a decision to sever ties with its counterpart in the U.S over the latter’s recognition of gays. The tussle saw a former Moderator of the Church Rev. Dr. Yaw Frimpong Manso resigning from the Presby Church.

But speaking at the 10th anniversary service of the Pentecost University College, Dr. Onyinah said homosexuals are sick and thus must rather be prayed for.

“We’ve decided to put nature aside and saying that let us bless same sex marriage, going back to times of idolatry, doing things that are abomination. That’s what people are now doing…..if you come to Romans chapter 1, you will realize that these things are bad, they are evil, people tried it in Genesis, they try it [and] they suffer the wrath of God and still people want to push God aside and do what we want to do,” he opined.

He added: “We are allowing, excuse me to say, foolishness to prevail because we think that people are becoming free so why can’t we allow them to become fools? Diseases, to accept diseases instead of praying to heal people of this sickness, illness, we are saying that let’s take it like that but they are sick. They are ill. They themselves know that they are suffering. That’s why they want attention. Instead of giving them the right attention, we are giving them the wrong one.”

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Buhari Arrives Paris For Climate Change Summit

Buhari Arrives Paris For Climate Change Summit

President Muhammadu Buhari has arrived France to join other world leaders for the Conference of Parties 21 (COP21) on climate change in Paris, the capital of France.

The president will present Nigeria’s statement at the opening session when the conference officially opened on Monday, November 30, before participants in the launching of the International Solar Alliance, an initiative of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Buhari Arrives Paris For Climate Change Summit

The Nigerian leader will on Tuesday, December 1, participate in the summit of Heads of State and Government of the Lake Chad Basin Commission and Benin Republic where issues on security challenges of the region will be discussed and also attend another event of the African Union, tagged ‘Conference on Climate Change and Africa Solutions.

Buhari Arrives Paris For Climate Change Summit

Buhari will be accompanied to the these meetings by the minister of foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, his environment counterpart, Amina Mohammed and the National Security Adviser, Maj-Gen Babagana Monguno (rtd).

Meanwhile, Oby Ezekwesili had urged Nigerians to demand accountability and performance from government and persons in all positions of authority in the country.

She stated that the inability of Africans and Nigerians to demand accountability from government officials as one of the reasons for the poor leadership witnessed in African countries.

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Buhari did not reduce Ministers’ renumeration – Presidency

Buhari did not reduce Ministers’ renumeration – Presidency

The Presidency has stated that there was no iota of truth in reports that President Muhammadu Buhari reduced the remuneration of Ministers.

Senior Special Assistant to Buhari on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, at the weekend said the President “has not tampered with the salaries and allowances of Federal Ministers.”

He said, “they remain as they have been prescribed by the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission under a law passed in 2008.

“The President and the Vice President have voluntarily offered a 50 per cent salary cut. This is voluntary and does not apply to Ministers and other political appointees.

“Reports to the effect that the President has imposed an austere package on the ministers are unknown to us. The administration has not tampered with the salaries of ministers and that remain as prescribed under the law.”

DAILY POST recalls that a letter by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engr. Babachir David Lawal, revealed the conditions of service for the new ministers.

The letter said: “I am pleased to inform you that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has appointed you as a Minister in the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

“The appointment takes effect from 11th November, 2015 under the following Terms and Conditions of Service as contained in “Certain Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders(Salaries and Allowances, etc) (Amendment ) Act 2008.

“I am to add that your tenure terminates at the end of this Administration unless otherwise decided by Mr. President. Please accept my heartiest congratulations and best wishes on your appointment.”

The SGF’s letter gave the details of the perks which the ministers will enjoy in office as long as they last in the Federal Executive Council (FEC).

While the substantive minister will earn N2, 026, 400 Annual Basic Salary($8,514.285), Minister of State is to get N1.8million($7,563.025) per annum.

Other highlights of the conditions include: Estacode Allowance($900 per diem); Duty Tour Allowance(N35,000); Utilities Allowance(Telephone/ Electricity/ Water)–30% of Annual Basic Salary (N607,920); Domestic Staff Allowance(75% -((N1,519,800) of Annual Basic Salary; Medical Facilities (in accordance with NHIS Policy); Special Assistant (To be provided in kind); Security (To be provided in kind); Air Travel (By Business Class); Newspaper Allowance (15% of Annual Basic Salary-N303,960).

“As a Political Office Holder, you must obtain permission from Mr. President before you travel out of Abuja. If the trip is official, Ministers are entitled to a Duty Tour Allowance of N35,000 per diem. However, all private journeys will attract no Allowance.

“Severance Allowance of 300 %of Annual Basic Salary payable after full tenure of office with government. The allowance will be pro-rated after a minimum of two years tenure.”

It added: “200 % of Annual Basic Salary (N4,052,800) will be paid to you to enable you to acquire accommodation of your choice in line with monetisation policy.

“Furniture Allowance. 300 %(N6,079,200) of Annual Basic Salary will be paid once in every four years. The allowance will be paid annually at the rate of 75% (N1,519,800) of Annual Basic salary.

“Motor Vehicle Fuelling Maintenance Allowance. 75% of Annual Basic Salary (N1,519,800) for the maintenance of your vehicle(s) as Government no longer provides chauffeur driven vehicles to Political Office Holders/Public Officers for house to office running.

“Annual Leave (30 calendar days for each leave year or calculated on pro-rata basis, with 10% of Annual Basic Salary(N202,640) as leave grant); Personal Assistant Allowance (25% of Annual Basic salary to enable you to employ a Personal Assistant of your choice).”

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Nigerian Navy Parades Vessel Loaded With 4,000MT Stolen Crude

Nigerian Navy Parades Vessel Loaded With 4,000MT Stolen Crude

The Nigerian Navy in Delta on Friday paraded MT Camilee Vessel laden with about 4,000 metric tons of suspected stolen crude oil.

Eleven crew members apprehended aboard the vessel were also paraded at the Nigeria Navy Ship, Warri naval base, Delta State.

Parading the vessel and the suspects, the Flag Officer Commanding, Central Naval Command, Yenagoa, Apochi Suleiman, said the vessel was apprehended for lack of valid documents, in addition to being in possession of the suspected stolen crude oil.

Mr. Suleiman, a rear admiral, said the vessel and its crew members were intercepted on November 15 by naval personnel on routine patrol along Forcados offshore in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta.

He said the suspects were currently being interrogated, adding that they would be handed over to the appropriate authority as soon as investigation was concluded.

Mr. Suleiman said the arrest was a major breakthrough in the war against oil theft and other criminal activities in the waterways.

He warned those engaged in the illicit deal to desist from it, describing it as economic sabotage.

Also speaking, Raimi Mohammed, a commodore, said the Navy was determined to fight the illegalities in the territorial waters to a standstill with the use of its equipment.

According to the Navy, the captain of the seized vessel admitted to the crime, adding that he had made about three trips conveying crude oil or refined product from Nigeria to Ghana and Cameroon.

"Before my ship was arrested by the navy, it was leaking and we run out of bunker and victuals.

"We also suffer in the hands of pirates while heading for Forcados to receive bunker and victuals from someone who promised to assist us," Mr. Mohammed said.


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Nigeria: Naira Slides At Parallel Market, Exchanges N242 to Dollar

Nigeria: Naira Slides At Parallel Market, Exchanges N242 to Dollar

The naira on Friday depreciated at the parallel market barely 48 hours after it strengthened against the dollar.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the naira lost N2 to exchange at N242 to the dollar, as against its previous value of N240.

Meanwhile, the official inter-bank rate remained at N197 to the dollar.

Traders at the market said in spite of the biweekly sale of FOREX to Bureaux de Change, BDCs, the currency of the biggest economy in Africa continued to slide.

They attributed the development to the difficulty encountered by some BDC operators in disposing their FOREX due to the apex bank's regulation on FOREX sales.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Reasons Good Women Fall

Reasons Good Women Fall

Nature seeks a balance. We are therefore often attracted to people who are just the opposite of what we are because we think by associating with them, we add to what they have.

This explains why introverts are often attracted to extroverts. The best example, however, is in situations where good women fall for bad men.

Many years ago during my graduate studies, there was this lady who was the apple of the eye of everyone. She was beautiful, intelligent, pleasant and decent. She had style and was also believed to be a virgin.

Naturally, many students, lectures, politicians, pastors and businessmen tried to track her down but she ‘bounced’ them all. Then word got round that she was taken. Everyone wondered who this lucky man was.

Well, he was the last person anyone could have guessed because he was wild, noisy, arrogant, naughty and a rebel. He grew a ‘wild’ beard and often revealed his chest hair. He almost had a personality disorder but this woman fell head over heels in love with him.

This man had many nice ‘things’ or beautiful girls. Sometimes, these ladies would ‘clash’ and when the man sent her away she would hang around for hours to see her man. The man made unrealistic demands and controlled everything she did.

He also often abused her but when the man told her the relationship was over she got friends to plead for her. The man refused. Everything including her grades and beauty went down with her.

Sadly, she went in for another naughty man and many wondered why good women fell for naughty men.

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Bayelsa 2015: Youth groups pass vote of confidence on Gov Dickson

Bayelsa 2015: Youth groups pass vote of confidence on Gov Dickson

ABUJA – Ahead of the governorship election in Bayelsa State on December 5, 2015, youth groups under the aegis of Bayelsa Youth Leaders Forum, BYLF, has passed vote of confidence on Governor Seriake Dickson.

This was made known by Coordinator, BYLF, Hon Ben Bara Ogidi, as he explained why his organisation passed vote of confidence on the Governor for his re-election, which Ogidi said was based on the achievement of the Dickson led administration for almost four years, and added that the governor deserves second term in office.

Ogidi, who has been an advocate of good governance and participatory democracy in the state, maintained that his association has also endorsed the governor based on the participation of Bayelsans in socio-political issues that concerns their welfare and wellbeing without denial of their fundamental human rights, which they did not enjoy under former governor, Timipre Sylva.

He said: “We are living witnesses of the massive transformation that Bayelsa State has experienced after Governor Henry Seriake Dickson was elected as the Executive Governor of the state.

“Our position on passing vote of confidence on the ‘country-man Governor’ is based on the prosperity, peace and development the eight local government areas of the state have seen for almost four years on a non-stop motion and acceleration basis.

“Our group also endorsed him for a second term in office based on his economic blueprint and achievement we have accessed and found commendable. The governor’s re-election will be good omen for Bayelsa State for another four years ahead.

“We have seen the revolution in the various sectors of the state economy, and Bayelsans are enjoying the dividends of democracy more than any administration offered.

“His policies have been objective and focused on issues that concern the welfare of the people, and they have also put their trust and dependency on the economic roadmap of the government.

“The economic empowerment Bayelsans have now is monumental and there is that sense of belonging of all segments of the citizenry in the state. Even the aged are paid stipend, and poverty is reduced drastically.

“Also first time in the history of the state the Governor has established the Izonebe Micro Finance Bank, to help farmers, small and medium scale enterprises business men and women to access loan facilities conveniently to grow and expand their business.”

However, Ogidi urged electorates to ensure the re-election of the governor for a second term based on the prosperity, peace and development they have being enjoying since the Dickson led restoration team took over power and administration of the state.

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AIG In Adamawa State, Abubakar Jinjiri Dead

AIG In Adamawa State, Abubakar Jinjiri Dead

SaharaReporters has confirmed that AIG Abubakar Jinjiri died in Yola, the Adamawa State capital, on Friday according to ACP Olabisi Alofe Kolawole, the National Police Force Public Relations Officer, who spoke with a SaharaReporters correspondent.

ACP Olabisi Alofe Kolawole, the National Police Force Public Relations Officer
“[AIG] Jinjiri died on Friday after a brief illness,” the spokesperson said. She added that “he was buried yesterday.”

ACP Kolawole also said that his replacement has not been announced and that formal announcements can be expected in the days to come.

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Ghanaian Actress Jessica Nuerkie Larnyoh Stuns Sexy In New Photos

Ghanaian Actress Jessica Nuerkie Larnyoh Stuns Sexy In New Photos

Former Miss Teen Ghana and budding actress Jessica Nuerkie Larnyoh is a beauty to behold from any angles.

Ghanaian Actress Jessica Nuerkie Larnyoh Stuns Sexy In New Photos

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Man Returns A £50k Diamond Ring

Man Returns A £50k Diamond Ring

A passer-by who found a massive diamond ring worth £50,000-£80,000 outside a Nando’s returned it to its owner in what he described as ‘a fairytale ending’. The finder, Andy, saw the ring’s massive stones sparkling on the ground and decided to do the honourable thing and try to find the owner

Man Returns A £50k Diamond Ring

He launched a Facebook campaign to find who he described as the no-doubt ‘distraught owner’ of the ring, and today he met up with the older lady who it belonged to and returned it to her.

Andy said:
‘It’s a fairytale ending and shows just how much good social media can do. I feel like I have done my good deed for the year.’
Andy, 31, a consultant, was contacted by the owner earlier yesterday after he launched a Facebook campaign to find her and an article appeared on MailOnline.
He got into a taxi to meet her and the relative at a London jeweler and staff verified insurance records she held for the ring that proved it belonged to her.

Andy has no idea what the ring is worth but an independent jeweler who saw pictures of the ring on social media said the main stone was as big as 3.5 carats

Sharon Sheard, manager of Hatton Jewels Ltd in London qualified with the Gemological Institute Of America,  said that if the ring was to be sold, she believes it could be worth £50,000-£80,000 if the stones in the pictures are diamonds.

He said:

‘I have lost my phone four or five times and mentioned it on social media. Every time I have had it returned to me – it’s like a boomerang.’

Andy said he found the ring in the early hours of the morning outside Nando’s after a night out with friends in the area, spotting it ‘sparkling’ on the ground.

He said:

‘I was stumbling home and thought I might pass some fast food joints seeing what tickled my fancy and it was freezing so I decided to hot-foot it home.

‘I was hunched up with my head down trying to stay warm, and just caught a glint.
‘I always considered myself quite lucky at finding a pound coin on the floor.’

The next day he launched the campaign to find the ring and in the hilarious Facebook post talking about finding the ring:


What can I say, most of us will not return it tho.

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Stripper Attacks Man After He Told Her To Go Lose Some Weight

Stripper Attacks Man

A South Carolina stripper attacked a man after he didn’t want her to take off her clothes — he wanted her to lose weight.

The Derrieres Gentlemen’s Club stripper had heard enough out of Kyle Yeoman, 23, after he told her, “go to the gym and lose weight” early Sunday morning, according to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.
After he gave some dumbbell advice, she lunged off the stage and punched him in the face four times, causing visible injuries from the ring on her fists, the thin-minded strip club patron told Myrtle Beach police. A bouncer then dragged him out the club and roughed him up as well, according to the police report.

Yeoman told police he had harassed the stripper about her weight because she was annoying him.
“She kept trying to talk to him and he was tired of it,” the police report read.

He also blamed the insults on the alcohol, telling police he was at “an 11 out of 10” level of drunk.
The strip club victim waited about 17 hours after to call cops, but stressed that he did not want to press charges and only sought a police report. He identified the girl as a white woman, weighing 115-120 pounds with “a muffin top.”

A friend who was a witness at the strip club said he saw Yeoman getting clobbered by the stripper, but did not hear the weight comment being made.
Cops tried getting the stripper’s side of the story, but found that the gentlemen’s club was closed. The strip club could not be reached for comment.

Whats your opinion about this post, Stripper Attacks Man? Share your view.

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The Killer Booty Curves Lady Who Broke Virtually Africa’s Internet

The Killer Booty Curves Lady Who Broke Virtually Africa’s Internet

Well, you do remember DBlack’s OH VERA Music Video yeah ?
Well Matilda Hipsy Quaye, the lady with the killer hips starred in it and she played a role as Vera, the girl who broke DBlack’s heart.

She’s damn hot isn’t she? well, the next photos behind will shock your life. I hope the picture on page 20 won’t break your current relationship. I hope you dont think too much while checking out.

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Make A Woman Fall Madly In love With You In This 10 Ways, A Must Read For All Men

Make A Woman Fall Madly In love With You In This 10 Ways, A Must Read For All Men

This is a research that has worked for me and right i'm really enjoying my relationship and i hope it also works for u. Happy reading.

1. Demonstrate Signs Of Maturity

It is a common believe that girls tend to mature much quicker than guys and from confirmations, women are often found complaining about how immature some guys they act. Personally, such so called immaturity comes from curiosity in many guys. As gentle men we
must be conscious of our words, the way we speak.

 I mean that we must be careful with the words we say, the choice of words we use. If we must be able to attract any kind of lady we desire. Make an impression on her with the way you deal with situations, activities and your outlook on life as a whole. See, how important it is to look mature. Show her how responsible you are about work, finances, how serious you are about your future and present career. Also make known your ability to think faster and reasonably when issues arise.

Women like it a lot when a man understand their likes, dislikes, interests. Talking to your girlfriend about herself is one important way to make her fall in love with you and win the heart of a girl.

2. Be Romantic

Make your girlfriend feel good by keeping the romance alive in the relationship. You can do this with romantic ideas and it doesn't cost much. Certainly, every woman loves when men gives them flowers and gifts. There are various things you can do to win the heart of a girl and improve your relationship.

 Writing thoughtful notes with imaginative ideas is a good way to impress any girl you love. Her curious desire for new experiences and fun you can curb by adding intelligence to your approach. Ladies like to be around intelligent and confident guys. You can give her a call just to tell her you are thinking about her and can't wait to see her again. Pay attention to your girlfriend and make her feel wanted, treasured and really special.

3. Faithfulness Towards Your Girlfriend

Be faithful to your girlfriend; work on consistency in anything you do to her or for her. Don't start off with so much effort to win her only to step down later. Your effort to make her fall in love with you must be consistent. Never slack back; be enthusiastic about almost anything she likes. Be forward and display a positive attitude. Do not ever allow her occasion to doubt you.

 Let her know that you are committed only to her and your relationship with her even better. Let her know she is beautiful like a priceless jewel and you feel like a king on this earth just because she's with you. Make her know that you love her beyond any doubt. When you tell your girlfriend that you love her, don't just stop there. She has probably heard that phrase a couple of times from other guys, so you've got to step up your game. You've got to make her believe in your love for her. The moment you've been able to convince her that you love her, she will give you all her heart.

When your girlfriend begins to count on you and rely on your opinions, then you know that you've got her in your comfort zone. That's why you must teach her about life, be vast in your accumulation of knowledge and information. She must see the man in you that can catch her when she falls, help her make excellent decisions and that's the kind of man she would like to spend her future with. This is a security that women need to feel about you and once that is established, it will take the relationship to the next level.

4. Spend Time With Her Wisely

Any time spent with your girlfriend is precious - use it to your advantage. When you are alone with her, she's all yours. You determine what happens right there with her. Your time you spend with a girlfriend is your greatest opportunity to convince her and make her know how much you love her. Your conversation with your girlfriend should be interesting, open and detailed at the same time.

 It should be interesting because there must be no dull moment with her; ladies may get bored if the conversation isn't interesting. Your conversation must be open in that you should not be stiff if she's asking you to change your thought pattern, your principles or character. No lady wants to spend her life time with a rigid or stubborn man lacking understanding, who isn't ready to change for the better. Whenever you leave her remember to tell her how much you enjoyed just talking with her, don't forget to compliment her looks after you've left her.

5. Compliment Her Sincerely

Always look for something to compliment around your girlfriend. Ladies always put in effort and do their best to appear nice by their dressing. So you must make her happy by complimenting her looks. You don't have to go over the top by always saying to her how good she looks or how beautiful her appearance is. Compliments have more impact on girls if it comes from a sincere heart, in good time and frequently, unexpectedly. Despite the fact that a woman always likes hearing compliments, you can't keep telling her the same thing over and over again.

It will lose its charm and become boring sooner or later. A compliment is valued when there is a thoughtful element to it. Telling your girlfriend how smart she is, how her intelligence amazes you, being thankful and appreciative for how caring and generous she has been. You may compliment her nice and calm nature, all these are deeper compliments, which, when paid sincerely, make the recipient feel overwhelmed. To Get More Effective tips visit this link on How To Attract And Seduce Women.

6. Be Humorous

Make your girlfriend laugh when occasion calls for it. Make use of humor all the time. Everyone enjoys anyone who can make them laugh, feel free and feel happy. Act freely and unreserved so your girlfriend can enjoy your company. As you do so, she will desire to hear your voice again and even enjoy spending more time with you. Soon she won't be able to spend one day without hearing from you. You don't necessarily have to make your girlfriend laugh it all out.

 Keep the conversation lively and don't be afraid to discuss anything with her. You should also participate and respond whenever your girlfriend says or does something funny. Finding her jokes funny, sharing a smile with her, just showing her that you enjoy every second you spend talking to her will draw her closer to you. We as humans love to spend time with someone who enjoys and appreciates our company. Don't stay quiet when you can make her happy, say whatever you have to say that can make your girlfriend happy.

7. Discover What Turns Your Girlfriend On

At the onset of a relationship a lady wants to know if you truly love her, lust after her or whether you are in for something else. When you tell your girlfriend that you love her you shouldn't because of that expect her to throw herself to you and give all her heart to you. She wants to know if you truly mean what you've said. From the way you speak with her and from the emotions that flow when you communicate with her, she will be able to tell if your love for her is real. It's not enough for you to say "I love you".

 You have to make your love real. Show it by the tone of your voice when you talk with her. Speak of reasons why you love her; citing instances of wonderful things she's done. Perhaps how she helped you out with something, how she was caring or kind, her nice attitude. After you've infused such feelings of influence, only then can you go ahead towards a more sexual aura.

 At this point you may attempt to get closer physically by touch, before opportunity comes for the kiss. But, never be in a hurry to kiss her, you must be sure that she has accepted you fully in her heart before you make any attempt to throw in a kiss. A kind of touch that excites a girl and how she loves to be kissed is clear to understand that it must be emotional. That's why you mustn't push her for a kiss, sex or make her uncomfortable by coming on too strong. Even if you love her, she also has to feel the same kind of love or emotion for you before she can get more sensual with you. Let her set the pace, let her feel what you feel for her and ensure she understands how much you love her.

8. Girls Like To Have Their Space

Don't get possessive over your girlfriend. Give her freedom and allow her do whatever would make her happy. If you find out something she does that you aren't comfortable with, discuss it with a wise friend or sibling before you bring it up to her. Girls never like it when you are unnecessarily jealous and possessive over them. Firstly you don't own your girlfriend; she is a free moral agent just like you are. Let her be who she is and stop complaining about her activities. Make her know that you trust her and you are not scared to let her do things without your consent.

9. Thoughtfulness In Paying Attention To Detail

You've got work to do on this point. It's time to do thoughtful things. You should remember little things your girlfriend told you, and remind her of it at opportune moments. Learn how to use anything she likes and does to create opportunities where you can make her happy by your words and actions. Find out her favorite food and get it for her when occasion calls for it. As you do so, your girlfriend will realize that you always have her in your heart. Acts like these will make her feel like you genuinely listen to her and take the trouble to act on it and make her happy.

10. When To Say "I Love You"

This is a very important group of words you need to say in a successful relationship. You might not say it at the beginning of the relationship. But, as your relationship develops, it usually gets emotional. I suggest you should say I love only when your conversation with her gets emotional or sensual. Saying "I love you", then you must have at least a reason why you say you love her.

 Tell her how special and important she is to you. Let her know you think about her all the time and give her a call at least twice daily. People enjoy feeling loved and wanted. Remember to speak those three words only when you get in an emotional conversation with your girlfriend. If you say "I love you" too early in the relationship, she won't be able to feel your love for her.

 If it's too early in the relationship, she would think it's not coming from your heart, so wait patiently for her till you begin having emotional or sensual conversation with your girlfriend. You might be discussing something sensible and private with her and you feel a sensual overwhelming feeling that's the right time to say "I love you" to her. Saying "I love you" at the right time will appeal to your girlfriend's sexual desire at a deep primal level. - See more at:

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Buhari Cancels Weekly FEC Meeting

Buhari Cancels Weekly FEC Meeting

New information has emerged on the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting which usually holds every week since the returned of democratic rule in 1999 will now take place once in two weeks.

According to The Cable reports, President Muhammadu Buhari has made the decision that the weekly Wednesday meeting is surplus to requirement.

A senior government official said that the meeting which in the past centred on awarding of contracts would now be for performance appraisal of ministers and serious policy issues.

The official stated: “And FEC will no longer be all about awarding contracts but a serious discussion of policy issues and appraisal of ministerial performance.”

It was learnt that so far the FEC meeting was held only once since the appointment of ministers which actually happened on the day of the inauguration of new ministers.

It was observed also that FEC meet might not hold on Wednesday, December 2 because President Buhari’s international commitments and the next meeting date is still unclear.

“The president believes once he has given you a job, you have to deliver. He was very painstaking in picking the ministers and he is convinced he has picked a very good team, so it is now left for them to deliver the goods with minimal supervision.

  “FEC meetings will now be for brainstorming on policies and performance review, not just contracts,” the official disclosed.

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