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Fresh Rumbles In APC As Buhari ENDORSES Oshiomhole To Replace Oyegun As National Chairman

Fresh Rumbles In APC As Buhari ENDORSES Oshiomhole To Replace Oyegun As National Chairman

The Authority - As the lingering in­ternal crisis rocking the ruling All Pro­gressives Congress (APC) threatens to splinter the party, the top hierarchy of the party has decided to sacrifice its national chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun.

This tactical move to ease out the APC’s National Chair­man is seen as an interim meas­ure to stabilize the ruling par­ty and save it from imploding.

It was learned from impeccable sources according to The Authority that the outgoing Edo State gov­ernor, Comrade Adams Osh­iomhole, whose second-term as governor ends on the 12th November, 2016, has been pen­ciled down to replace embattled Oyegun as the party’s national chairman.

Party Sources confirmed that, “there is no going back on the decision”. Rightly or wrong­ly, Oyegun who guided the APC to victory over the PDP has been accused of “killing” the party.

The choice of Comrade Os­hiomhole stems from the fact that, like Oyegun, he is from the South-South geo-political zone - with the clincher that he has a solid labour background
By a convenient coincidence for the APC, Oshiomhole’s ten­ure as governor will be ending in a matter of weeks.

Several party sources with knowledge about this devel­opment that The AUTHORI­TY sounded out hope that Os­hiomhole will be able to build the APC into a formidable “pop­ulist” party, a “ party in every sense of the word.”

As a specific diversionary tactic and to create the condi­tion necessary for the scripted scenario to play out, Oyegun is expected to ‘resign’ - a quirky, cloned template of PDP succes­sion intrigues then.

It will be recalled that fol­lowing the recent APC gov­ernorship primary election in Ondo State that produced a candidate who is not Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu’s choice, Tinu­bu openly called for Oyegun’s resignation, a position Oyegun dismissed out of hand.

According to a miffed Oye­gun, “Yes, I agree that the nature of the statement was a bit harsh. The methods of getting rid of a national chairman, if that is what I will call it, are spelt out in the constitution; they don’t take place on the pages of news­papers.”

Although Tinubu and Oye­gun shook hands and exchanged pleasantries during Buhari’s re­cent book launch in Abuja, their relationship appeared to have been irreparably damaged.

Apparently tipping the scale against Oyegun, former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar re­cently expressed a public posi­tion which apparently backed Tinubu.

The Deputy National Pub­licity Secretary of the APC, Timi Frank, also recently ac­cused Oyegun of mismanaging the party, alleging that a lot of things have gone wrong in the APC because of Oyegun’s lead­ership style.

Frank, who described Oye­gun as a political liability, said what APC needs is a leader who will add political value to the party. He also slammed Oyegun, saying he does not understand the constitution of the APC.

According to Frank, “This is the reason why I will continue to fight to ensure that the APC takes Nigeria to the right place but as long as Odigie-Oyegun remains as national chairman, we cannot achieve anything. Now that I am calling for his resignation, some may think it is personal, but it is not.

“We need a national chair­man that will add political value to our party, we need a national chairman that can lead the party to victory during elections and we do not need a national chair­man who will clearly be a polit­ical liability to this party as we head towards elections.

“We need a national chair­man that will understand and follow due process in carrying out functions within the party. We need a chairman who un­derstands the constitution in words and in deed.”

But cogent posers are al­ready emerging that could af­fect the smoothness of this dodgy succession plot. The key question here is - would Oye­gun who has the reputation of a plucky fighter agree to resign?

Already, the ruling party has unforeseen challenges re­placing its national publicity secretary Lai Mohammed.

The AUTHORITY gathered that the plan to replace him with former sports minister under President Goodluck Jonathan, Alhaji Bolaji Abdullahai, was aborted by forces opposed to the emerging strangle-hold of Senate President Bukola Sara­ki on the party. Bolaji Abdula­hi is a protégé of Saraki.

From what is apparently playing out, the APC is thread­ing the now opposition PDP’s path. It will be recalled that Chief Solomon Lar, who guid­ed the party to victory, was sim­ilarly replaced by Chief Barna­bas Gemade.

Many have not forgotten that the PDP has not recovered from that ugly beginning.

The AUTHORITY also gathered that Oyegun is ready for a vicious battle against Ambassador Babagana King­ibe, who is presently working as an “Executive Assistant” to the controversial and powerful Chief of Staff to President Bu­hari, Alhaji Abba Kyari .

Kingibe was running mate to Chief MKO Abiola, the ac­claimed winner of the annulled June 12 presidential election.

He is widely perceived to have been one of the key insid­er forces that aided the trade-off of Abiola’s acclaimed and historic Muslim-Muslim tick­et victory.

Kingibe is campaigning for the position of Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations.

For Odigie-Oyegun to leave office, the APC NWC must bow to the demands of several par­ty stakeholders and groups to organise an emergency Nation­al Executive Council (NEC) meeting or a mini convention, where all the permutations on the enthronement of Oshiom­hole and Abdulahi as well as other vacant NWC positions may be ratified.

For example, some non-NWC members of the NEC had last week issued a two-week ul­timatum to the Odigie-Oyegun led NWC to convene an emer­gency NEC meeting to discuss the many issues rocking the unity of the APC.

The group in a commu­nique issued at the end of its meeting in Abuja and signed by Hon. Omolaoye O. Akinto­la, National Ex-Officio, South West and Coordinator, not­ed, with regret, the inability of the NWC under Odigie-Oye­gun to convene the quarterly NEC meeting as contained in the party’s constitution.
The APC constitution states clearly that only the NEC or party convention can ratify the choice of any national officer.

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Why Many Ladies Now Prefer To Use Shea Butter

Why Many Ladies Now Prefer To Use Shea Butter

The Many Health Benefits of Shea Butter

Before now, many ladies didn’t like to use Shea Butter. Although they know it has a lot of health benefits which generations before us had passed on to us, many ladies just refused to go for it.

Only those who grew up with their grand mums or who grew up in a rural setting imbibed the culture of making use of this God given gift which has a lot of healing benefits.

Many babes initially didn’t like it because of the small which some say is awful.

But all these views are changing as many stylish ladies who want to preserve their skin, the natural way now go for it.

And this authoritative. City People sampled a wide range of opinion of ladies and beauticians and they all spoke in favour of the need to embrace Shea Butter which had existed from time immemorial.

For those who still don’t get it, lets quickly tell you about Shea Butter.

Shea Butter is an off-white or ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. Shea butter is a triglyceride (fat) derived mainly from stearic acid and oleic acid. It is widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer, salve or lotion.

Shea butter is edible and is used in food preparation in Africa. Occasionally, the chocolate industry uses shea butter mixed with other oils as a substitute for cocoa butter, although the taste is noticeably different.

The English word “shea” comes from s’í, the tree’s name in the Bambara language of Mali. It is known by many local names, e.g., karitéin the Wolof language of Senegal, ori in some parts of West Africa, and many others.

Accounts from as early as Cleopatra’s Egypt speak of caravans bearing clay jars of valuable shea butter for cosmetic use. The funeral beds of early kings were carved in the wood of shea trees. Shea butter’s skin care and healing properties were first harnessed thousands of years ago.

The history of shea as a precious commodity can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, where shea butter was and continues to be used to protect the hair and skin in the fierce sun and the hot dry winds of African deserts and savannah.

The traditional method of preparing unrefined shea butter consists of the following steps:

Child labourers transporting crushed Shea nuts, Jisonaayili.

Separating/cracking: The outer pulp of the fruit is removed. When dry, the nut, which is the source of shea butter, must be separated from the outer shell. This is a social activity, traditionally done by women elders and girls who sit on the ground and break the shells with small rocks.

Crushing: To make the shea nuts into butter, they must be crushed. Traditionally, this is done with mortars and pestles. It requires lifting the pestles and grinding the nuts into the mortars to crush the nuts so they can be roasted.

Roasting: The crushed nuts are roasted in huge pots over open wood fires. The pots must be stirred constantly with wooden paddles so the butter does not burn. The butter is heavy and stirring it is hot, smoky work, done under the sun. This is where the slight smoky smell of traditional shea butter originates.

Grinding: The roasted shea nuts are ground into a smoother paste; water is gradually added and the paste is mixed well by hand.

Separating the oils: The paste is kneaded by hand in large basins and water is gradually added to help separate out the butter oils. As they float to the top, the butter oils, which are in a curd state, are removed and excess water squeezed out. The butter oil curds are then melted in large open pots over slow fires. A period of slow boiling will evaporate any remaining water.

Collecting and shape: The shea butter, which is creamy or golden yellow at this point, is ladled from the top of the pots and put in cool places to harden. Then it is formed into balls.

Industrially, a mechanical sheller such as the universal nut sheller may be used. The refined butter may be extracted with chemicals such as hexane or by clay filtering.

Why Many Ladies Now Prefer To Use Shea Butter

shea butter seeds


Shea Butter extract is a complex fat that in addition to many nonsaponifiable components (substances that cannot be fully converted into soap by treatment with alkali) contains the following fatty acids: oleic acid (40-60%), stearic acid (20-50%), linoleic acid (3-11%), palmitic acid (2-9%), linolenic acid (<1%) and arachidic acid (<1%).

Shea butter melts at body temperature. Proponents of its use for skin care maintain that it absorbs rapidly into the skin, acts as a “refatting” agent, and has good water-binding properties.


Shea butter is mainly used in the cosmetics industry for skin- and hair-related products (lip gloss, skin moisturizer creams and emulsions, and hair conditioners for dry and brittle hair). It is also used by soap makers, typically in small amounts (5-7% of the oils in the recipe), because it has plenty of unsaponifiables, and higher amounts result in softer soaps that have less cleaning abilities.

Some artisan soap makers use shea butter in amounts to 25% – with the EU regulating the maximum use around 28%, but it is rarely the case in commercially produced soap due to its high cost against oils like palm or pomace (olive). It is an excellent emollient for people who suffer dry skin conditions. No evidence shows it is a cure, but it alleviates the pain associated with tightness and itching.

In some African countries such as Benin, Shea Butter is used for cooking oil, as a waterproofing wax, for hairdressing, for candle-making, and as an ingredient in medicinal ointments. It is used by makers of traditional African percussion instruments to increase the durability of wood (such as carved djembe shells), dried calabash gourds, and leather tuning straps.

Shea butter can be an ingredient of organic broth.

In the UK and other countries, it is incorporated into assorted tissue products, such as toilet paper.


Shea Butter is sometimes used as a base for medicinal ointments. Some of the isolated chemical constituents are reported to have anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant properties. Shea Butter has been used as a sunblocking lotion and has a limited capacity to absorb ultraviolet radiation.

In Ghana, Shea Butter, locally known as Nkuto (Akan) or nku (Ga), is applied as a lotion to protect the skin during the dry Harmattan season.

In Nigeria, shea butter is used for the management of sinusitis and relief of nasal congestion.  It is massaged into joints and other parts of the body where pain occurs.[citation needed].


The United States Agency for International Development and other companies have suggested a classification system for shea butter separating it into five grades:

A (raw or unrefined, extracted using water). B (refined). C (highly refined and extracted with solvents such as hexane). D (lowest uncontaminated grade). E (with contaminants).

Commercial grades are A, B, and C. The color of raw (grade A) butter ranges from cream (like whipped butter) to grayish yellow. It has a nutty aroma which is removed in the other grades. Grade C is pure white. While the level of vitamin content can be affected by refining, up to 95% of vitamin content can be removed from refined grades (i.e., grade C) of shea butter while reducing contamination levels to undetectable levels.

At a recent exhibition for all the major beauty experts in the whole world held in South Africa, a lot of Beauticians who attended from all over the world compared notes and realised that they all had one thing in common.

The exhibition was attended by all the top professionals in the line of nail care, skin care and spas and all beauty products generally.

It had all the top names at the exhibition. And the group from Nigeria found out that most of the products it had and that of those from the other countries all had Shea Butter as the base and people were attracted to these products. So people kept coming to the stands wanting to know more about Shea Butter.

Shea Butter is a product that is known all over the world now. A lot of cosmetic companies are focusing on it because they know it is a good ingredient or raw material in most of their products. It has loads of healing addictions and essential ingredients.

Shea Butter is something we cannot eliminate from skin care.

Why? Because we are all trying to go natural, and stay away from cancerous ingredients in our products, products that will have after effect. Shea Butter is a product that we cannot get an after effect from.

It is something God has given to us in Africa as a gift. It is very natural. It nourishes our skin, to even nourish our inner body. It can be taken as a cough mixture. A lot of people don’t know that.

It can be used to cleanse the bowels. It can be used to reduce cholesterol.

Shea Butter is now been used in chocolates like Cocoa was so well known all over the world. Shea Butter is now been used as a substitute to Cocoa. Cocoa has become too expensive now for people to use. So Shea Butter is what they now use.

Some Nigerian entrepreneurs have started processing and refining Shea Butter for sale. Shea Origin is one company that does that. Shea Origin has an affiliate with rural woman. The company is empowering rural woman in the Shea Butter industry.

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Tinsel Star Actor, Victor Olaitan Reportedly In Coma

Tinsel Star Actor, Victor Olaitan Reportedly In Coma

Victor Toye Olaitan

News reaching us now holds that veteran actor, Victor Olaotan is in a coma after getting involved in a ghastly Auto accident in the early hour of today, Monday, October 31, 201 in Lagos state.

Victor Toye Olaitan is an actor, director, MC and media consultant. He is the lead character of the most successful soap series on DStv, Tinsel.

Our prayers are with him, more details coming soon.

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Trial of corrupt judges’ll restore confidence in judiciary – NBA

Trial of corrupt judges’ll restore confidence in judiciary – NBA

Nigeria Bar Association

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Abakaliki branch, yesterday said the on-going trial of some judges in the country for alleged corruption would re-enforce the confidence the public has in the judiciary.

Chairman of the association, Victor Anyanwu, stated this in Abakaliki while speaking with journalists.
He noted that when such trials are held, the public would believe that no one is above the law in the country.

“The people would know that judges who try others can also be tried, as it was only the country’s president, vice president, governors and their deputies that are covered by immunity when they are in office,” he said.

Anyanwu said this category of persons will be tried when accused for crimes on leaving office as prosecuting the judges would also warn other judges, lawyers among others, to be careful.

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House of Reps will approve Buhari’s N12 trillion loan request

House of Reps will approve Buhari’s N12 trillion loan request

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives will approve President Muhammadu Buhari’s request to borrow $29.9 billion (about N12 trillion) to fund capital projects between 2016 and 2019, Majority Leader Femi Gbajabiamila has said.

Addressing his constituents in Lagos on Monday, Mr. Gbajabiamila said the House would seek possible means of funding the 2016 budget, including the borrowing plan of the federal government.

“Borrowing to finance infrastructural projects is not an irresponsible act, Lagos State did same and the concomitant development is obvious,” said Mr. Gbajabiamila, representing Surulere Federal Constituency 1.

“The House of Representatives will respond to Mr. President’s requests in the interest of Nigerians and quickly set the process in motion for its committees to carry out appropriate oversight functions on all project executing agencies until 2016 budget is fully implemented according to law.

Our interest in attracting federal presence to our constituencies is same as Mr. President’s resolve to keep his campaign promises so Nigerians can be assured that both arms of government will work harmoniously to bring the country out of economic recession soon.”

Mr. Buhari had on October 25 written to the National Assembly seeking approval to borrow $29.9 billion to finance the nation’s infrastructure development.

The president’s letter said it had become necessary to resort to prudent external borrowing to bridge the financial gap, adding that the monies would be applied to key infrastructure projects including power, railway and road project amongst others.

Mr. Gbajabiamila, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, spoke at a grassroots empowerment event he organised for his constituents tagged ‘Changing Lives through Grassroot Support.’

Speaking to journalists at the sidelines during the ceremony, Mr. Gbajabiamila insisted that governments all over the world use borrowed money to drive their budgets.

“You have budget deficits all over the world, even in the most advanced democracies. You need that money especially in the times of recession, you have to borrow money to make money, so I don’t have a problem with the borrowing,” the lawmaker said.

“If you look at the borrowing also, it has a lot to do with the north-east, unless we want to play ostrich and lie to ourselves. If you’ve been to the north east, the devastation will take a lot of money to rebuild that place to what it was before.”

Mr. Gbajabiamila accused previous governments of destroying the country’s economy through bad leadership.
“As much as many people in the opposition do not want us to talk about the mismanagement of the past, there is a past before the present, so reference must be made to this.

“Nigerians need to know depth of the rot we inherited to appreciate what the APC is doing to recover stolen funds and put the country on a path of recovery.

“Even though the identified stolen funds and asset cannot be spent by government until all court cases are dispensed, the APC is continuing to work hard to stimulate the economy.”

At the ceremony, more than 200 people received grinding machines, sewing machines, hairdressing equipment, generators, motorcycles, tricycles among others. Another 241 beneficiaries got N25,000 each.

Mr. Gbajabiamila said the beneficiaries would overcome the economic recession with proper planning and use of the equipment.
“To those who are not privileged to be part of this set of beneficiaries, be rest assured that your turn will come.”

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How Rickey Tarfa obstructed justice, witness tells court

How Rickey Tarfa obstructed justice, witness tells court

Rickey Tarfa

An Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) witness, Sulaiman Abiola, on Monday told an Ikeja High Court how Rickey Tarfa obstructed justice and shielded his clients from arrest.

The EFCC on February 5 alleged that Mr. Tarfa wilfully obstructed two of its officers, Moses Awolusi and Sanusi Mohammed, from making an arrest of his clients within the premises of the Igbosere High Court.

Mr. Tarfa’s clients, Gnanhoue Sourou and Nazaire Odeste, were suspected by the EFFC of committing some financial crimes.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria is currently being tried on a two-count charge of obstruction of justice and perverting the course of justice by the EFCC at an Ikeja High Court .

At Monday’s trial, Mr. Abiola, led in evidence by the counsel to EFCC, G.A Lakanmi, told the court that he witnessed the event on February 5.
“At 11 a.m. after the court proceedings, a team of EFCC operatives led by Moses Awolusi were at the car park of the High Court to arrest the clients of the defendant.

“When the operatives approached Tarfa and informed him of the arrest of his clients, he requested for identification and a copy of the warrant was provided.

“The SAN immediately ordered his clients into his car and ordered his driver to wind up the windows of the car and the engine was left running.

“Tarfa started making several phone calls and this continued for about six hours and at about 5 p.m., Awolusi placed a phone call to the EFCC office for re-enforcement.

“The SAN’s car eventually ran out of fuel and he and his clients had to alight from the car in order to refuel it.
“At that point, the EFCC operatives arrived and arrested both Tarfa and his clients,” Mr. Abiola said.

Earlier, during proceedings, the Mercedes Benz Jeep, KJA700CG, in which Mr. Tarfa allegedly hid his clients was tendered as exhibit in court.

Admitting the car as an exhibit, Justice Aishat Opesanwo, said “The car key is before the court as an exhibit, if I have the key, I have the car.

“The car should, however, be kept in the possession of the EFCC for safekeeping,” Mr. Opesanwo said.
Mr. Awolusi, who led the team of EFCC operatives that arrested Mr. Tarfa, told the court while being cross-examined by Mr. Tarfa’s counsel, Abiodun Owonikoko, that no warrant was obtained by the anti-graft agency to arrest Tarfa’s clients.

“Though no warrant of arrest was obtained by the EFCC, the EFCC Act gives me powers including powers of arrest,” Mr. Awolusi said.

Mr. Awolusi added that Mr. Tarfa’s clients were eventually charged to court for alleged forgery.
Justice Opesanwo adjourned the case till January 17 and 26 for continuation of trial.


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Naira records marginal appreciation against dollar

Naira records marginal appreciation against dollar

The Naira on Monday in Lagos appreciated marginally against the dollar at the parallel market, gaining N2, the News Agency of Nigeria NAN reports.

The currency exchanged at N468 to the dollar as against N470 it traded on Friday.

The Pound Sterling and the Euro closed at N565 and 510, respectively.

At the interbank market, however, the naira depreciated against the dollar, eroding the gains of Friday in that segment. It shed N4.31 to close at N308.81from N304.50 posted on Friday.

Trading at the Bureau De Change (BDC) window showed that the currency closed at N385 to the dollar, while the Pound Sterling and the Euro traded at N564 and N504, respectively.

A BDC operator, Mr Abubakar Adamu, expressed optimism that the naira would appreciate further in the coming days.

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Emirates ends Abuja operation

Emirates ends Abuja operation

Emirates Airlines yesterday officially shut down its operations in Abuja, the nation’s capital though temporarily.

The airline had announced that it would suspend its four flights per week from Abuja to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), with effect from yesterday.

“The decision was made after a review of the airline’s operations to ensure the best utilisation of its aircraft fleet for its overall business objectives. The airline continues to serve Nigeria with a daily flight to and from Lagos,” the airline said in a statement.

It was learnt that though the suspension commenced yesterday based on the notification letter sent to the ministry of transportation by the airline, reservation from Abuja had since closed.

Minister of State for Aviation Senator Hadi Sirika had last week met with Regional Manager, West Africa of Emirates, Manoj Nair, where he urged foreign airlines to rescind the decision to scale down operations in Nigeria.

A source, however, told Daily Trust that Emirates may soon reopen the routes as the suspension was temporary.

The Emirates representative told the minister that the airline’s inability to access foreign exchange for its operations, high cost of aviation fuel and the state of the Abuja Airport runway were some of the factors responsible for its decision to cut operations.

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Akeredolu Boasts About Ondo Election as He Meets President Buhari in Aso Rock (Photos)

Akeredolu Boasts About Ondo Election as He Meets President Buhari in Aso Rock (Photos)

Rotimi Akeredolu, Solomon Lalong and President Muhammadu Buhari

Rotimi Akeredolu is currently in high spirit as he braces up for the forthcoming Ondo election scheduled for the 26th of November, 2016.

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State, Chief Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN), has boasted that if the two factional candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, Jimoh Ibrahim and Eyitayo Jegede, combine forces and contest against him, he would emerge victorious at the poll.

Akeredolu said this on Monday when the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress Governorship Campaign in Ondo State, Mr. Solomon Lalong, led him to a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, according to the Punch.

Akeredolu Boasts About Ondo Election as He Meets President Buhari in Aso Rock (Photos)

Akeredolu Boasts About Ondo Election as He Meets President Buhari in Aso Rock (Photos)

Lalong is the governor of Plateau State. Lalong and Akeredolu told State House correspondents after the meeting, which was held inside the President’s office at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, that they were confident of the party’s victory in the forthcoming election.

Akeredolu who is fondly referred to as Aketi in Ondo has continued to soar high in popularity following the crisis of supremacy rocking the main opposition party in Nigeria - PDP.

The despondent people of Ondo have deciced to settle for the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association following his track record of integrity and campaign for good governance since his days as the Attorney General of the State during the military rule in the 90s.

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Cold War: Putin signs law stopping plutonium deal with US

Cold War: Putin signs law stopping plutonium deal with US

President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a law suspending an agreement with the United States on disposing of weapons-grade plutonium amid a rise in tensions with the West.

The law, published Monday in the government’s online database, comes weeks after Putin had ordered the deal — signed in 2000 to allow both nuclear powers to dispose of plutonium from their defence programmes — be halted.

The Russian parliament had previously approved the legislation.

The move comes as Russia is locked in its worst standoff with the West since the Cold War over its 2014 annexation of Crimea, the conflict in Ukraine and stalled efforts to end the war in Syria.

In addition to tearing up the cooperation deal, Russia said earlier this month that it was suspending joint research on nuclear projects with the United States.

The law sets a series of unprecedented conditions for the deal to be reinstated, including the cancellation of Western sanctions against Moscow and the withdrawal of US troops from eastern European NATO members.

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Drama as Female Politician Weeps Profusely After a Police Officer Allegedly Fondled Her Breasts & Buttocks (Photos)

Drama as Female Politician Weeps Profusely After a Police Officer Allegedly Fondled Her Breasts & Buttocks (Photos)

Hon. Susan Matsunga wept profusely after allegeding that a police officer fondled her breasts  and buttock

Members of a parliament were left dazed after a female member of the House began to weep profusely after a police officer reportedly fondled her breasts and buttocks.

A female legislator shocked many last week Wednesday after she wept uncontrollably in parliament alleging that a police officer had fondled her breasts and buttocks.

The shocking revelation brought business in the Zimbabwean Assembly to a halt as the legislator under Proportional Representation, Susan Matsunga narrated how she had been allegedly sexually harassed by a police officer.

“Handisi h..e ini asi ndabatwa zamu ne g..o nemapurisa. Chokwadi here kundibata zamu ini,” said Hon Matsunga before she wept uncontrollably.

According to H-metro, while responding to the Hon Matsunga’s report, Deputy Speaker Honourable Mabel Chinomona, said they would use video footages to investigate the allegations of s*xual harassment by police on the legislator.

“I have heard you, since we have video footages from the time police got into these premises, we will use the same videos to investigate the alleged s*xual harassment,” she said.

Drama as Female Politician Weeps Profusely After a Police Officer Allegedly Fondled Her Breasts & Buttocks (Photos)

Also, another legislator, Hon Lwazi Sibanda further alleged that a police officer had put his hand in her skirt, tearing her under garment before she went to show the Deputy Speaker the torn under garment.

The incident took place in August after police men where called to the House to evict Budiriro legislator, Machingauta Costa, for dressing which was deemed unfit for Parliamentary business.

The police were called in after Hon Machingauta had resisted the order by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament who had asked sergeant-at-arms to evict him.

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China imposes new restrictions on lawyers

China imposes new restrictions on lawyers

President Xi Jinping

Human rights organisations are alarmed at new directives for lawyers in China which they said will make them shy away from important cases.
The right groups said that the new rules are effectively a gag on lawyers.

The Chinese Ministry of Justice’s new directives for the country’s lawyers are due to come into effect on Tuesday, in what analysts call an escalation of a government campaign to gag rights lawyers.

According to two amended regulations, lawyers will be prohibited from expressing any opinions that “reject the fundamental political system” of China or that “endanger national security.”

Lawyers will be barred from “inciting” or “organising” their clients and others to participate in sit-ins or demonstrations, even if those gatherings are peaceful.

“The new Justice Ministry rules basically tell human rights lawyers that their successful legal tactics are now prohibited
“People’s rights can’t be robustly defended when their lawyers can’t draw attention to, or even publicly discuss, their cases,” Sophie Richardson, China Director at Human Rights Watch, said.

Susan Finder, scholar in residence at the Peking University School of Transnational Law, said the regulations may affect all lawyers and firms in China, including those that handle only commercial cases.

“The move aims to warn lawyers not to take up human rights cases,” said Patrick Poon, China researcher for Amnesty International.
He said that the amendments will require lawyers to “support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party” and to establish party branches in law firms.

Last summer, authorities carried out a campaign that specifically targeted human rights lawyers and activists in China.
Of the nearly 250 rights lawyers and activists who have been detained or summoned by Chinese police since July 2015, about 10 are believed to still be in jail, according to Amnesty International.

The director of the Beijing Fengrui Law Firm, Zhou Shifeng, whose company was known for taking on politically sensitive cases, was given a seven-year prison sentence in August.

At least six other lawyers await trial, and the whereabouts of Wang Yu, one of the Fengrui’s lawyers, remains unknown after she was released on bail in August.

In September, lawyer Xia Lin, who represented high-profile clients including the outspoken Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, was jailed for 12 years on fraud charges.

His supporters say the case was another example of retaliation against a human rights advocate, who had challenged the government.
However, Xia is expected to appeal.


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Kano lawmakers approve life imprisonment for kidnappers, 15 years for rapists

Kano lawmakers approve life imprisonment for kidnappers, 15 years for rapists

Enugu state House of Assembly

The Kano State House of Assembly on Monday in Kano passed into law, the bill seeking life imprisonment for kidnappers in the state.
The Majority Leader of the Assembly, Yusuf Atta, read the Kidnapping, Abduction and Forced Labour Amendment Bill 2016 before the Assembly.

Speaking shortly after the plenary, Mr. Atta said the committee of the whole Assembly passed the bill after considering the amendment.

“The law has been in existence since 1963, but did not provide serious punishment for kidnappers, therefore, we have to amend it to suit the current situation,” he said.

Mr. Atta, who represents Fagge Constituency, explained that any person found guilty of kidnapping would face life imprisonment without an option of fine.

According to him, anyone found guilty of raping or forced labour will also be sentenced to 15 years without an option of fine.

Also, in an interview with journalists after the passage of the bill, the Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Salisu Riruwe, said the amendment was a welcome development.

“With the passage of this anti-kidnapping law, we are hoping that the rampant cases of kidnapping and abduction in some areas of the state will come to an end,” Mr. Riruwe said.

Similarly, the Assembly has also commenced the amendment process on Kano State Pension Gratuity Amendment Bill 2013 during the plenary.


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US appoints Nigerian cleric to its anti-corruption committee

US appoints Nigerian cleric to its anti-corruption committee

President Barack Obama

In its efforts to give support to the federal government of Nigeria on the ongoing fight against corruption, the United States government has appointed Bishop Emmah Isong, the South-South vice chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) as member of its US Embassy Anti-Corruption Committee.

Isong who is the founder of Christians Central Chapel International in Calabar said the appointment, officially communicated to him by the US embassy in Nigeria, coincided with his 52nd birthday anniversary which was graced by the Speakers of Cross River and Akwa Ibom States Houses of Assembly and their legislators.

According to the Nigerian cleric, the appointment may have come to him following his stout stance against corruption in the country.

He said as member of the US embassy anti-corruption committee his job would be to draw up modalities and advise the US government on ways to complement President Muhammadu Buhari’s efforts against corruption.

On his involvement in the anti-corruption war, the Bishop said, “I decided to wade into the fight against corruption because it has become endemic in my country, Africa and the world over.

If we do not hit hard, it may destroy the next generation. So our intention is to protect posterity by fighting corruption. Corruption has no religion, colour, age and tribe.

However, we must not use it as a political vendetta. The purpose of the fight should be to enhance economic development.”

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Lawyers hit the streets to stop DSS from ‘harassing courageous judges’

Lawyers hit the streets to stop DSS from ‘harassing courageous judges’

Some legal practitioners under the aegis of Lawyers in Defence of Democracy and Citizens For Good Governance took to the streets of Abuja on Monday to express dissatisfaction with the call for the judges accused of corruption to step down.

Ikenga Ugochinyere, convener of the two groups, said it was not right for the judges to do so without evidence of misdeeds.

He described the “U-turn” made by Abubakar Mahmoud, president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), as “prejudicial to the innocence of the judges”.

Mahmoud, who had condemned the arrest when it recently happened, later said it would be good for the judges to step aside till they cleared their names.

“The call for the arrested judges to step aside when there is no proof of evidence linking them to the alleged crime is baseless and at best a move to cement kokoama democracy,” he said.

“That is why we view the call by the president of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) after a private visit to the presidential villa as prejudicial to the innocence of the judges and contrary to the 2014 revised judicial discipline regulations formulated by the National Judicial Council (NJC) pursuant to section 160 of the 1999 constitution as amended.

Lawyers hit the streets to stop DSS from ‘harassing courageous judges’


“The unilateral call by Abubakar Mahmoud (SAN) asking the judges to step aside without weighing the limitations and the possibility of an overbearing executive using the same loophole to get at other judges not willing to dance to their tune is unacceptable, hasty and counter-productive.

“We still stand on the initial declaration of emergency in the judiciary by NBA and reject the call for judges to step aside.”

Ugochinyere called on the judicial council and the chief justice of Nigeria (CJN) to direct all judges in the country to not hear any applications from the DSS and other agencies, until there was obedience to all pending orders against them.

He said the flagrant disobedience to court orders is the worst form of judiciary corruption and an impeachable offence in a democracy.

“Justice and morality cannot be seen from the eyes of one man but through the law,” he said.

“We cannot return to the dark ages when citizens go to work without knowing if they will ever come back to their families, were fear is instilled in us that non obedience to the men on the high table will earn you the dark corners of the detention wall, an era where by the time we leave here our houses would have been raided and many of us taken away to be charged even for imaginary treason and terrorism just because we spoke out.

“No society can be built on lawlessness. In a loud voice, we say the attack on the judges who ruled against DSS and government interest was not a fight against corruption but a failed move to whip the courageous judges into line like school children.”

The protesters started their rally at the office of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), then proceeded to the federal high court and the ministry of justice.

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Troops invade shrine of N’Delta militants, ‘arrest chief priest’

Troops invade shrine of N’Delta militants, ‘arrest chief priest’

Troops of Operation DELTA SAFE, a military outfit in the Niger Delta, have arrested the chief priest of Bayelsa Strike Force, a militant group in Cross River state.

Olaolu Daudu, spokesman of the outfit, disclosed this in a statement issued on Monday.

He said the shrine located in Ikot Offing Ambai in Akpabuyo local government area of the state, was destroyed.

Daudu said a militant was also killed, while ammunition were recovered.

“Troops deployed at Ikang border patrolled Ikot Offing Ambai in Akpabuyo local government area discovered militants shrine and also apprehended the chief priest of the group with empty box of ammunition at another shrine at Ekpri Ebutong Estate in Bakassi,” he said.

“During anti-militancy operation, troops of sector 4 raided Efut Esighi forest and killed a notorious militant popularly known as Okon Iyo while he was trying to escape.

“Troops discovered the dead body of one of the Bakassi Strike Force militant who was earlier engaged in Efut Esighi but escaped with gun injuries. His body was seen in a bush close to the main road in Effionsa, Bakassi local government area.

“Meanwhile, troops also raided the compound of a suspected member of Bakassi Strike Force; Otobong Sunday Essien,  at Road 27 Resettlement Center Bakassi.

“A Motor Bike was recovered from his compound. In addition, troops intercepted a Passat wagon car owned by a suspected Bakassi Strike Force militant known as “G1”. He is the sentry Commander of the group.”

He added that an attack on an oil facility in Delta state was foiled.

“On 31 October 2016, troops foiled vandalism of NPDC Well Head at Kokori Oil Field, Oil Mining Lease 30 located at Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State,” he said.

“Operation DELTA SAFE will continue to ensure sanity of the Niger Delta Region as law abiding members of the public go about their legitimate daily businesses.”

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UK Businessmen To Invest $1.5billion in Nigeria Professional Football League

UK Businessmen To Invest $1.5billion in Nigeria Professional Football League


The sports minister has disclosed that some investors from the United Kingdom have expressed willingness to invest in the Nigerian topflight.

A consortium of investors from the United Kingdom has indicated interest in investing 1.5 billion dollars in the Nigeria Professional Football League, sports minister Solomon Dalung has revealed.

In a statement, Dalung disclosed that the UK-based sports promo and marketing firm under the auspice of Arabella 21st Century made the proposal during a visit to his office in Abuja.

“Yes, they want to bring in about $1.5bn into Nigerian football, but there is a caveat to it. They are not going to tamper with the constitution, statutes or football article,” said Dalung.

“It is the same thing they did in China and Japan. The league board will operate with the NFF and the Ministry will be involved.

“They want to set up a Football Development Company that will be quoted on the stock exchange, with the same applying to all the football clubs in Nigeria.”

Chairman of the firm, Femmy Carrena said his team of investors was ready to invest in the country’s league for the next 20 years with core restructuring but on few conditions.

“They want to come to Nigeria and manage our league for the next 20 years. After a meeting with the ministry and other stakeholders, they’ll set up the company but their Nigerian counterparts are expected to invest 30 percent of the $1.5bn,” he continued.

“They’re ready to put their own money into the stock exchange, but they’ll have the controlling share.

“They will restructure the league, get the television rights but not before a conference which will explain to everyone how it will work.

“They will be coming with technical experts from the premiership that will be operating in the development company that they will set up, which will include representatives of the ministry, the LMC, and the NFF.”

When the deal is established, the country’s national teams are expected to benefit from training and subventions. The League Management Company (LMC) had recently urged domestic clubs to register with the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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Bishop Mathew Kukah Visits EFCC, Meets Femi Fani-Kayode, Reuben Abati, Obanikoro, Others

Bishop Mathew Kukah Visits EFCC, Meets Femi Fani-Kayode, Reuben Abati, Obanikoro, Others

Mathew Kukah

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese on Monday visited the headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja.

According to a statement by the commission’s spokesman, Mr Wilson Uwujaren, Kukah met with Femi Fani-Kayode, Musiliu Obanikoro, and a former presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati, among others.

He said that Kukah was reportedly conducted round the EFCC’s detention facilities by the acting Chairman of the commission, Mr Ibrahim Magu.

Uwujaren said , Kukah expressed delight that the detainees were in high spirits despite the discomfort of temporary restriction.

”I discussed with some detained suspects like Femi Fani-Kayode, Musiliu Obanikoro and Reuben Abatia, and I am quite pleased they are looking cheerful.

”I was also happy with the humility of the acting chairman who took me round and the way he interacted with the detainees.

”This is what is important for our country so that nobody takes these kinds of things personal. I am happy I came,” the statement quoted him as saying.

Kukah said that well meaning Nigerians like himself were staff of EFCC to the extent that they wanted a better country and were doing what was needed to be done.

”We’ll continue pray that God guides you, keeps you safe and ensure that we build a country that we all will be proud of.

”This country has suffered so much, but we hope and pray that we can bring the suffering and trauma to an end as we collectively fight corruption,” he said.

He said Kukah commended the commission over the state of its detention facilities in Abuja, describing them as ‘clean and orderly”.

Magu, the statement said, assured the detainees that their incarceration was not personal.

“It is not personal; this is all about Nigeria and making it better. And I think there is a consensus around this,” he said.

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Orji Kalu: If Fashola were Igbo, he would have betrayed Tinubu

Orji Kalu: If Fashola were Igbo, he would have betrayed Tinubu

Orji Uzor Kalu, former governor of Abia state and billionaire businessman, says Igbos are very good in commerce, and in “anything they do” — but not in politics.

In the latest edition of The Interview, Kalu said a number of the elite in the region are not only selfish, but they get their political calculations wrong.

Referring to the fractured relationship between him and Theodore Orji, his successor, Kalu said were Babatunde Fashola, former Lagos state governor an Ibo man, he could have betrayed Bola Tinubu, his predecessor.

“Igbos are their own worst enemies,” he said.

“Let me tell you, there were more problems between (Asiwaju Bola) Tinubu and (Babatunde) Fashola than there were between me and TA Orji, but it is the discipline of the Yorubas that kept them at bay.

“Igbos have no discipline in terms of politics. They are very good traders; they’re good in anything they do, but they don’t understand politics.”

According to Azu Ishiekwene, managing director of The Interview, Kalu illustrated his point with a conversation he claimed to have had with President Muhammadu Buhari, who wondered aloud why previous high-profile Igbo appointees had done nothing for the region.

Kalu also spoke on the Biafra agitation and the travails of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, and allegations that while he governed Abia for eight years, his mother ruled.

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Buhari orders investigation into ‘sexual assault’ at IDP camps

Buhari orders investigation into ‘sexual assault’ at IDP camps

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered an investigation into an allegation of sexual abuse and exploitation at the camps of internally displaced persons in the northeast.

In its report on Monday, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) alleged that women and girls were being sexually exploited by security officials.

In response to the allegation, the president directed the inspector-general of police to immediately commence investigation into the issue.

“President Muhammadu Buhari is worried and shocked by the recently released Human Rights Watch (HRW) report which alleges sexual abuse and exploitation of women and girls in camps for those displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency,” Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, said in a statement on Monday.

“The welfare of these most vulnerable of Nigerian citizens has been a priority of his government. Nigerians and the international community can rest assured that the allegations raised in the HRW are not being taken lightly.

“President Buhari has instructed the inspector general of police and the state governors of the affected states to immediately commence investigations into the issue. Their findings will determine the next course of action for the government and define an appropriate response.

“While the Nigerian military continues to work hard so that these unfortunate victims of Boko Haram terrorism can soon return safely to their homes, the government will do its best to ensure their protection and welfare in the temporary IDP camps.”

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Relocating to Canada is about to get easier – and sweeter!!!

Relocating to Canada is about to get easier – and sweeter!!!

John McCallum

Nigerian students and professionals who wish to relocate to Canada will love this: the country is set to reveal increased targets for would-be immigrants any moment from now.

Rules would also be eased for international students to become permanent residents.

John McCallum (pictured), minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, is expected to reveal the new targets Monday, a day before Bill Morneau, finance minister, presents his fall economic update, CBC news reports.

The country’s economic growth advisory council has recommended 450,000 people over the next five years.

But for 2016 alone, the aim of the Canadian government was to permit 300,000 people.

On Friday, while speaking at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, McCallum explained that the significant increase in the country’s immigration was an attempt to fill the country’s labour needs due to ageing population.

“So why not substantially increase the number of immigrants coming to Canada? And that is, I think, I hope, what we are about to do,” he said.

To make it easier for immigrants to go into the country, McCallum said the government intends to ease some of the rules for international students to come to Canada and become permanent residents.

The minister also said he is reviewing labour market impact assessment (LMIA), a document employers need to hire foreigners over Canadians.

However, there has been debate in Canada over plans to hike the immigration quota at a time the country was witnessing high unemployment rates.

Canada is a favourite destination of Nigerian immigrants, who usually go as students or professionals.

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Drama as Angry Reps Query Why Board Members of Sovereign Wealth Authority are Paid N250k Per Sitting Allowance

Drama as Angry Reps Query Why Board Members of Sovereign Wealth Authority are Paid N250k Per Sitting Allowance

Members of the House of Representatives (File Photo)

Members of the board of the Sovereign Wealth Authority who allegedly shortchanged the government have found themselves in a serious trouble.

The House of Representatives Public Account Committee, PAC, has ordered that it should be furnished with all relevant vouchers concerning the N250,000 per sitting allowance of board members of Sovereign Wealth Authority, SWA within eight days.

This came to light during an investigative hearing last Friday, when panel members discovered that there were multiple entries of four sittings in just one day which was clearly a sign of malpractice.

This development did not go down well with the lawmakers who discovered that in some days, the board members sat four times, totalling N1 million sitting allowance per board member, Vanguard reports.

Responding to the query, the Managing Director of SWA, Mr Uche Ubosi, said: “It is the standard practice of sovereign wealth authorities world wide to pay sitting allowances to board members.’’

This angered the lawmakers who immediately declared that he should produce evidence of such payments where board members were paid as much as N1 million per day.

The lawmakers also queried the reason all the payment schedules were computer print outs and demanded for signed receipts and signed documents authorising such payments.

In his ruling, Chairman of PAC, Kingsley Chinda, PDP, Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency, Rivers, ordered that “all relevant documents, not photocopies, should be submitted to this committee within the next eight days.

“You are also expected to furnish this committee with concrete evidence of where authorities pay as much as N250,000 per sitting in other climes.’’

SWA board members appeared before the committee to answer queries raised by the Office of the Auditor-General to the Federation, AuGF, from 2010 through 2013.

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UPDATE!!! Nigerian soldiers, police sexually abuse B’Haram victims, Human Rights Watch says

UPDATE!!! Nigerian soldiers, police sexually abuse B’Haram victims, Human Rights Watch says

Nigerian soldiers and policemen have raped and sexually abused women and girls fleeing the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, Human Rights Watch said on Monday.

Forty-three cases of “sexual abuse, including rape and exploitation”, were documented in July, HRW said.

The women and girls were housed at seven camps in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, where Boko Haram’s seven-year insurgency began. That insurgency has displaced more than two million people and killed some 15,000 in Nigeria’s northeast.

An army spokesman declined to comment and referred the matter to the defence ministry. A spokesman for the department could not be reached by phone and did not respond to a text message. A spokesman for the Nigerian police could not be reached on his mobile phone.

The rights group said it was also told of abuse carried out by camp leaders and members of security groups set up to help the military fight the insurgents.

Four people told HRW they were drugged and raped. Thirty-seven said they had been coerced into sex through false marriage promises and material and financial assistance.

A 17-year-old girl said she was raped by a policeman who approached her in a camp.

“One day he demanded to have sex with me. I refused but he forced me,” she said, adding that it happened once. She said he threatened to shoot and kill her when she discovered that she was pregnant.

Another girl – a 16-year-old, who fled an attack on Baga, near Lake Chad, last year – said she was drugged and raped in May 2015 by a community security group member in charge of distributing aid in the camp.

Boko Haram, which controlled a swathe of land in the northeast around the size of Belgium early last year, has largely been pushed back to its base in the northeast’s vast Sambisa forest in the last few months.

Aid workers and soldiers have gained access to the group’s former northeastern strongholds, revealing famine-like conditions which UNICEF says could kill 75,000 children over the next year if they do not receive aid.

Nigerian lawmakers in early October said they would investigate the use of government funds intended to assist displaced people, amid claims that money had been diverted.

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Arms probe: Buhari to fire indicted top aides

Arms probe: Buhari to fire indicted top aides

President: Count me out of judges’ arrest

NJC decides justices’ fate Thursday

Strong indications emerged over the weekend that President Muhammadu Buhari may have concluded plans to sack two officials of his government indicted in the final report of arms procurement probe.

The 13-man Presidential Committee on the Audit of Defence Equipment Procurement in the Nigerian Armed Forces (2007-2015) had submitted its final report to Buhari on Sunday, October 23.

The probe cut across procurement of arms and related military contracts between 2007 and 2015 in the Ministry of Defence, Nigerian Army (NA), Nigerian Navy (NN), and Nigerian Air Force (NAF). The arms panel also probed the activities of the Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Security (PICOMS).

New Telegraph had reported exclusively that the final report indicted some influential officials of the present and immediate past administrations.

The report also indicted a former Chief of Army Staff (COAS), an ex-Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI), some former ministers of defence, senior military officers, a permanent secretary, top officials of the Ministry of Defence and several contractors.

Even some of the military top brass facing prosecution in connection with arms scandal are also indicted in the final report. Some former officials of the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) were indicted in the latest report.

The panel, in the final report, had recommended that the indicted persons and firms should be prosecuted and made to return some huge amount of money. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is expected to commence investigation of those indicted as soon as the president releases the report of the arms probe.

Consequently, it was gathered from highly placed sources that the president was under intense pressure to ease out his senior appointees that were found wanting in the final probe report. It was gathered that Buhari’s zero tolerance for corruption will weighin substantially, as it would be a contradiction to overlook the development.

This newspaper further gathered that those privy to the final report are particularly angry with the way and manner public funds meant for arms procurement were alleged to have been mindlessly diverted or misapplied, as the case may be.

“Further to the indicted senior officials, it is most likely that Mr. President will excuse two top officials of his government. “Don’t forget that his avowed commitment to the ongoing anti-corruption fight, is total. The president would not shield anybody from investigation and prosecution, no matter whose ox is gored.

“To say the least, the final report is too weighty and indicting, and those in the know are furious about startling discoveries,” the source said. Like other indicted persons, it was learnt that the two top officials of the Buhari administration were also quizzed by the probe panel.

Their involvement was as a result of procurement of military hardware and other purchases while holding sensitive positions in government. The arms panel established that there were irregularities and fraud in some of the procurement under their watch.

There are fears that the panel report will be suppressed because of those indicted in the latest report. A source, however, told New Telegraph that the president will not tinker with the panel’s report which indicted some officials of the present administration.

The Air Vice Marshal J.O.N Ode (rtd)-led panel was established in August 2015, to audit defence equipment procurement in the Nigerian Armed Forces, as well as the Ministry of Defence. Some firms, which executed contracts with the ONSA and the Ministry of Defence, were also recommended for prosecution by the EFCC, based on their levels of culpability.

Before the final report, the panel had turned in two interim reports, which indicted serving and retired military officers. Prior to the event of October 23, the 13-man panel, which sat for 14 months, had indicted a former NSA, Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd); former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh (rtd); former Chiefs of Army Staff (COAS), Lt.-Gen. Azubike Ihejirika (rtd), and Lt.- Gen. Kenneth Minimah (rtd); and ex-Chiefs of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal M.D Umar (rtd), and Air Marshal Adesola Amosu (rtd).

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Mixing energy drinks, alcohol as dangerous as cocaine to brain

Mixing energy drinks, alcohol as dangerous as cocaine to brain

Drinking highly caffeinated alcoholic beverages has been shown to trigger changes in the adolescent brain. The changes are similar to taking cocaine.

According to findings of a study published in the journal ‘PLOS ONE’, the consequences of drinking highly caffeinated alcoholic beverages, last into adulthood as an altered ability to deal with rewarding substances.

Cocaine, also known as coke, is a strong stimulant mostly used as a recreational drug. It is commonly snorted, inhaled, or injected into the veins.

Mental effects of cocaine may include loss of contact with reality, an intense feeling of happiness, or agitation while physical symptoms may include a fast heart rate, sweating, and large pupil. Cocaine has a small number of accepted medical uses such as numbing and decreasing bleeding during nasal surgery.

Science daily reported that Richard van Rijn, an assistant professor of medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, looked at the effects of highly caffeinated energy drinks and highly caffeinated alcohol in adolescent mice.

According to researchers from the Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States, U.S., these alcohol studies cannot be performed in adolescent humans, but changes seen in mouse brains with drugs of abuse have been shown to correlate to those in humans in many drug studies.

These energy drinks can contain as much as 10 times the caffeine as soda and are often marketed to adolescents. But little is known about the health effects of the drinks, especially when consumed with alcohol during adolescence.

Van Rijn and graduate student, Meridith Robins, published results in the journal Alcohol that showed adolescent mice given high-caffeine energy drinks were not more likely than a control group to drink more alcohol as adults.

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The London hospital used by Nigerian mums flying in for free maternity care

The London hospital used by Nigerian mums flying in for free maternity care

NIGERIAN women are flying to Britain to have their babies at a south London hospital because they know there are NO checks on nationality or eligibility.

By Katie Mansfield

Nigerian woman are flying to Britain for free maternity care
The problem is so acute that bosses are FINALLY considering introducing passport checks on women who have no right to treatment in British hospitals.

Health chiefs have long warned of an ‘escalating’ problem with women flying to Britain to have their children knowing they will get free top notch care, courtesy of the British tax payer.

And a high proportion of expectant foreign mothers who have no right to access the NHS maternity services continue to target St George's Hospital in Tooting.
There is growing evidence that this deliberate UK health tourism has become a commoditised business in Nigeria.

Now bosses are proposing ID checks and the Home Office is said to be keen to support the proposed pilot scheme with a view to potentially rolling the system out across the country.

Under the proposals every pregnant woman would be expected to show a photo ID and utility bill when they arrive for a scan to prove they are entitled to free NHS care.

Those unable to prove eligibility will be referred to the Overseas Patient Team for further investigation with the backing of the Home Office.

Managers at St George’s said Nigerian women were using the south London hospital as an international health service.
St George's is targeted as it does not currently have a robust process to check eligibility

The London hospital used by Nigerian mums flying in for free maternity care

Jo Johnson, NHS trust

Writing in an email to board members, head of private and overseas patients for the NHS trust, Jo Johnson, said: "The problem is escalating within obstetrics and we have just been made aware that individuals are currently offering paid assistance to women in Nigeria to have their babies for free on the NHS at St George's.

"St George's is targeted as it does not currently have a robust process to check eligibility.

"We know from feedback from other non-eligible patients that St George's is viewed as an 'easy target."

Four in five overseas patients at St George’s flee before paying for their care with the hospital losing approximately £4.6million a year from health tourists.

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Incredible!!! RUSSIA has unveiled what it claims is the world's most advanced attack helicopter as tensions between Moscow and the West continue to escalate over Ukraine and Syria.

Incredible!!! RUSSIA has unveiled what it claims is the world's most advanced attack helicopter as tensions between Moscow and the West continue to escalate over Ukraine and Syria.

The Night Hunter in action

Russia has unveiled its new attack helicopter, the Night Hunter
The Kremlin proudly paraded the next generation 'Night Hunter' gunship, which is armed with futuristic lasers and drone escorts, as Western intelligence agencies warned Vladimir Putin is gearing up for a huge bombing blitz on Aleppo.

Russian military commanders insist that the Night Hunter, known as the Mi-28NM, will "substantially outperform" the best attack helicopters the West can field, including the Apache gunships used by NATO allies including America.

It is the latest piece of high-grade military kit to be very publicly paraded by the Kremlin, with its launch coming just days after Putin's army unveiled its powerful 'Satan 2' nuclear missile which is reportedly powerful enough to wipe out the UK.

According to the state-owned Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, the new Night Hunter gunship will be armed with the latest smart bombs which can exchange data with a fleet of escort drones to improve targeting.

Incredible!!! RUSSIA has unveiled what it claims is the world's most advanced attack helicopter as tensions between Moscow and the West continue to escalate over Ukraine and Syria.

The Night Hunter in action

The Kremlin claims the gunship is more powerful than the American Apache

Incredible!!! RUSSIA has unveiled what it claims is the world's most advanced attack helicopter as tensions between Moscow and the West continue to escalate over Ukraine and Syria.

The Night Hunter in action

Tensions between Russia and the West are at their highest level in decades
A huge communications upgrade will mean that the chopper can interact in what is being called a "single information space" with ground units and robotic aircraft to coordinate deadly attacks.

It will also carry a conventional arsenal of guided guided missiles including the next generation Ataka and Khrizantema models, for ground and air combat, as well as a payload of powerful bombs and a sophisticated laser defence system.

Yevgeny Poluyanov of Moscow's Mil Experimental Design Bureau said: "The helicopter is also equipped with the latest anti-jamming system and a laser array designed to deflect all existing heat-seeking missiles."
The powerful gunship, which has been in development since 2008, is expected to be completed and ready for action within months.

In contrast US forces will have to make do with the 2011 model Apache AH-64E attack helicopter for the foreseeable future after the next generation of the gunship, the AH-64F, was scrapped due to insufficient funding.

Britain also largely relies on the Apache, boasting a fleet of 50, but has recently introduced the AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat in a bid to keep up to date with its rivals.

Inside the Russian Army

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Report: Nigeria camp guards ‘sexually abused B’Haram victims’

Report: Nigeria camp guards ‘sexually abused B’Haram victims’

Nigerian officials have been accused of sexually exploiting women and girls living in camps for victims of militant Islamist group Boko Haram in the country’s north-east, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Forty-three women and girls were sexually abused in seven camps in Maiduguri city, the headquarters of military operations against Boko Haram, by officials guarding the camps, the campaign group said in a new report.

The government hasn’t commented on the allegations yet, reports the BBC.

Mausi Segun, senior Nigeria researcher at HRW, said: “It is disgraceful and outrageous that people who should protect these women and girls are attacking and abusing them.”

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Armed Robbers Invade Bank In Delta State With Dynamites, Cart Away N25m (Photos + Details)

Armed Robbers Invade Bank In Delta State With Dynamites, Cart Away N25m (Photos + Details)

Suspected armed robbers, between Friday night and Saturday morning, invaded an only branch of an old generation bank in Ughelli, Delta State, making away with about N25 million.

A staff of the bank, who craved anonymity, told Tribune Online on Sunday afternoon in Warri that the rampaging robbers invaded the strong room and vault of the bank with jigsaw, drilling machine, welding machine and other tools.

The bank source said dynamites were also used to blow up the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) from the inside of the bank, but left the ATM machine outside untouched.

The robbers were said to have clinically carried out the midnight operation in military camouflage with no resistance.

The source said after gaining access to the premises of the bank, the security men on duty were rounded up and tied down like goats in order not to pose any threat.

Another source informed Tribune Online that it is believed the daredevils would have made away with no less than N25 million because the bank usually left behind such amount in the vault at weekends.

Although the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Delta State Command, Celestina Kalu, could not be reached as of the time of filing this report, Tribune Online gathered that some senior officials of the bank as well as the security men on duty who were arrested and taken to police headquarters after the incident were released on Sunday.

Source; Tribune

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I'm happy for him - Ubi Franklin on Iyanya signing with Mavin records

I'm happy for him - Ubi Franklin on Iyanya signing with Mavin records

CEO of Made Men Music Group (MMMG) and Iyanya's former manager, Ubi Franklin, has reacted to the singer's major move to Don Jazzy's Mavin Records.

Speaking exclusively to Linda Ikejis Blog (LIB), Ubi states that he's happy for his former partner and does not feel betrayed by his move to a competing music label.

News broke this morning that your former partner, Iyanya has signed onto Don Jazzy's music label, Mavin Records. We would love to know your stance and reaction to this?

I’m happy for Iyanya. The truth is that, if you are happy for somebody, God will be happy with you and you will be happy with yourself. I don’t have anything against him.

This is music business and everything you do - as far your music is right and you are making the music for the world, it doesn’t depend on the label that you are in for all to enjoy it. I'm happy he is where great music comes out from, a label with one of the best music producers in Africa. I'm so happy for him, today is his birthday and I wish him all the best.

Iyanya informed everyone initially that he was going to start up his own label. This has however changed. Do you feel betrayed?

We are all human beings; today Iyanya is 30 by age. As a 30-year-old man, you are able to take any decision on your own, you can change your mind, you can do whatever you want to do.

The most important thing is that from what I've seen, trust me he is happy. Nobody takes a decision that is going to be bad for him.. I still know he still has his own plans for his Label. But at this point, I know Iyanya is where good music comes from.

So you don't feel betrayed?

No No! The only way I will feel betrayed is if there was something he owed me and he didn’t give back to me, but there is nothing like that. I'm happy for him.

Do you see any more collaborations between your team and Iyanya in the future?

That’s the funny thing about music, everything is possible. When you see people in music having issues, just leave them, the wheel goes round, if you check my snapchat, I'm always dancing to his music. There might be a future collaboration, I'm open to anything. I'm a business man, there is nothing we are fighting for.

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Don't upload my messages on social media, spare me insults - Pastor Adeboye

Don't upload my messages on social media, spare me insults - Pastor Adeboye

Pastor E.A Adeboye

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor E.A Adeboye, has pleaded with youths in his church to desist from uploading his messages on the social media, and spare him the torrents of backlash such upload can attract from millions of social media users.

He also begged not to be quoted.

This is coming after the pastor was widely upbraided over his counsel to young men and women concerning marriage.

Recall that some months ago, in a video, Pastor Adeboye warned women, “Don’t marry a man who has no job. Before God gave Adam Eve, he gave him a job.

He said, ‘This is the garden, keep it.’ So when anybody comes to you and say, ‘Sister, thus saith the Lord, you are going to be the star in my firmament,’ ask him — ‘What is your job?’”

In another video, he advised men, “Marry a prayer warrior! Don’t marry any girl who cannot pray for one hour non-stop. Don’t marry a girl who is lazy! If she is lazy when she is single, what will happen if she is married?

Following his messages, many social media users had lambasted him.

The likes of the daughter of Victor Omololu Olunloyo – a former governor of Oyo State, Kemi Olunloyo, whose public criticism of people knows no bounds, called him a lunatic for his alleged unwise advice.

Among others, a former Nigerian Prophet and Evangelist Minister at Windows of Heaven Revival Outreach, London, United Kingdom, Folayan Osekita had faulted Adeboye’s warnings, saying people have their different stories when it comes to marriage.

But months after trolls called him out, Daddy G.O, as Adeboye is fondly called, has begged youths of the church to stop uploading his videos or quoting him on social media.

Speaking during the church’s youth program plenary session themed ‘vessels unto honour’ some days ago, the popular pastor pleaded with the participants to spare him the problem of social media by not uploading the program’s video on YouTube.

He said, “Spare me the problem.

“I’m not talking to you so that you can put me on YouTube,” the pastor pleaded.

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