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Tuesday 3 November 2015

19 things you should know before dating a girl who’s been single for ages

19 things you should know before dating a girl who's been single for ages

Mindy refused to settle for less…most of the time

So there’s a section of the female population that would be classed as ‘perma-single’.

You know the ones that haven’t had a proper boyfriend in a very long while?

They are hot, witty and headstrong but they just haven’t found the right guy yet, and don’t want to mess around in ‘going nowhere’ relationships until they do.

If you are lucky enough to meet one of these girls and get to the stage of dating her, there’s a few things you are going to need to know.

What do you mean you wanted dinner too? (Picture: Channel 4)

1. Clingy will not be her style

She can call out the AA for the car all on her own, she pays her own rent and she can change light bulbs.

She’ll enjoy having you around for sex, holidays and general merriment. That will be all.

2. She’ll sometimes forget momentarily that she’s involved with someone

Try not to take this personally.

On occasion, it might just slip her mind to invite you to her birthday do.

It’s been ages since she’s had to be considerate, give her a break.

3. You’ll probably find that she doesn’t want to hear from you constantly

She’s not used to her phone going off every five minutes with pictures of your lunch, or details of what your boss just said.

It will annoy her. And you don’t want to do that because…

4. She knows what she doesn’t want

She’s been single this long because she’s done the leg work and she’s probably run out of patience.

If you start to grind on her nerves, your bum will be out of that door.

5. Seeing each other once or twice at week at the beginning is where she’s at

She’s been busy for years. Busy being her.

So, it’s going to take a bit of adjustment for her to drop everything because you want to cook Thai on a Tuesday.

6. Her friends will mean the world to her

Meet them. Make them like you. They basically hold your fate in their hands.

7. She’ll need days when you’re not there

Because for a perma-single girl, days on the sofa alone are of big importance.

8. She won’t expect you to pay

A treat is nice but after a while you’re going to need to let her pay for a meal.

Before she starts singing Independent Woman at the top of her voice.

Nobody wants that in the middle of a Nando’s.

9. She’ll have a really good job

It might even be better than yours. Don’t be threatened by it. She’s worked bloody hard for it.

Also, that whole ‘I feel a bit inferior’ noise will be really boring for her.

10. She will get annoyed if you open a car door for her

Like she’s incapable of doing it herself.

She’s been opening doors for herself for years, she’s got this.

11. She’ll only make enough dinner for one

Because well, who else is she cooking for?

My dinner was delicious, thanks (Picture: Channel 4)
12. She will sleep in the middle of the bed

And hog the duvet. And get really agitated if you have the audacity to breathe heavily.

Because she’s not used to having to share.

13. Talking of sharing. She will eat a whole pizza to herself

So, just back up and buy your own.

14. You’ll have to ease her into the ‘holding hands in public’ thing

Because you aren’t a child or her elderly grandmother so she’ll just spin out.

15. Sometimes she won’t text you back for ages

Not for any other reason than she’s just not glued to her phone. She’s just doing stuff.

16. She will do her own thing. A lot

Which means you can too. A lot. Perfect.

17. You won’t have to deal with the backlash of her past

Because her ex is a distant memory.

18. Her mum will scare the life out of you

Because it’s been an age since anyone came home for Sunday lunch.

So the mother will be convinced this has wedding bells written all over it.

19. Remember, the amount of time she’s been on her own is through choice

So if she’s with you it’s because she wants you, not because she needs you. Enjoy that.

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