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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Buhari will restore Nigeria’s integrity, says Ex-PDP chairman

Buhari will restore Nigeria’s integrity, says Ex-PDP chairman

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, a former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed confidence in the ability of President Muhammadu Buhari to restore the integrity of Nigeria.
Ogbulafor made the observation in an interview with NAN in Abuja on Tuesday while x-raying the performance of Buhari’s administration.

Buhari will restore Nigeria’s integrity, says Ex-PDP chairman

Prince Vincent Ogbulafor

He said he was confident in the way the president selected those he would worked with, because “you know his is a very meticulous man.
“I have absolute confidence that Buhari will restore the integrity of this nation once more. After all, he did it when he was Head of State and he is going to do it again.

“I believe now that he has selected his cabinet and assigned portfolio to them, the challenge has begun. The time is now and the place is here,” Ogbulafor said.

He stressed the need for Nigerians to give Buhari and his cabinet, necessary time to offer their best to the country.
“We need to give his cabinet time to master their offices and assignments, and go through the files and take off. That is what I think.”

Ogbulafor also expressed confidence that Buhari’s administration would succeed in the anti-graft campaign, given the pedigree of his cabinet members.

He urged the president to continue to remain sincere, because “you cannot be a public servant and come out and be the same.
“You can imagine what happened to me; some people wrote petitions against me on what I don’t know anything about. I went to court and proved my innocence.

Prince Vincent Ogbulafor
“I believe now that Buhari has selected his cabinet, if they are accused of corruption, he should now deal with them by setting example.
Ogbulafor, however, advised the new cabinet members to “know where Buhari is coming from, where he is going and work with him” for the administration to be able to eliminate corruption.

“I will also advise Nigerians to be patient, comply and pray for the leaders to do the right things,” Ogbulafor added.
He said that he was glad that the country was now stabilising after Buhari assumed office.

Ogbulafor advised the administration to address the dilapidated roads in the country, especially in the eastern part.
“Port Harcourt-Enugu road is bad, Eket-Umuahia road is bad, Enugu-Onitsha road is bad, Onitsha Bridge is bad, and Enugu-Benue road is bad.

“I am glad Buhari gave works to Fashola. Let us see if he can do things the other way and address those areas that were not given attention before.”

Ogbulafor said one term would be too short to rebuild the country but expressed the hope that Buhari “can do a lot to make a different.”
He added that it was also too early for anybody to start talking about Buhari’s second tenure, saying “If the party decides that he should go a second term, that is the party’s decisions.”
On the National Assembly, he commended Buhari for not interfering in the impasse.

“If it were to be during our time, we would have moved sacks of money to bribe national assembly to do what we want.

“Party interference, presidential interference, but today we are doing things the way they want and is working for them.”
He also acknowledge that power supply was now getting fairly and steady , even in the remote parts of the country, under Buhari than what it used to be before.

“Petrol supply has also improved, just that these dealers and importers of petrol are not cooperating because they don’t want to go by the price fixed for petroleum.

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