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Tuesday 3 November 2015

We Have Already Lost Bayelsa - Timi Frank

We Have Already Lost Bayelsa - Timi Frank

Timi Frank

The deputy publicity secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Timi Frank has opened up on the controversies that characterised the party’s primary election in Bayelsa state in preparation for the December 5 governorship election in the state.

Frank, who is from Bayelsa state granted an interview to Vanguard where he raised salient issues concerning the candidature of Chief Timipra Sylva, the governorship candidate for the APC in the polls.

The APC chieftain did not mince words when he said the APC will lose the election because of Sylva’s candidacy.

Naij.com has picked five major points raised at the interview and bring them to your reading. Read below:

1. There are so many persons in Baylesa who are aggrieved just like Timi (Alaibe), so many. But some of them don’t have the opportunity to speak out and are scared which is very dangerous in politics

2. He hasn’t reached out since after the primaries to people like me and not just to me to so many credible Baylesans who took part in the primaries. As I speak some aspirants are still aggrieved within the party.

3. We can’t win Baylesa when we are fighting ourselves. We can’t win Baylesa when we are afraid to speak. There are issues in Baylesa.

4. Whether we like it or not there is nothing APC can do than to either manage his person at this point in time but I also see he is not helping issues. I expected him to lobby people. I expected him to make peace.

5. He needs to talk to Baylesans. Everyone’s vote is important except he believes that because we are at the centre, we are going to use the centre to rig elections for him so he doesn’t need Baylesans.

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