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Monday, 19 June 2017

The Real Reason Arewa Youths Issued Eviction Notice to Igbo - Biafran War Veteran Speaks Up

The Real Reason Arewa Youths Issued Eviction Notice to Igbo - Biafran War Veteran Speaks Up

Col. Joe Achuzia (rtd)

A Biafran War veteran has spoken out about what the quit notice give to the Igbos by a group in Northern Nigeria, really means.

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Col. Joe Achuzia (rtd), a Biafra War veteran, has described the eviction notice issued to the Igbo by the Coalition of Arewa Youths as real, saying that the targets are not only Igbo but every other ethnic nationality except the Fulani.

According to The Sun News, while so many have elected to take the ultimatum for granted, Achuzia cautioned against it on the ground that the youths meant business as the ultimatum is the first step in trying to execute a resolution reached in 1989.

Achuzia said there was an Islam in Africa conference held in London precisely November 28, 1989 when it was agreed to Islamise the African continent with Nigeria as the hub.

To achieve this agenda which has a time frame, Achuzia said the then Head of State, Ibrahim Babangida committed $21b of the nation’s resources into the project.

He told Daily Sun in an exclusive interview in Asaba that the Fulani Muslims in Nigeria are now running out of time, hence, the youths backed by their elders have initiated the process of the Islamic agenda, starting with the Igbo who they consider as serious threats.

“It is now clear why the Igbo are targeted because they are primarily pan-Africans. They wanted an Africa that exposes the concept of democracy and leadership within the African continent.

“The Fulani being sojourners from across the Golan Heights into Africa through Egypt to Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and all the way to the various countries in West Africa had been on a non-stop Jihad.

“The idea is to colonize Africa and make it an Islamic continent, not nation, with Nigeria the largest country in size and population to lead the crusade of turning Africa into an Islamic continent.

“To do this, there was a meeting held on November 28, 1989 in London setting up an Islamic council to Islamic organisation to make Nigeria a hub of Islamisation in Africa and they were given a time frame.

“The time now is up, according to what I can read, the youths are playing their roles which is giving notice to the only group they thought is responsible for making it difficult for them to Islamise Africa.

“After all, the Igbo want Africa as a democracy whereby we can live and let’s live but Islam wants to eliminate Christianity, Amadiya and so on,” Achuzia stated.

He warned that if the threat by Arewa youths is treated with kid gloves, no region, not even the Middle Belt and Amadiya Islam of South-West region would survive the consequence, adding that the only way out is to restructure the country.

“The only way to douse the fire is to reconstruct Nigeria. If you don’t restructure, the country will either go up in smoke or even if it goes up in smoke, there will be nothing left for Islam, and nothing left for Christianity and other religions.

“If Fulani Islam cannot accept Amadiya as part of the Islamic organisation, how do you expect them to accept Christianity? But restructuring will bring about live and let’s live.

“Maybe gradually as time goes on we will learn to love one another but for now, that conference they held in London in 1989 is what is creating the problem that we face now. The ultimatum has been given as a means of calling the Igbo to get out before we force you, this we will not accept,” he insisted.

He opined that there is a demarcation line separating “the Fulani from Hausa of the middle belt; demarcating them from the Maiduguri people who are Kanuri; separating them from the Yoruba who adopted Islam but called it the Amadiya Islam which the Fulani refused that as far as they are concerned they don’t call it Islam.

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