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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Guber Poll: ‘PDP Set To Reclaim Anambra State’ – Stella Oduah

Guber Poll: ‘PDP Set To Reclaim Anambra State’ – Stella Oduah

Stella Oduah Anambra PDP
Former Nigerian Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah

Ahead of the November governorship election in Anambra state, Stella Oduah, the senator representing Anambra North (PDP),  has said that the People’s Democratic Party will reclaim the state.

Speaking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, Oduah, a former aviation minister, said that the state had always been a PDP state.

She said that not even power of incumbency could stop the party from winning the election adding that Anambra people are predominantly PDP.

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“PDP is a very dynamic party, so far they have not shown us who their candidate will be but I am very sure that they are going to give to Anambra people a visionary candidate.

“When that candidate comes incumbency, connection, none of these will count because what Anambra needs today is a very visionary leader who has clear and well thought out programme for the state.

“Yes the governor has done extremely well but it has to be a candidate that will do far better than what the governor has done so far- prioritising agriculture, prioritising the people and ensuring that the youths of Anambra are properly engaged.

“For Anambra people, education is very important, most importantly because Anambra is a commercial city. So you must have a very dynamic leader to come and do that and it is only PDP that can produce such.

“Anambra is a PDP state any day any time; it is a state that believes in freedom; it believes in equality; it believes in zeal and tenacity of people. That is what PDP represents.

“PDP is a party that is fully republican; it is a party where aspirations and inspirations could be accomplished.

“That is why people gravitate towards PDP

“Anambra people are hardworking people, they are truly republican and that is why Anambra as a state is a PDP state.

“If you have an election today tomorrow or even in two weeks time, PDP will win,” she said.

Speaking on why she remained in the PDP during the crisis and mass defections, Oduah said that PDP remained the best party and no party compared to it.

She said that she believed in the cardinals of the PDP where everybody had equal opportunity to aspire to be anyone.

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Senator Oduah said that she believed in the cardinals of the PDP where people do not require godfathers to win elective positions.

She added that it was only a party like the PDP that could have gone through the challenges it went through and still survived.

“We believe in the cardinals of PDP, the constitution of PDP that says that every man is equal and every man has equal opportunity and most importantly that whatever your aspiration may be, you do not require a godfather or godmother to accomplish that. No other party gives you that.

“That is why most of us believe that unless a new party comes that will present better fundamentals, why leave gold to go for silver that will tarnish?

“It is because of the dynamics of PDP, it’s because of the strength of PDP that the party was able to go through what they went through and still survive. Most parties would have just gone.

“We have grown much stronger, after the congress, after the convention, you will see very strong PDP.

“Definitely we will learn from the mistakes of the past,” she said.

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