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Thursday, 1 February 2018

OBJ wants to oust Buhari and install someone else, just like he did to Yar’Adua - Ex-senator alleges

OBJ wants to oust Buhari and install someone else, just like he did to Yar’Adua - Ex-senator alleges

OBJ is doing to Buhari, the same thing he did to Yar’Adua - Ex-senator declares

- Senator Abba Alli who represented Katsina state at the upper legislative chamber in the Second Republic, has accused former President Obasanjo, of plotting the downfall of President Buhari, just as he did to Yar'Adua.

- A Second Republic senator, Abba Alli, has alleged that Obasanjo wants to oust Buhari from power just like he did to late Yar’Adua, and that was why he wrote his infamous open letter

- The former senator claimed further, that OBJ has skeletons in his cupboard, and that is why he is speaking against the Buhari administration

- He chided the ex-president for going public with his complaints; stating that as an elder statesman, he could have relayed his feelings to Buhari in private

Senator Abba Alli who represented Katsina state at the upper legislative chamber in the Second Republic, has accused former president Olusegun Obasanjo of plotting the downfall of President Muhammadu Buhari, just as he did to late president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, Vanguard reports.

The former senator made the comments in response to the scathing letter written by the former president to Buhari, asking him not to stand for re-election in 2019.

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We gather that Alli, who served from 1979 to 1983, accused Obasanjo of plotting to take power away from Buhari and deliver it to someone else.

He stated that the ex-president did the same thing to Yar’Adua; and that the action propelled Goodluck Jonathan into power.

According to Alli, even though OBJ knew Yar’Adua was not healthy, he brought him into power and attached Jonathan to him so that the latter could step in later.

He stated: “I think this is Obasanjo’s agenda. This is the second agenda he is bringing. He did it during Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s time. He knew Umaru was not well, he brought him in and then attached Jonathan to him so that soon, he would not be able to complete the tenure, so that Jonathan can take over.

“The same thing this time. He saw that Buhari will die and then, maybe he wanted Buhari to die and then another person takes over.

“Personally, I think Obasanjo, this is the second or the alternative of getting rid of Buhari. Because the way and manner he (Buhari) started the war against corruption which, if goes deep, he (Obasanjo) is not even safe.

“Talk about the power, during his tenure in office, he spent over $16billion and nothing has been done. Nobody knows where the money is. He privatized the whole government properties. He sold the Nigerian Airways. He sold the rolling mills, the Ajaokuta and Katsina rolling mills. Umaru Musa wanted to buy it for Katsina, he said no.

“You see, he has so many things in his cupboard hidden. People respect him and kept quiet. So, I think as an elder statesman, he should give more positive criticism.

“For instance, nobody on earth can accuse Buhari of not making any progress in fight against corruption. They designed the TSA, but because they knew that it would not work in their favour, they refused to operate it. But Buhari introduced it.

“This BVN, it was Obasanjo’s time when they did it but they didn’t put it to use. But Buhari put it to use."

Alli stated that it was not good for Obasanjo, as an elder statesman, to make his complaints public, adding that a leader is expected to set a good example.

He stated: "If he is to advice his subsequent heads of states, it would be more honourable for him to meet individually than to go on air, pages of newspapers and public. He can sit him down to give him honest advice. He was his leader before, at least.

“It is unfortunate. I expect him as an old leader to maturely advice people, but not on the pages of newspapers, radio or internet.

“His relationship with Buhari is so cordial that he should meet him in the room and say look, here and there, I think you need to do this and that in the best interest of the nation. And I’m sure Buhari will listen to him.”

The ex-senator claimed that Obasanjo was treating the north unfairly after all the zone had done to get him elected as president in 1999.

He stated: “People especially from this part of the country made him get to that office of President. We sympathized with him when he was taken to prison. It was us who worked for him to come back and take over the leadership of this country and not his own people. If you remember, even his election in Ogun, he didn’t win it. We unanimously teamed up together.”

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Meanwhile, We previously reported that President Buhari was advised not to see former president Olusegun Obasanjo as an enemy based on his recent letter to him, but to take the issues he raised as a challenge to prove misguided politicians wrong in 2019.

Ovo Ofigo, the national coordinator for Buhari Solidarity Movement, said if Buhari wanted a second term, he should take Obasanjo's letter seriously.

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