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Again, one of Nigeria's airports takes the crown as one of world's worst Int. Airports for 2016

Again, one of Nigeria's airports takes the crown as one of world's worst Int. Airports for 2016

A recent survey conducted by The Guide to Sleeping in Airports Annual Awards, one of Nigeria's International Airports took the 4th place as one of the worst international airports in the world, CNN has reported.

By this survey,  Port Harcourt International Airport has been rated  third worst international airport while Changi International Airport, Singapore wears the crown as  the best international airport in the world.

Changi International Airport, according to reports has the  most luxurious airport lounge in the world. CNN further reports that ''with more airports trying to reinvent themselves as places to visit and relax in rather than just endure, "transit" is becoming less of a dirty word.

That's where The Guide to Sleeping in Airports comes in, offering its annual scrutiny of the best and worst places to wander around in a jet-lagged stupor''

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Meet the Super Brilliant Female Medicine Graduate Who Won 19 Prizes at UNILORIN 32nd Convocation Ceremony (Photo)

Meet the Super Brilliant Female Medicine Graduate Who Won 19 Prizes at UNILORIN 32nd Convocation Ceremony (Photo)

Yusuf Ololade Faidat

A UNILORIN Medicine Graduate has made history after she won 19 prizes at the University's 32nd Convocation ceremony.

Yusuf Ololade Faidat is not just brilliant, she is also an outstanding pacesetter. The super brilliant woman who is one of the graduands at the University of Ilorin 32nd convocation ceremony took home 19 prizes yesterday.

Dailytrust reports that Faidat, who is in her early 20s beat the men in her department to win the prize for the best  graduating student from the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences.

She received the prize of N20,000 awarded each session by the Senate to the student adjudged to be the best in each faculty.

She also got another prize of N10,000, awarded by the Senate to the best student in each department. Faidat also took home prizes for best student in the departments of Behavioural Sciences, Pathology, Community medicine, Paediatrics and child health, Medicine, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and gynaecology and Surgery.

Also, out of the 12 endowed prizes and scholarships, Faidat got 10 of them which are; the Henry Adewoye prize for best graduating student in Chemical pathology, Late Dr. Hamza Olayinka Brimoh prize for best graduating student in Medicine, Prof. Mathew Akinyemi Araoye prize for best graduating student in Medicine, Abdullahi Mohammed/Ilorin community prize for best graduating student in Child health.

Others are the late Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki prize for best graduating student in Medicine, Prof Stephen K. Odaibo’s prize for best graduating students in Surgery, Justice Mohammed Mustapha Akanbi’s prize for best graduating female student in College of medicine, 1992-1995 prize for best overall pre-clinical medical graduand at 1st professional MBBS and best overall clinical medical graduand in Part III final MBBS as well as Albert Anjorin prize donated by the Ilorin Medical Student Association (ILUMSA) Alumni for best graduating student in Pathology.

An overjoyed Faidat said her success to was a reward from the Almighty for her perseverance.

“As a woman you can become whatever you want to be once you are persistent, irrespective of number of men around you. I read for about four hours every day,” she said.

The Deputy Executive Secretary of the National University Commission (NUC), Prof. Chinedu Mafiana,  who represented President Muhammadu Buhari at the occasion, urged the University of Ilorin to retain her.

He warned university managers in the country against wasteful spending, saying any fund made available to them should be spent on productive activities.

“The government is aware of the hardship the citizens are going through at the moment but I want to assure all Nigerians that we shall overcome the present economic doldrums. Our country is blessed with great potentialities and resources that have yet to be harnessed.

The task to restore our country to economic prosperity does not depend on government alone. All of us, men and women of our great country must be involved in the struggle to build a viable and virile country for the general well-being”, he said.

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Reps grumble over N350m office equipment

Reps grumble over N350m office equipment


Economic recession and alleged poor release of funds have delayed the distribution of office equipment to the 360 members of the House of Representatives, fresh findings  reveal.

This has led to grumbling among lawmakers, who claimed that their work had been hindered by lack of office equipment.

The most affected are the 223 “fresh members,” elected to the National Assembly for the first and who resumed in June 2015.

It was learnt that the equipment, worth about N350m, included television sets, computers and refrigerators, which were to be supplied through a contractor by the Committee on House Services since June.

The supplies were reportedly awarded not long after the Speaker, Mr. Yakubu Dogara, appointed the 96 standing committees of the House on October 22, 2015.

But, it was gathered that due to delayed release of funds by the Ministry of Finance, the committee was unable to fund the supplies.

The delayed release of funds was attributed to a significant drop in Federal Government’s revenue and the “current recession, which has generally affected government’s finances across all levels of operations.”

It was learnt that the recession had also delayed the plans by the House to spend N3.6bn on luxury cars for lawmakers this year.

One of the lawmakers said, “As we speak, not a single office pin has been supplied to us since June 2016. I don’t have a television in my office, no stationery and computers. That is the condition we are expected to works.”

Another legislator also confirmed that their luxury cars had yet been delivered.

He stated, “We don’t have operational vehicles. It is over one year that the 8th Assembly was inaugurated.

“Those who have personal cars bring them to work, but the operational vehicles have become a mirage. We are expected to depend on the same agencies we supervise to provide vehicles for oversight visits.”

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Trump threatens lawsuits on sex accusations

Trump threatens lawsuits on sex accusations

Donald Trump

The U.S. Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has threatened lawsuits against women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, hours after the 11th accuser emerged. Trump used what was billed as a major policy address on his election fortunes to threaten those who accused him of sexual harassment.

P*rn star Jessica Drake is 11th woman to allege Donald Trump sexual misconduct. Speaking in Pittsburgh, his rival Hilary Clinton turned her focus on to the incumbent Republican Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey, who faces a tough re-election fight against Democrat Katie McGinty. Clinton boosted the challenger while criticizing Toomey, who has yet to say if he will vote for Trump in November.

Later, Clinton told reporters: “As we’re traveling in these last 17 days, we’re going to be emphasizing the importance of electing Democrats down the ballot.” In Gettysburg, a stone’s throw from the site of the bloodiest battle in American history, Trump showed new venom as he attacked the women who have accused him of groping and inappropriate sexual advances.

“Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign, total fabrication,” Trump said of the 10 women who had then come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct, hours before an 11th, Jessica Drake, spoke at a press conference in Los Angeles. “The events never happened,” Trump added. “All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”

Speaking to a crowd who had been invited to hear a major policy speech, he added: “It was probably the [Democratic National Committee] and the Clinton campaign that put forward these liars with these fabricated stories.”

Later, speaking to reporters on her campaign plane, with running mate Tim Kaine at her side, Clinton said: “That is just not accurate.” “I saw where our opponent Donald Trump went to Gettysburg, one of the most extraordinary places in American history, and basically said if he’s president he’ll spend his time suing women who have made charges against him based on his behaviour.

“Tim and I are going to keep talking about what we want to do if we’re given the great honor of serving as president and vice-president.” The accusations against Trump have been made after the release earlier this month of a 2005 recording of him bragging about grabbing women by the genitalia and trying to “fuck” a married woman.

Trump subsequently apologized and, when questioned by moderator Anderson Cooper in the second presidential debate, denied that he had ever actually engaged in such behavior. Women have since come forward to challenge that claim.

Drake, a 42-year-old p*rn star and s*x educator, said on Saturday that Trump hugged her and kissed on the lips without permission at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe “10 years ago”. She also said Trump offered her $10,000 to return to his hotel room alone.

Drake appeared at a press conference with the lawyer Gloria Allred, who released to the press a picture of Drake with Trump at the golf event.


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Amaechi: We Are Watching From The Watchtower

Amaechi: We Are Watching From The Watchtower

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

I am not surprised that my Lord justices of the Supreme Court fingered former governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in an attempt to bribe them and thereby sway the course of justice towards the direction of his party – the All Progressive Congress.

Though, I considered their recent outburst as a little too late, considering that they would have perhaps died without exposing this alleged crime, had the Secret Service not punctured their tyres in a veiled anti-corruption sting.

I dare say that Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is a perfect example of who Governor Nasir El-rufai described as ‘accidental public servant’. His brashness and profligacy, his crude and sanctimonious arrogance all paint him as a man who ought ordinarily not to hold any public position of trust.

Right from his ‘accidental days’ as the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, he showed why he was a misadventure in public service. Traditional rulers, opinion leaders and other well respected individuals saw his disdain for respect for those ahead and below him. It was certainly for these that then President Olusegun Obasanjo described his emergence as the flagbearer of the PDP as having “K-Leg”.

The man did not change even after he became the accidental governor of Rivers State following the unlawful sacking of Sir Celestine Omehia by the same Supreme Court Justices now accusing him of attempting to bribe them. Instead, he paraded himself as the “Prince” in the mind of Niccolo Machiavelli who must possess the art of war as a skill if he hopes to survive his throne.

During the eight years, he served as governor, the man unceremoniously collapsed the judiciary and the legislative arm with his executive. He made sure that, the judiciary never functioned, that the House of Assembly perform their legislative functions in his dining while he not only presides but also pontificates. The likes of Chidi Lloyd, Otele Amachree were his puppies, always willing and ready to dance naked not minding the glaring public eyes.

We were all witnesses to his brazenness and undiluted hated for due process. We saw how he crisscrossed the length and breadth of the country like Mallam Abu of “The African Night of Entertainment” seeking for a compromised jury who would play the devil’s role in stopping the swearing in of the ambassador of the NEW Rivers vision, Chief Barr Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. We saw his aloofness and disdain for a peaceful Rivers State under the PDP led government.

Surely, we are aware that Rivers State is without a legislator in the Senate because this self-styled ‘Lion of Ubima’ does not have the capacity to secure a win in his polling unit.

Assuredly, we shall all be alive to see how all these will end…

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EFCC Explains Why It Re-arrested Femi Fani-Kayode

EFCC Explains Why It Re-arrested Femi Fani-Kayode

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has opened up on why it re-arrested former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode last Friday.

A top source at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has revealed to Vanguard why the anti-graft agency re-arrested former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode.  Fani-Kayode was re-arrested by the EFCC after he stepped out of a court room at  Federal High Court Lagos, on Friday.

He had earlier hinted that the operatives of the EFCC had planned to arrest and detain him for a longtime over trumped up charges.

An EFCC source told Vanguard last night that Fani-Kayode will soon be transported to Abuja.

“We are going to move him to Abuja to answer fresh questions arising from the new evidence that he personally collected various sums of money from the ONSA”. the source said.

The amount allegedly collected by Fani-Kayode, according to the source is different from the N4.9 billion, which he and the former Finance Minister, Esther Nenadi Usman, Danjuma Yusuf and a company, Joint Trust Dimension Nig. Ltd., reportedly collected from the ONSA ahead of the presidential election.

The EFCC has already slammed a 17-count charge against them for taking the money from the public treasury and retaining same without rendering any verifiable service to the nation. The source revealed that Fani-Kayode was rearrested last Friday following a new finding by the EFCC that he collected N26 million for an undisclosed purpose.

“There is a fresh case of various sums of money traced to the suspect, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the N4.9 billion case we instituted against him and others in Lagos.

“We arrested Fani-Kayode because we need him to explain to our operatives why he took the money and what he used it for. It is clear from the records before us that he received the money directly from the NSA.

“From the record before us, the suspect signed and collected the sum of N26 million for undisclosed purpose and we want him to explain to us why he took the cash in the first place,” the source said.

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Jimoh Ibrahim: An INEC official demanded $1m bribe to accept my nomination forms

Jimoh Ibrahim: An INEC official demanded $1m bribe to accept my nomination forms

Jimoh Ibrahim, governorship candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo state, says an official of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) demanded $1 million to accept his governorship nomination forms.

In an interview with PUNCH, Ibrahim said the corruption within the electoral body was alarming.

He said when he obtained his governorship nomination forms from the Ali Modu Sheriff led PDP, the INEC commissioner in Akure claimed not to know him.

“When I was to submit the second batch of the forms, signed by the state chairman of the PDP (with the judgment of the court saying that he should be the one to sign my nomination), the boy who took the form to the INEC office told me that INEC rejected the form,” Ibrahim said.

“I was shocked. I went to the INEC office and asked why they rejected the document. I waited for four hours. After four hours, I asked again what the problem was.

“I then asked for the legal department, where I met a female official. I saw the boy who rejected my form with her.  The woman told me they would not receive the form. She said there was an error in the court judgment. I asked her how she knew that there was an error in the judgment when she had not even checked what we brought.

“I was shocked when she demanded $1m from me before she could accept the document. I thought it was a joke. I told her I won’t give out any money.”

He further said INEC agreed to obey the court order but stated that it was still studying it.

“This is not right. What we are insisting is that the court has said we should publish this name; until an appellate court or the Supreme Court says no, you are bound by that order. Don’t tell me to reconcile,” he added.

Ibrahim claimed that he would have contested the governorship election four years ago, but Goodluck Jonathan, former president, begged him to allow Olusegun Mimiko, Ondo state governor, run for a second term in office.

“During the last election that was held in Ondo, I had prepared to be governor. I am happy that former President Goodluck Jonathan is still alive. He called me and said he wanted Mimiko to do a second term,” he said.

“He said people will be abusing us (Peoples Democratic Party) that we are not tolerant of the opposition. He said I should, please, allow him (Mimiko) to be governor. He said in 2016, he would roll out everything in my favour to be the state governor.

“Mimiko then came to my house at the Victoria Garden City, Lagos, and we took pictures together. I gave him advice on how to run the state. This is 2016. He is not talking about it (agreement) again.

“After they described me as a mole in the PDP, and that I was working for President Muhammadu Buhari, the then President Jonathan stopped talking to me. I don’t know why Mimiko is afraid of me.

“He is my friend. Mimiko is very close to me and my wife. As we speak, he can walk into my house and ask for food. My wife would cook for him. My wife is very close to him. His wife is also very close to me.”

When asked of his view of Mimiko’s administration in the state, Ibrahim said: “Mimiko is a black swan. In Ondo, it is unfortunate that we have such a person as the governor. I am surprised how Ondo came about the candidature of Mimiko.

“Right now, workers and pensioners have not been paid for many months. Why should this happen in an oil-producing state? I don’t want to be involved in sentiments. If I say too much, people will say I am from the same PDP. But these are raw facts. Mimiko has less than 30 days to go.

“Never again will Ondo State be deceived by this kind of a person. Mimiko collected about N1tn in the last eight years of his administration. Where are the roads? The state of things in Ondo is unfortunate.”

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How Christian Association of Nigeria Paid Me N1m to Keep Quiet Over Jonathan's N7bn Largesse - Pastor Ali Dikwa Confesses

How Christian Association of Nigeria Paid Me N1m to Keep Quiet Over Jonathan's N7bn Largesse - Pastor Ali Dikwa Confesses

Jos-based clergy, Pastor Kallamu Ali Dikwa

A pastor has confessed how he was bribed with N1 million to close his mouth on the alleged Goodluck Jonathan's N7 billion donation given to Christian Association of Nigeria.

A Jos-based clergy, Pastor Kallamu Ali Dikwa, yesterday confessed how he was bribed with N1 million to keep quiet over former President Goodluck Jonathan's alleged N7 billion 'donation' to the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). The money was given to CAN by the Goodluck Jonathan campaign organization ahead of last year’s election.

Speaking in Kaduna, Dikwa said that he was offered N1million of the sum to ‘keep quiet’. He first blew open the allegation in 2015 when he claimed the money was given to CAN for the purpose of campaigning for the former president. Jonathan lost the election.

The Nation reports that CAN President Supo Ayokunle has dismissed the allegation as a mere fabrication. Ayokunle was vice president to Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, who was CAN President.

Pastor Dikwa told reporters in Kaduna that he was not out to defame or embarrass anybody, but to let the world know that CAN as a body of Christ should shun illegal money.

He said:”If, as religious body, CAN cannot stand for truth, then Nigeria will continue to grope in the dark. Buhari will never succeed in his fight against corruption if religious leaders can’t shun corruption.

“I don’t have the documents on how the money was handed to CAN, but I have my confidants who were there then and documents on how it was shared.” Dikwa added.

According to him, a particular church was 'dashed' a whopping N50 million.

He added, “I maintain my position on the N7b campaign money that was given to CAN and about nine Toyota Jeeps which were shared and distributed among themselves.

“On the 17th of March 2015, at the Department of State Security I was forced to write an undertaking that I will refrain from peddling such information.

“This was prior to a letter written by CAN on 20th February, 2015 to DSS on ‘Complaint against Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa for false information, defamation of character and mischief likely to cause a breach of public peace’ which led to my arrest and torture for about nine hours by DSS.

“It was after my detention that I wrote to ICPC and EFCC complaining about what I was going through and the need for their necessary action. EFCC responded to me through a text message by one Mr. Ola Oji, Abuja office in December last year: ‘Please be informed that we have vetted your petition to the commission and found it to be civil. Consequently, we decline investigation into same. You may wish to file an action in Court against the subject please.’

“I went to court to challenge my arrest and torture. While the court case was going on, CAN leadership offered me some monetary enticement of N1m in order to withdraw the petition and the matter in court through my bank details. I did that to trap them and to prove the authentication of what is going on.

“It is on record that on 21st of September 2016, CAN through its lawyer  texted me a piece through my mobile line to copy and write to ICPC as my opinion.”

Meanwhile, CAN President, in a telephone interview said, “I don’t know any Dikwa. I have never met any Dikwa in my life. I came on board three months ago and I have never given out any money to any individual. That must be a fabrication.

“He’s not in CAN. This is not the first time he will be making such allegation. He’s looking for people he would get money from. People like me will never do anything like that.

“I have never seen his face though I do read some of his allegations. He’s not somebody of integrity. I’m aware he’s a convert. He’s been sending me text messages but I can never associate with such people.”

Dikwa claimed to have been working with CAN since 2004.

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One Year Anniversary of Uju Ayalogu's Blog

 One Year Anniversary of Uju Ayalogu's Blog

Uju Ayalogu

Firstly I'd like to thank Almighty God for  His love and Grace.

 One Year Anniversary of Uju Ayalogu's Blog

Ambassador Joseph Ayalogu

I also like to thank my loving Husband Ambassador Joseph Ayalogu for his input, guidance, liberal mindedness and patience.

 One Year Anniversary of Uju Ayalogu's Blog

Dr.Vivienne Balonwu

My Appreciation goes out to my Cousin Dr Vivienne Balonwu a Web designer/Consultant. Your professionalism, wealth of knowledge and quality of support are exceptional! I look forward to working together for many years to come. Without her this platform will not be possible.Thank you for your endless patience, hard work and support.

Its been a long journey from its inception till date, so I thank you tremendously for your counsel,
critic and input towards the content of this site.  I also mention my deep sense of appreciation to my daughter Nneka and my other children,Family & Friends for their never ending support, dedication towards me and this site.

The success story of this Blog remains incomplete without the support of my subscribers and viewers. Not only have they made this blog a part of their lives but also helped it reach out to the world. They spread the word faster and in a better way than any of my promotional platforms could. Your demands,hearty debates, challenges and feedbacks have pushed me to go ahead and improve vigorously.

 You inspire me everyday to give you the latest news and for that I am forever grateful.I plan to keep this Blog and relation growing with you and continue to provide you nothing less than the best. With your support, I wish to explore new heights this year.

Thanks for making Uju Ayalogus Blog a Success.

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Amnesty: 2,000 Kidnappers and Armed Robbers Give Up Arms, Embrace Peace in Rivers

Amnesty: 2,000 Kidnappers and Armed Robbers Give Up Arms, Embrace Peace in Rivers

About 2,000 cult members on Saturday embraced the amnesty declared by the Rivers State Government.

In the embrace of peace in the Niger-Delta region, no less than 2000 ex-militants have given up their arms and embraced the state government's amnesty programme.

The cult members, who were involved in kidnappings, killings and armed robberies in the past, surrendered their weapons before members of the state Amnesty Committee in Isiokpo, the headquarters of Ikwerre Local Government Area of the state.

Some of the weapons surrendered by them included AK 47 rifles, G3, dane guns, dynamite, NATO gun and detonators.

Speaking shortly after receiving weapons from the repentant militants, the Chairman of the Amnesty Committee, Mr. Ken Chinda, explained that peace was expected to return to Ikwerre council area after the event.

Identifying the cult groups as Iceland and Debam, Chinda charged them to not to go back to crime, adding that the state government was sincere about helping them to achieve their dreams.

Chinda warned that soldiers would fish out militants that refused to accept the amnesty declared by Governor Nyesom Wike.

He also declared two of the cult leaders, Samuel Nkasiobi, aka Italian, and Okechukwu Amadi, aka Gunboat as enemies of the state for refusing to accept amnesty.

“We are all witnesses to what some misguided youths have done in Ikwerre LGA where people are predominantly farmers. Many could not farm because the militants are living in the forest where their farms are located,” Chinda added.

He urged them to shun acts capable of discouraging investors from doing business in the state.

Earlier, the Caretaker Committee Chairman of Ikwerre LGA, Mr. Samuel Nwanosike, explained that with the repentance of the cult members, farmers would be free to work on their farms.

The council chairman said the two cult leaders, who refused to accept the state government’s amnesty, would be declared wanted after a week.

He added that the sum of N10m would be paid to anybody that could give any information on their whereabouts.

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Troops arrest 21 suspected cattle rustlers – Army

Troops arrest 21 suspected cattle rustlers – Army

The Nigerian Army Saturday night, announced the arrest of 21 suspected cattle rustlers.

The disclosure, which was made in a statement by the Acting Director, Army Public Relations (DAPR), Col. Sani Usman, did not, however, state where the arrest was made.

Nonetheless, the Army, said it will do everything within its power, to frustrate cattle rustling, which it noted, now serves as source of funding of Boko Haram’s activities.

The Army said: “As part of measures to stem the tide of livestock rustling which serves as another means of funding Boko Haram terrorists activities, Operation Lafiya Dole, in conjunction with other security agencies has taken measures to stop the criminality.

“These measures have led to the arrest of some persons involved in aiding and abetting this heinous crime in the Theatre of Operation.

“So far, 21 suspected persons have been arrested.”

It added that: “Preliminary investigation and profiling of the suspects has commenced.

“Such actions by these unpatriotic elements are likely to jeopardise our collective efforts of clearing the remnants of Boko Haram terrorists in our country.

“Although investigations are ongoing, it is important to state that this is a warning to all those collaborators that aid and abet terrorism in the north east generally and Borno State in particular, to desist forthwith.”

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Judges’ Bombshell: Fear grips Buhari’s men

Judges’ Bombshell: Fear grips Buhari’s men


Palpable fear has gripped some prominent members of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet, following rumours that the presidency might off-load them because of the weighty allegations leveled against some of them by two Supreme Court judges.

The apprehension came just as prominent Nigerians, including Constitutional lawyer, Ebun Adegboruwa; factional leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Goddy Uwazuruike, and a former Secretary to the Benue State Government, Prof. Saint Gbilekaa, called on President Buhari to remove the Minister of Transport, Chief Rotimi Amaechi, and his Science and Technology Counterpart, Dr. Ogbonaya Onu, to enable them defend the weighty allegations leveled against them.

The fear was reinforced when it was observed last week that the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari, who was allegedly named in a N500million bribe over the fine imposed on the mobile telecommunication company, MTN, had been out of office for over two weeks.

Presidency sources said a number of the ministers are jittery over the allegations and that one cannot rule out the possibility of a cabinet shakeup soon to remove some ministers who are said to have heavy baggage. A key government spokesman, who chose not to be named, said he could not confirm that, but that Kyari was on annual leave and would resume duties tomorrow.

Since the arrest of over seven judges by the Department of State Security (DSS), over allegations of corruption in the past three weeks, some of the judges have complained of victimization, witch-hunt and that evidence were planted in their apartment.

While Justice Sylvester Ngwuta of the Supreme Court alleged that Hon. Rotimi Amaechi begged him to pervert justice by canceling the governorship election in Ekiti State and order fresh election to favour his friend, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Justice Inyang Okoro alleged that Amaechi also attempted to bribe him to influence the elections in Rivers, Abia and Akwa Ibom states.

Similarly, Justice Ngwuta alleged that Dr. Onu invited him to his house and demanded that he influenced the outcome of the Governorship Election Appeal for Ebonyi State in favour of the Labour Party candidate in the state who had reportedly agreed to decamp to the All Progressives Congress

Whereas both Amaechi and Onu have denied the allegations, with the former describing it as “pure fiction, a dubious diversionary tale concocted to muddle the very serious issues of his (Ngwuta’s) arrest and investigations by the DSS,” President Buhari has been advised to, as a matter of urgency, drop those ministers and submit them from investigation.

Constitutional lawyer, Ebun Adegboruwa, in an interview with Sunday Telegraph, said the current development was a fallout of the belief that even while in the opposition, the APC manipulated the judiciary to secure victory in many states, especially in the South.

“Governors Rauf Aregbesola, Adams Oshiomhole and Kayode Fayemi were imposed on Osun, Edo and Ekiti states respectively by the courts, and not through the ballots,” he said.

He noted that the manipulation by the APC, which was a beautiful bride of the judiciary over the years, have now boomeranged because the party could no longer have its way, adding that it only shows the APC as “an agglomeration of propagandists and political opportunists who took Nigerians for granted and took advantage of PDP’s poor performance to hoodwink Nigerians to vote for them” “I believe that the judges could not have cooked up the allegations against Amaechi and Onu, especially since the former is gradually becoming the Mr. Fix it of this administration.

My submission, therefore,  is that if the indicted judges are to step aside, the indicted ministers should also step aside,” he said.

He stated that the current development was akin to the manner the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, and his Deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, were intimidated and charged to court for alleged forgery until they stood their grounds and the Federal Government beat a retreat by withdrawing the charges against them.

While he said corrupt judges have no business in the temple of justice, Adegboruwa added that the constitutionally approved organ, “the NJC, should be allowed to remove them, not the APC, not the DSS and definitely not Amaechi.”

Uwazuruike in an interview with Sunday Telegraph, said the allegations against the ministers are weighty and the said ministers “should step aside for thorough investigation,” in order not to make a mockery of the anti-corruption war and the ‘Change Begins with Me’ programme.

“If you look at the Justice Ngwuta’s allegation, he was very pointed, telling the Chief Justice of the Federation: ‘My Lord, may I recall one morning when I pleaded not to be on the Panel of Rivers Governorship Appeal? My Lord, you said I was already on the panel and asked me why I made that request to be excluded.

When I explained what transpired the previous night, Your Lordship said Amaechi had also attempted to influence other justices,’ that means that the CJN was aware of the issue right from the beginning.

“Amaechi and the Chief of Staff to the President, who has been named in one or two cases of corruption, should be asked to step aside and thorough investigations carried out on this matter,” Uwazuruike said. He added, “This battle is against the independence of the judiciary. Since 1999, there had been attempts to deal with the judiciary.

The then President Olusegun Obasanjo tried it and you remember that there was a time the Supreme Court was burgled. That is the point I am making.” Gbilekaa said the President needs to show greater seriousness with the war on corruption by ensuring that prominent members of the APC accused of corruption are probed.

“He should also probe other non-PDP members. People have mentioned Rotimi Amaechi, his Minister of Transportation; Babatunde Fashola, the Minister of Works and Housing and several other names.

Of course, people who say the Buhari’s anti-corruption war is lopsided are quite right; we are not blind; we have eyes and we are seeing. So, as Nigerians, we know what is happening, it is one sided. Corruption should not be a party alphabet,” he said.

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N’Delta dialogue: Militants pass no confidence vote on Clark, others

N’Delta dialogue: Militants pass no confidence vote on Clark, others

Shun October 29 dialogue -Militants warn FG

Warn against re-opening of Trans-Forcados trunk

Ijaws do not have monopoly of militancy

Military kills pirates, destroys refineries in N’Delta

Barely two days after the mainstream Ijaw militant group, the Niger-Delta Avengers (NDA), announced its pull out from the proposed dialogue between the Federal Government and some prominent politicians and traditional rulers in the Niger- Delta region, other militant groups in the upland Delta region have urged President Muhammadu Buhari to cancel the parley, and warned multi-national oil companies operating in the region not to attempt to re-open the Trans-Forcados pipeline (TFP).

The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, the group, which in recent times, has claimed responsibility for most of the bombing of oil and gas installations in the upland areas of the Niger- Delta, urged President Buhari to disregard the dialogue template of October 29, in the interest of peace, describing those constituting the channel of discourse as “doubtful and conduit of corruption.”

The Trans-Forcados trunk was the major delivery line that was bombed in the wake of the resumed hostility in the Niger Delta region by the militants, operating from Urhobo ethnic nationality of Delta State.

The group had rejected the choice of the foremost Ijaw leader and the Minister of Information in the First Republic, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, as the key negotiator in the dialogue between the militants and the Federal Government, describing him as a factional leader, and maintaining that ‘the Ijaws do not have monopoly of militancy.’

The militia group warned those they referred to as “abusers and pillagers” of the natural assets of the people of the region not to dare its Akuma Strike Team.

The spokesperson of the group, Gen. Aldo Agbalaja, who had been claiming responsibility for all the attacks carried out by the group in the past five months, on Saturday, threatened that the proposed October 29 meeting with the Federal Government would hit the rock and trigger more crisis in the troubled region.

“The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate has not been deterred from meting out justice to the abusers and pillagers of our people and our natural assets. We shall execute this ongoing campaign until the last vestige of our enemies (the heartless, conniving oil and gas companies and their criminal partners, the military) have been vanquished and evacuated from our land.

“This can only be halted if these leeches listen to the voice of reason and seek to do right by our people and do so by taking the right steps.

We do not have much to say to the oil companies than to just dare you to reopen the Trans-Forcados Pipeline (TFP). We are aware you are experts at testing wills, especially as you believe that you have a military shield.

Please go ahead and restart the facility and see what will happen. “We thought we should continue to ignore the grand error being orchestrated by those who are responsible for the current parlous state of our region. These people seem to have succeeded in bewitching and railroaded the Federal Government into settling for a dialogue with them, in the name of the Niger Delta people,” Agbalaja said.

President Muhammadu Buhari had, last week, invited the Pan Niger Delta Forum (PNDF), a group promoted by Chief Clark and some other Niger Delta leaders, to a meeting in Abuja.

The meeting, Sunday Telegraph learnt, was meant to set the template for an acceptable dialogue with the stakeholders and representatives of the militant groups.

But the Niger-Delta Black Emancipation Force (NDBEF), another group that operate from the Urhobo, has said that it will make good its threat to resume hostilities in the uplands, if Clark is not dropped from the negotiating team and the militants on the upland allowed to name their representatives in the negotiating team.

Spokesman of the group, Group Commander Ruben Epini, in a telephone interview with the Sunday Telegraph, accused the Ijaws of hijacking the proposed pan- Niger Delta dialogue team, undermining the upland people like the Urhobos, which is the fifth largest ethnic group in the country.

Meanwhile, ex-agitator and former Commander of Zion Gurrab, a Camp under the Niger- Delta Actualisation Force, General Emma Shobor, has tasked the Federal Government to quickly address the demands made by the militant groups in the upland, saying the dialogue with the militants must be all encompassing for it to be meaningful and bring about lasting peace in the region.

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VIDEO: Governor Fayose Speaks On Herdsmen Attacks & EkitiGate Scandal

VIDEO: Governor Fayose Speaks On Herdsmen Attacks & EkitiGate Scandal

Governor Fayose speaks on Fulani herdsmen and the recently passed grazing prohibition into law, he also spoke about Obanikoro's recent confession that implicated him

Watch video below...

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VIDEO: I don't believe Chibok girls were kidnapped - Fayose

VIDEO: I don't believe Chibok girls were kidnapped - Fayose

Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose has said he still doubts the story behind the abduction of over 200 school girls in Chibok by terrorist group, Boko Haram in 2014.

Fayose said this when he was a guest on a programme ‘Hard Copy’ on Channels TV on Friday.

Fayose said, “I am not clear about the issue of the Chibok girls. Over 200 students were to go for exams and they are physics students.

“They were to sit for exams as physics students, but the first one they brought could not speak English and the second one was restricted by the bring back our girls group.”

He further added: “When you look at the scenario, you begin to ask question, is this a make believe?”

Fayose wondered how there were over 200 students writing physics in a school, while his state has barely 1000 physics students.

“In Ekiti state, we probably don’t have more 500-1000 physics students in a school, are you telling me there were over 200 physics students in a school? For me a lot of things are shrouded in secrecy.

“But if they want us to believe that is the story then we will keep our fingers crossed,” he said.

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Video credits: Channels TV

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I Won’t Shield Any Judge Involve In Corruption – CJN

I Won’t Shield Any Judge Involve In Corruption – CJN

Mahmud Mohammed

The Chief Justice of Nigeria yesterday said that he will not shield any judge involved in corruption.

The CJN expressed support for the anti-corruption fight of President Mohammadu Buhari even as he urged Nigerians not to allow the recent raid in the residences of the seven judges to erode their confidence in the the nation’s Judiciary.

The number one law officer expressed concerned over what he termed as rising antagonism over the recent arrest of Judicial Officers and other issues pertaining it.

“Furthermore, it must be reiterated that the current misunderstanding is only between the National Judicial Council (NJC), which was established by the Constitution and the Directorate of the State Security (DSS), in the Presidency.

“Hence, we must emphasise that the Judiciary continues to maintain cordial relations with the other arms of government, that is, the Executive and the National Assembly”

Justice Mahmud, in a statement issued on his behalf by his senior special assistant, Hadiza Sa’eed, reiterated his stand that the call on NBA for the suspension of judges being investigated for alleged corrupt practice was hasty.

“On the call by President of the Nigerian Bar, A. B. Mahmoud, SAN, to suspend Judicial Officers whose residences were invaded and who were subsequently arrested and detained by the DSS, we believe that the call was unnecessary and hasty as the said Judicial Officers are still being investigated by the DSS”

He noted that “the DSS is yet to forward any complaint or any official communication regarding the seven Judicial Officers to the National Judicial Council”

Continuing, the CJN said “Indeed, some of the affected Judicial Officers have already been investigated by the NJC, which found some culpable and recommended their removal from office by dismissal or retirement to the President and respective Governors as provided under the Constitution”

He added that “some are still being investigated by the NJC, in respect of others, no complaint against them has been received by the NJC whose powers to suspend must be exercised in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution establishing it”.

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How corruption is perpetuated in Judiciary —- Osinbajo

How corruption is perpetuated in Judiciary —- Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has identified 11 ways through which corruption is perpetuated in the Judiciary.

He also says reforms in the Judicial arm demands that the National Judicial Council (NJC) should raise an independent panel to investigate allegations of corruption against judicial officers.

Osinbajo’s views are encapsulated in a seminal paper in Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report 2007: Corruption in Judicial Systems.

He wrote on “Sub-national reform efforts: the Lagos State experience” which The Nation obtained yesterday, a day after he said in Ado Ekiti that all the three arms of government in Nigeria –executive, judiciary and legislature are corrupt.

In the 2007 paper, Osinbajo listed some of the most common methods of practising corruption in the Judiciary as follows:

Fabricating rulings in exchange for money

Blackmailing litigants into paying for, or excluding evidence

Making decisions based on instructions from local government, party or senior judicial officials, rather than the law or facts

Assigning, dismissing, delaying or refusing to accept cases, or refusing to properly enforce court decisions

Extorting kickbacks from intermediaries for passing cases to certain judges

Trading law enforcement services for personal gain

Taking bribes from the plaintiff and defendant (or their lawyers) or both

Manufacturing court cases

Embezzling court funding

Bowing to the demands of local officials, criminal networks, local clans, social networks or economic interests

Abusing the power of judges to order suspension of business operations, the confiscation of property, the eviction of tenants, or fair compensation and labour rights.

The VP reviewed past efforts put in place to stem corruption in the nation’s Judiciary.

His words: “Corruption is generally regarded as pervasive in Nigeria, affecting many of its institutions. The Judiciary is no exception. The main forms of judicial corruption relate mainly to either pure bribery or, in sensitive cases, political interference from government or party officials.

“The problem worsened during Nigeria’s 30 years of military rule, one of the worst features of which was the weakening of all the justice institutions.

“In 1994, Gen. Sani Abacha’s regime established a panel of inquiry, headed by the renowned retired Supreme Court Justice Kayode Eso, to look into the activities of members of the Judiciary.

“The panel recommended a series of reforms aimed at curbing judicial corruption. The panel also indicted 47 judges for alleged corruption, incompetence, dereliction of duty, lack of productivity or corrupt use of ex parte orders. The military regime failed to implement the recommendation of the Kayode Eso panel.

“The civilian regime, which took power on 29 May 1999, set up another panel to review the work of the Kayode Eso panel. Following the report of the second panel, some of the indicted judges were either dismissed or compulsorily retired.”

He also shared his thought on the disciplinary procedures for judges and argued that the National Judicial Council (NJC) does not have the final say.

He added: “With regard to the discipline of judges, the reform policy dictated that every case of judicial corruption would be investigated and submitted to the NJC, which would then appoint an independent investigation panel to make recommendations.

“Prior to the NJC’s creation in 1999, the JSC had been the sole adjudicator on disciplinary issues, providing an avenue for local interference in the process

“It is important to note, however, that the NJC does not have the final say on the disciplining of judges. This lies with the governor or president as the case may be.”

He recalled how 91 judges in China, including a Vice President of the High Court, two presidents of the intermediate courts and two presidents of the basic courts, were charged with corruption.

He said: “In the celebrated Wuhan Court bribery case, it appeared to be systemic and organized at all levels of the Judiciary.

“In Wuhan, Hubei Province, 91 judges were charged with corruption, including a Vice President of the High Court, two presidents of the intermediate courts and two presidents of the basic courts

“The ringleaders, two former Wuhan intermediate court vice-presidents, were ultimately convicted of corruption and sentenced to six and a half and 13 years in prison.

“Ten judges under their supervision were also sent to jail and a 13-member group was found to have pocketed almost 4million Yuan (approximately $510,000).

The investigation implicated more than 100 other judges and court officials, who were disciplined or reassigned to other courts. Finally, 44 lawyers were investigated and 13 were charged with robbery.”

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EFCC searches female High Court judge’s residence

EFCC searches female High Court judge’s residence

Justice Rita Ofili- Ajumogobia

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have searched the Lagos residence of a female judge of the Federal High Court, Lagos, Justice Rita Ofili- Ajumogobia.

It was in furtherance of the agency’s ongoing investigation of Justice Ofili- Ajumogobia for alleged corruption.

An EFCC source confirmed the operation last night, saying: “The search was conducted on the residence of Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia

“The search yielded documents that would assist the commission’s investigations, including bank accounts in her name and those bearing the names of her children and property title both in Nigeria and abroad.”

She had been on the EFCC searchlight for some time now following which she was invited for questioning.

She reported to the agency on Thursday, the sixth of the eight judges, under probe by the EFCC.

Others already quizzed by the organization are: Justices Mohammed Nasir Yunusa, Hyeladzira Ajiya Nganjiwa, Musa Haruna Kurya, Agbadu James Fishim and Uwani Abba Aji.

The National Judicial Commission (NJC) had in February sanctioned Ofili- Ajumogobia for misconduct on the Bench.

The council barred her from elevation to the Court of Appeal or taking any judicial appointment.

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EFCC: Patience Jonathan's salary too small to buy hotels

EFCC: Patience Jonathan's salary too small to buy hotels

Patience Jonathan

– Patience Jonathan did not build her hotels and acquire several buildings from her salary because it is too small to buy such big properties

– EFCC says it has pulled records of her monthly salary as permanent secretary which showed that she earned only N700,000, not high enough to acquire the properties

– The EFCC says it might also demand from Patience the list of those who reportedly gave her the $15million found in her account as gift

Mrs Patience Jonathan’s salary was too small to buy the properties she has, says EFCC
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) says it investigations showed that the salary of former first lady of Nigeria Patience Jonathan was too small to get her a hotel.

The Nation reports that EFCC has retrieved monthly records of Patience’s salary and it showed that she earned just N700,000 as permanent secretary.

Patience will now have to explain how she acquired nine houses, two hotels and one plaza during the tenure of her husband, ex-president Dr Goodluck Jonathan.

The Nation quoted EFCC sources as saying: “Our operatives are still going ahead with the investigation of the former First Lady.

“So far, our detectives have retrieved her pay slip which showed that after all deductions, she was on monthly salary of N700,000. It is left to her to justify how the salary was able to fetch her assets.

“We demanded for her pay status in line with Section 7 of the EFCC Act. She was a former Permanent Secretary, who earned salary at the end of the month. She managed public trust and she has to account for it.

“We will also look into her assets declaration forms when she assumed office and after she left. If these assets are pleaded, we will proceed to the next stage of our investigation.”

It reported further EFCC might demand records of those who showered her with the cash gift after she allegedly claimed that the $15million in her accounts was a gift.

The source said: “We are yet to get to this bend of investigation.

“But we have read report where she claimed that the $15million in her account was a gift. Then the onus is on her to submit a list of the sources of the gift.”

The EFCC also said it has stumbled on a petition by a civil servant declaring Patience’s appointment as permanent secretary in the first place as a violation of civil service rules and regulations.

“The aggrieved civil servant alleged that promotion of the ex-First Lady from an Assistant Director to a Permanent Secretary was done without any promotion examination.

He also said the ex-First Lady did not spend up to a year as a director before she was promoted. He said the extant laws are clear that she ought to spend at least four years before moving to the next Grade Level.

“But some in Bayelsa State claimed that appointment of Permanent Secretary is at the discretion of a governor. They said it is basically political.

“You can see that there are many dimensions to her case. In fact, in her file, the Head of Service of Bayelsa State simply wrote: ‘Promote her all the same.’  We have certainly gone far on her.”

On her assets declaration form and exit form, a source in CCB said: “All her forms are in our office in Bayelsa where she was a Permanent Secretary,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has been sued for asking the EFCC to investigate and prosecute Patience Jonathan.

The former first lady has been under the radar of the EFCC following accusation of financial mismanagement leading to the freezing of some accounts connected to her but the former first lady has said that she made her money by saving donations she got from friends.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Church can bail Nigeria out of recession – Bakare

Church can bail Nigeria out of recession – Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare, said the current economic recession was an opportunity for the Church to bail out the country through God-inspired economic principles

Bakare, a Senior Pastor, Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos, stated this on Saturday in Abuja.

He spoke on the theme: “ The Church and Economic Recession , “ at the 14th anniversary celebration of Foursquare Gospel Church.

He said that the church had the ability to bail out nations, influence public policy through God-inspired economic principles and strategically position human resources to implement its principles.

Bakare, however, said that the church was yet to rise to the height mandated to it by destiny to bail out nations and to lead them to God’s will.

“ I am convinced that the recession currently being experienced in Nigeria is an opportunity for the Church.

“Therefore, I declare to you that the Scripture is about to be fulfilled in your hearing as God is stirring up the church to take responsibility for the destiny of Nigeria.

“ That is why we are gathered here today to talk about the church and economic recession.

“ If the church is also reeling from the impact of the recession, we must admit to ourselves that this is against the Scriptural pattern.

“ It is the best of times to take the tenets of the faith beyond the four walls of the church building to the marketplace and the policy roundtable, “ Bakare said.

He said that the nation’s economic recession was largely self-inflicted which could have been avoided, saying “unfortunately for Nigeria, our biggest boom experience fell into the hands of an unprepared leadership.“


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Police rescue 2-month-old baby sold for N450, 000

Police rescue 2-month-old baby sold for N450, 000

A 51-year-old woman, Rose Edward, is in police net for allegedly buying a 2-month-old baby for N450,000.

Mr Murtala Mani, Akwa Ibom Commissioner of Police, disclosed this on Saturday in Uyo, while briefing newsmen.

Mani who spoke through ASP Cordelia   Nwanwe, the Akwa Ibom Police Command’s spokesperson said that a homeopathtic doctor,  Eneyo Nyang, was arrested in connection with the crime.

He said that Edward from Rivers confessed to have bought the baby because she needed a baby of her own.

Confessing to the crime, the mother of the baby, Comfort  Effiong, said that she sold her baby because there was no one to take care of her.

“I sold the baby because of help; I don’t have anybody to help me. My father is late and my mother is sick and I don’t have anybody to help me,” Effiong said.

Mani assured Akwa Ibom people that the command would not relent in its effort to curb crime in the state.

He warned members of the public wishing to adopt children to follow due process.


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