Saturday, 22 October 2016

It's a SHAME!!! 8yrs Old Child-bride Dies ON First Honeymoon Night During Intercourse

So Sad!! 8yrs Old Child-bride Dies ON First Honeymoon Night During Intercourse

File Photo: A Nigerian Man Married to a child
Source: Facebook

An 8 years old child bride has reportedly died after her first intercourse with 40 years old husband in Yemen.

Although officials have denied the news, but Yemen locals have come out in their numbers to protest the shocking death of the minor.

Highlighting the dangers and cruelty involved in child bride stories, the young girl identified as Rawan died on her wedding night after first intercourse.

Arwa Othman, head of Yemen’s House of Folklore and a leading rights campaigner, said the girl was married to a 40-year-old late last week in the town of Meedi in Hajjah province, north-western Yemen.

“On the wedding night and after intercourse, she suffered from bleeding and uterine rupture which caused her death. They took her to a clinic but the medics couldn’t save her life,” Othman said.

Othman further said authorities had not taken any action against the girl’s family or her husband. A security official in the provincial town of Haradh denied any such incident had taken place.



Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the picture is tagged Nigerian man and the story is about a person in Yemen. Can you please edit your story

Anonymous said...

You gotta love Islam don't you? Here's a devout Muslim who thinks it's okay to have sex with an 8 year old. Disgusting! The sick ideas and practices of Islam makes me sick.