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Friday 30 October 2015

Bankrupt 50 Cent boasts about lavish birthday party for three-year-old son

Bankrupt 50 Cent boasts about lavish birthday party for three-year-old son

Rapper 50 Cent hasn't let his money troubles get in the way of his son's birthday
He filed for bankruptcy in July but 50 Cent still managed to throw a Ferrari-themed birthday bash for his son.

The rapper also insists on shelling out on matching attire for him and his mini-me toddler Sire, paying for identical tailor-made clothes, which even “designers can’t get right”.

The US star, real name Curtis Jackson III, had a rough summer financially when he was sued over a sex tape. The 40-year-old was forced to pay Lavonia Leviston almost £5million after publishing the video online in 2009.

But it seems no expense is spared for three-year-old Sire, the child he had with model Daphne Joy, 28.

The star, known also as Fiddy, boasts about his son’s lavish birthday bashes, telling us: “When he was two, we had a Ferrari theme to the party.

The star has repeatedly made light of his supposed money troubles since filing for bankruptcy
“I buy him all kinds of things that I can use. When he is getting clothes I buy him things I would wear, if they don’t have it, they have to make it. The designers don’t make the same things for the kids and I want the exact same thing. I want him to have what I have.”

Still Fiddy, who will hit the UK next month performing dates in Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle , reckons he is low maintenance on tour, and even admits to taking the Tube.

He says: “It was cool. I had the choice to get the plane, but I chose the train. I’m not crazy, it’s the same rider I have all around the world.

“I don’t see myself as high maintenance. I’m pretty basic. I try to keep stuff healthy on my rider, to keep in with my training.”

The star, who also has 18-year-old son Marquise with Shaniqua Tompkins, says he doesn’t want to be a pushy dad but he wouldn’t let Sire come on tour because “he’d be the star of the show”.

David Beckham claims he sung 50 Cent songs to Victoria when she was pregnant.

And the rapper says it was probably Baby By Me. In the lyrics, he says: “Have a baby by me, baby, be a millionaire.”

He adds: “David is pretty cool, he’s really honoured in the US.”

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