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Saturday 31 October 2015

Lamar Odom: Begging For Drugs in Hospital?

Lamar Odom: Begging For Drugs in Hospital?

Prior to the overdose that nearly cost him his life earlier this month, Lamar Odom had struggled with substance for years.

Now that he's on the mend, Khloe Kardashian has agreed to give their marriage a second chance on the condition that Odom never use drugs again. Now, it looks like Lamar might already be doing his best to break that promise.

There's been good news and bad news regarding Odom's condition today, as it was confirmed this morning that Odom is off of dialysis, out of the ICU, and able to communicate with hospital staff.

The bad news is that according to Radar Online, Odom's improved communication abilities have led to some troubling requests from doctors:

“Lamar was moved out of ICU earlier this week because of the progress that has been made. He is no longer on dialysis," says one insider.

"But there are concerns because Lamar has been asking for copious amounts of pain medication, including Oxycontin.

“It’s a dilemma for the doctors because the pain has to be treated. But with Lamar’s history of substance abuse, they are trying to give him other pain medications that aren’t as powerful. However, Lamar complains that it’s not strong enough.”

Opiates were among the drugs found in Lamar's system after his overdose, so it's not surprising that doctors are hesitant to prescribe Odom anything that could land him back at square one in terms of his addiction.

Adding to the medical staff's concerns are the reports that Odom was visited by his drug dealer earlier this week.

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