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Tuesday 10 November 2015

5 easy ways heat up your se x life

5 easy ways heat up your se x life

Se x without a bit of spice to heat it up can become boring and repetitive. Here are some quick easy to implement stratergies to help you better your se x CV.

1. Reading er otica together

There are very few things are erotic as imagining se x with your partner. Reading er otica literature together is a good way to discover new fantasies you might have never thought of. And of course it helps to get you both in the mood with imaginations running wild.

2. Watch por n together

While this is quite similar to the first, por n provides and audio and visual angle that is more stimulating for men and unlike reading it requires less concentration in case you wanted to stroke each other while in the process.

3. Se xting

A relationship is never too young or too old for se xting. The idea that while we are away, someone else is thinking of dirty things about us has a way of making us feel wanted and hor ny. So while your partner is out, tell them all the things you want to do to them, and why don’t you throw in an interesting picture while you’re at it.

4. Playing “stranger” with your partner

This has to be one of the most interesting se x games and absolutely easy to play because it only requires your imagination for role play. You can arrange to meet your partner somewhere and act like strangers all the way to the bedroom. If you are married you can even pretend to be having an affair.

5. Se x in the dark (blindfolded)

I can’t believe everyone hasn’t tried this before. With just a pair of neck ties you can blindfold each other and have se x in complete darkness. The loss of vision heightens the other senses and fires up our imagination. Enjoy

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