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Wednesday 4 November 2015

8 reasons sex gets better as you get older

8 reasons sex gets better as you get older

You’re not afraid to leave the light on

The older you get, the more you realise that we all have our insecurities, but by the time you’ve got naked with another person they are way too distracted by the fact that you are naked to worry about what that nakedness actually looks like.

Because you are with them, and you are NAKED.

Sexy doesn’t have to be obvious

Some of us will always prefer to be at least partially clothed in the bedroom, but as you get older you figure out what actually suits you.

Gone are those flouncy, red acrylic babydolls – draping a silky gown over nothing at all is way sexier (not to mention more comfortable).

Couple relaxing in pyjamas at home (Picture: Getty)

Just because I’m in my PJs doesn’t mean I won’t do THAT (Picture: Getty)
You know what you want

You’ve figured out exactly what turns you on and how to do it – hell, you’re even perfectly happy to show your partner precisely how to do it.

Because no one knows your body better than you do.

You have the confidence to suggest new things

When you’re younger it sometimes feel difficult or even embarrassing to broach new ideas with a partner.

The self confidence that comes with age means that you can approach this with a breezy ‘hey, why don’t we try this?’ without taking offence if the answer is a (faintly terrified) no.

AMNKHJ Couple in Bed Alamy

We left embarrassment behind at 40 (Picture: Alamy)
You can speak your mind

When you’ve been around the block a few times you’ve learned that it’s far less embarrassing to just come straight out with it rather than putting up with substandard sex to avoid offending a partner.

Missionary just doesn’t do it for you? You tell your partner.

Because why waste everyone’s time when there’s fun to be had?

Higher standards

Tolerance for substandard relationships tends to drop sharply as we get older and more selfish about how we spend our time.

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or have a booty call arrangement with a friend, as you get older you realise that you are still entitled to be treated with respect.

Knowing that your sexual partner is trustworthy makes things better on all levels.

CW4DC0 Older Couple having a playful moment Alamy

I trust you enough not to push me into the hot tub (Picture: Alamy)
Sex tips are not Sex Rules

Finally you realise that sex tips are just that – tips.

You’re not missing out if you have absolutely no desire to try the new ‘reverse cowgirl upside down shoulder stand’, whatever the advice columns say.

If missionary is what does it for you and your partner then that’s what you’ll have.

You’ve had time to learn the tricks of the trade

Youthful sex tends to be fumbling and inept.

Natural relationship turnover often means starting over before you’ve really figured out how you work best with someone.

Apart from the blessed few who luck out and find a caring, knowledgeable partner at a young age, most of us learn by our mistakes.

The advantage is that by the time you hit your thirties or forties, you know what you do best and how to do it really well.

Does sex get better with age?

Yes, yes, yes!

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