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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Bride Dies On Her Way To Her Wedding Reception (Photos)

Bride Dies On Her Way To Her Wedding Reception

Bride and Groom

It was a sad day for the Miles and Burnett families when they ended up losing Jana Miles-Burnett on her wedding day.

According to CNN’s Inside Edition, 40-year-old Jana Miles-Burnett had said ‘I do’ in church shortly before she met her unfortunate death on her way to the wedding reception in Illinois.

Talking to newsmen, the bride’s 22-year-old daughter, Sarah Smillie, recounted how the couple met through their friends and how they decided to take their relationship to another level by getting married.

“There wasn’t a time that I had seen her happier. If they were together, she was smiling. The wedding ceremony reflected their relationship and was light and full of love.

I’ve never been to a wedding where there was so much laughter. They were stumbling over each other’s words because they were nervous, but they were laughing. It was the most relaxed and funny thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding,” Smillie said.

After the church service, the newlywed couple hopped on Burnett’s motorcycle and waved on the families as they headed for the reception venue.

Bride Dies On Her Way To Her Wedding Reception

“They went to do the procession and they wanted them (Miles-Burnett and Burnett) to go first, but Jana waved everyone on because she wanted to be the last one,” Smillie’s husband, Khole Smillie said.

“They all got to the reception and they saw ambulances and firetrucks going back.It was during the procession that a deer ran onto the road and into the newlyweds’ lane, causing a crash that threw Miles-Burnett, 40, to the ground.

There were three or four motorcycles together and William tried to swerve and did everything he could. It (the deer) had turned around and darted right at the bike. There’s some things you cannot control,” Khole Smillie said.

“Deer were going crazy that night. It’s mating season and it’s a rural road. Coming back, we saw 30 deer in a 20-minute ride running across the road.

 Still wearing her wedding gown, Miles-Burnett was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved and was pronounced dead an hour later. At least she didn’t suffer. Everybody else just suffers the pain now,” Khole Smillie said.

Just recently, a wedding reception went bloody in Karu local government area of Nasarawa state when an operative of the Department of Security Service (DSS) stormed the venue and shot the newly wedded couple.

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