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Tuesday 3 November 2015

Inside the Queen's sitting room in Windsor Castle

Inside the Queen's sitting room in Windsor Castle

The Queen spends much of her time at Windsor Castle, so it is unsurprising that her residence is full of home comforts. A photograph shared by the monarch's official Twitter account on Friday offers a rare glimpse into Her Majesty's private sitting room, complete with tasteful sofas, TV and a leather bound copy of the Radio Times.

The image was taken from the Queen's audience with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on Friday and shows the pair deep in conversation on adjacent sofas. They were joined by two of the Queen's beloved dorgis – a corgi/dachshund mix.

The Queen hosted a meeting in her private living room at Windsor Castle
Much of the d├ęcor is in opulent red and cream tones, with a rug placed next to the Queen's feet and plush cushions lining each sofa. A huge floral bouquet sits on top of a traditional desk, alongside a leather bound calendar, military figurines and a photo of the Queen Mother.

On the desk is also a selection of trinkets and ornaments including a crystal elephant and a cabbage leaf shaped tea cup and saucer filled with fruit.

Perhaps most surprising is the presence of a Sky TV remote next to her glasses on a small coffee table. While the television is not shown in the image, it is known that Her Majesty is a fan of programmes including Downton Abbey and Coronation Street.

Inside the Queen's sitting room in Windsor Castle

The Queen also has vinyl records and framed photos on display

Other images from the meeting offer another insight into the Queen's personal tastes, with vinyl records seen on display as well as a selection of framed photos.

Windsor Castle is often used by the Queen to host state visits and important meetings, and also the residence where the monarch usually chooses to spend her weekends. The 11th century castle will play host to one of three exhibitions showcasing some of the Queen's favourite outfits to celebrate her 90th birthday in 2016.

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