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Saturday 7 November 2015

My First Night As A First Class Prostitute

My First Night As A First Class Prostitute

If anyone had told me six hours before now that I would be in a room with this aged fat man, all dressed looking like a first class ‘runs babe’, I would have argued with them. I stared around, looking almost confused.

It was a Friday and Dorcas, my roommate, had called me to inform me of a birthday party happening later in the day.

She called me from home, and although her plan when she was leaving school on Wednesday was to return to school on Sunday evening, she changed her mind and decided to come back to the hostel on Friday evening so she could attend the birthday bash of a popular rich man in Lagos.

Dorcas is a party girl. The only thing that can make her not go for any big party in town is school exams. And we had finished our second semester exams on Tuesday, with few practicals left for the coming week, hence, her decision to go home on Wednesday and return on Sunday.

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It was as if Dorcas knew I was officially the ‘most bored person’ in the world that day when she put a call to me telling me about the said birthday bash which her school mother had invited her to.

From the way she sounded on phone, there were lots of incentives attached to being present at the party. Meeting with top politicians and top influencers in the country (which I was not too keen about), going home with lots of cash if you know how to play your game quite well… (I didn’t know what that really meant, but was hoping everything would be just fine), and so many more!

File photo of prostitutes hanging out on the streets
I just wanted to have fun in the company of my friends, get out of this my boredom state which I had been for 48 hours and return back with well… money!

I knew that I was a smart girl (I still am), so no matter what games they might be planning for everybody present at the party to do to win some money, I was sure of myself.

Just like Dorcas, I had no boyfriend but although Dorcas had been in and out of five relationships, I really could not figure out why I could not hold on to one.

Most of the guys who had asked me out ended up irritating me… except Abiola.

Abiola was studying Computer Science and he was about two levels above me. It was the fifth month since Abiola and I had been friends (although he was still waiting for my reply to his proposal).

The ‘clean’ dark guy was, and is still cool, calm and collected. Unlike those other boys who just get me irritated with either their behaviors, orientation or their words, Abiola always knew when to talk, keep quiet and he was always making me laugh.

Although I was deeply convinced that he was the one for me, I still dragged my reply to his proposal just to be sure of what I was getting into.

“At least, he’s still better than all of those other unserious guys,” I had silently thought.

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“I will never allow him go. He’s the one for me,” I assured myself further.

But Dorcas is a free bird; she had tried out about seven relationships that did not work out, they all ended even before they started.

The last one ended dramatically and I was very thankful it ended at the time it did.

Well… when Dorcas called me to intimate me on how we were going to meet, I wanted to ask her how her school mother, whom she had not seen in years, suddenly got across to her, to tell her about the gig happening later in the day.

She was obviously in a rush to get off the phone so as to prepare and get back to school on time.

When Dorcas arrived, we were both in a haste, and our dressing routine which usually takes two hours, ended in less than thirty-five minutes.

Spotting a sheer tube dress that barely covered my boobs and butt, with other parts of my body leaving much to be imagined, I was all set for the party.

“Wheeeeeeeeeew!” Dorcas exclaimed when we were all set. “Omo, you’re simply hot.”

With the both of us gaily dressed, a car was already waiting to pick us outside. It was later that I got to know that it was part of the arrangement for the gig; everyone is taken care of right from their doorsteps.

When we finally got to the venue, I was thankful to God that I dressed like a ‘big babe’, although my parents would have to look twice to be sure it was their daughter they were actually seeing.

We got to the venue few minutes before 11pm and there was music and various games for all the fine ladies and the ‘big men’.

Looking around, I didn’t see any young boy that could conveniently fall into the category of the word ‘young’. The space was filled with ‘big old men’ and many young girls, but I was not bothered.

As we moved more into the night, I noticed that Dorcas had drifted away from me, she was laughing off already in the company of two old men. At a point, I didn’t see her again and I just concluded she had gone to the other side of the space with her newly found friends.

While I was doing my thing, my eyes got in contact with a pot-bellied man for the third time. I saw him as he finally got up, making a move towards me.

While I was still wondering, “who will talk to this pot-bellied, overfed man,” he got to touch me on my shoulders.

And since my short dress was barely covering my backside and my boobs, the man must have been drunk with all other revealing parts of my body that he saw.

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Before I could say Jack, I was already in a seat alone with our dear ‘Wonderman’ (that was what he called himself). He was quite a funny man and I said in my mind he wouldn’t be a bad friend for the night.

After a while, he asked us to move down a room. The hall was already getting deserted with only few people left and the few people left were all in pairs. I tried Dorcas’ number, it was switched off so I decided to follow ‘Wonderman’, since it was my last resort.

When we got in, he went straight to the bathroom and within few minutes, returned in only his underwear.

I had watched a few of Nollywood movies with this kind of scene and it was almost looking like another one was about to play out; in which I was fast becoming the star actress. I could not breathe properly again, my heart was beating faster than necessary.

I decided to think back at what pushed me to the situation I was, with a man old enough to be my dad, all alone in this well-furnished room.

Wonderman did not allow me enter deep into my thoughts before he jerked me back to life again by touching my shoulder…(my shoulder again!).

When I looked at him, his face had already changed. He was not looking like the person I met outside minutes back, he was looking like one who will get anything done at all costs.

The expression on his face, his body movements all suggested he was only waiting for me to make a move. A move, that I was not sure what exactly he wanted.

His hands had already made for my boobs and… I was freaking hot already, but was not sure of what exactly I wanted.

I was already enjoying the guilty, but sweet feeling, before my senses returned. I quickly looked around, picked up my bag which I had dropped somehow, and ran out of the room.

It was close to midnight, so there was really nowhere for me to go, but I managed to get a taxi which took me straight home.

After taking my bath, I played the scene all over again. And although I enjoyed the aspect where he was beginning to fondle with my bosom, I just told myself, “that’s exactly how prostitution starts.”

What would I have told Abiola whom I was seriously considering as a future partner?

Well… I didn’t do anything silly. I was glad as I sneaked into my blanket and slept off almost immediately. What a day it was for me!

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