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Wednesday 4 November 2015

UK has no right to deport Nigerians – Alexia Thomas

UK has no right to deport nigerians

For the very first time since Nigeria attained independence in 1960, the Nigerian Government came out in clear terms to express its displeasure to the xenophobic agenda designed by the British authorities at purging non-natives out of United Kingdom just after their last British election.

 In this revealing encounter, Professor Alexia Thomas, a fiery British civil right activist, who doubles as President Independent Diplomat Commission, (IDC) and Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP), explained reasons why Nigeria adopted her human Rights Bill, how other Commonwealth nations are doing same and why Britain has no right to deport 29,000 Nigerians in its latest hate-crime against non-natives. Excerpts:

Take us through this latest diplomatic victory that emboldens Nigeria to tell the British Government it has no right to deport 29,000 Nigerians?

To start with, we earlier launched the International Bill of Patriot Mandate here in United Kingdom, UK, where 51 countries that are members of Commonwealth were officially informed, confirmed that they would not, they should not and must not act and cannot participate in the deportation agenda exhibited by the UK Immigration under any guise.

And we gave them mandate ultimatum that they should refuse to issue deportation certificates to UK Immigration, they should disengage from hatecrime, deeds and laws, they should refuse to accept deported migrants from the UK. We gave them an ultimatum to September 28, 2015 for compliance. We told them that if they delay in adhering to the tenets of the legislative mandate and equality deeds, they will be tagged as ‘traitors’ to their citizens.

   At the Commonwealth nations of government, we informed them never to be involved in issuing deportation certificates to any member of Commonwealth, but if they fail, then they will be involved in criminal offence. If they fail to disengage from coercion of hate-crime in the diaspora, they should be ready to face the squad of their citizens’ uprising.

 So, the five-page mandate (document) was sent to Nigeria High Commissioner in UK. Since it is called Commonwealth Government Compliance with the International Bill of Patriot Mandate, (IBOPM), they finally had to comply, and we are very proud of them. For the very first time, this morning, I call them (President Mohammadu Buhari’s team) men, they are speaking the language they ought to have spoken some 52 years ago.

 They said in their comments: ‘all Nigerians will be protected wherever they are’. They also said that they have been involved with the UK government in terms of trade where lots of profit is to be made. If both governments and parties are involved in trade, then it will be a total abuse of process for the citizens of the country in which UK government is benefiting lots of profits from to be hated, deported or made to pass through Visa procedure.

 I am aware that between now and the next three weeks, they are still having their ‘cobra meetings’, still sitting on how they are going to work out the mandate. I am presently working on a bond titled ‘Government Anti-deportation Immunity Bond’, which is going to be a piece of mandate that will assist them in putting an end to deportation of Nigerian citizens anywhere in UK. For instance, if UK Immigration brings a letter saying they want to deport Nigerians or any Commonwealth nationals, we will issue those Nigerians or Commonwealth citizens affected ‘Government Anti-deportation Immunity Bond’.

 They will take the piece of mandate to their High Commission here in UK, that will be signed by their Ambassadors and be sent to the airport. We will send a copy of the same letter to the British Immigration and the airline. Then, the airline will definitely have to cancel the removal because if the airline insist on carrying the migrants on deportation, they will be sued for 500,000pounds. We have to constructively assist the Nigeria High Commission and other Commonwealth nations in preparing this piece of document, which will bring an end to this oppressive-injustice. Sad thing is: I am blaming nobody for the insanity, since these men (British Immigration officers) genuinely don’t know what they are doing.

 The UK Immigration officers lack political mythology, ability, since they don’t know what they are doing. Now that the knowledge has come to everybody, the oppressed should know their rights, the oppressor should also know his limitation. By the time I send you a copy of IBOPM, so you can see the contents of the 5-page documents and insights that led to the awakening reality and consciousness account.

We hear lots of Nigerians in UK are presently celebrating this new victory over ‘Nomore UK Deportation’ Even though Nigerians in UK are truly celebrating this historic, diplomatic feat, Nigerian government is still expected to call us for proper advise consultancy, rather than meeting all those experts with advise that are not workable. We will continue to give them formulas to see that results are achieved, by educating, teaching them the lack-knowledge, that was never in educational syllabus. Since this divine knowledge is not in educational syllabus-that led to reasons why Commonwealth nations failed its citizens woefully.

Having helped to give Nigerians and other Commonwealth citizens a unique voice in UK, how do you feel as a custodian of knowledge being applauded few days ago in London by Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo regarding your initiative?
I can tell you that I know I am going to die a death of peace because in my living, the healing has started. And in my death, the healing will continue. I am happy for humanity, even though I am no more existing, the teachings and doctrines will live in a new phase of generation in a revelation that will ensure humanity suffer no more.

 I can see that biblical ‘Garden of Eden’ come to life, such that the teachings are real. These Nigerian political office holders I call men from today are genuinely ready to serve the people and nation. I am happy I quoted for them a workable formula that is already generating global positive impact here in UK and among Commonwealth nations.

 In my living, even in their death I am very proud of them. It equally gave us much satisfaction hearing that Nigeria’s Vice President applauded our heroic role on political mythology towards Equality Bill & Enforcement Rule for Nigerians here in UK. We want Nigerian political office holders to now move from being men to ‘fullstar generals’ where they walk the talk, so Nigerians can be safe, secured anywhere in UK through our Protectorate Police Commission, where civil rights enforcement and protection of Commonwealth citizens are en-forceable and sacrosanct.

 Don’t forget this is the first time Nigeria and other Commonwealth nations are attaining this feat. I am aware that acting Nigeria High Commissioner to UK, Ambassador Olukunle Bamgbose gave British Foreign and Commonwealth office four listed conditions that must be met by British Immigration before any issue of deportation regarding Nigerians should be discussed. He stated the mission’s opposition to the ruthless, xenophobic deportation of 29,000 Nigerians from UK., while he received Nigeria’s Vice President, he said: “I think about 29,000 Nigerians have been designated to be deported.

 We are insisting that due process must be followed before Nigerians are removed from UK to Nigeria. First, we must ensure that they are really Nigerians, then that they are medically fit to travel, all the legal processes must have been completed and that they have role to play in Nigeria.

You do not expect someone who has not been to Nigeria for 30 years to 40 years and does not have any family there to be deported as he will constitute social problems to us in Nigeria. In 2012 trade volume between the two countries was about £4bn which has doubled and with what we now have, British investors are ready to move into Nigeria in a massive way.

I expect that in the next two to three years the trade volume will triple and go to about £12bn or even more. The willingness of the British businessmen to even want to come to Nigeria is very important because, hitherto, the way we were running the government they did not have confidence in us. Now with the new administration and the fidelity it has brought to governance, I think they are very confident that they can go into Nigeria and invest.” Going by this noble initiative you have put in place to stop the deportation of Nigerians and other Commonwealth citizens in UK.

What is your advice to Nigerian and Commonwealth Heads of Governments in ensuring this new found breakthrough is not reverted by British authorities?

First of all everyone is being taught. The political leaders are in my orthodox school of learning. The citizens are also permitted to learn from my orthodox school of clinic. The British Secretary of State last week who had earlier showed attitude of not liking the black people came on air to say the British police force has no black people and that the police force should start employing black people as part of the British police force. Also on October 18, 2015, same British Secretary of State openly announced that all the Commonwealth nurses can now be coming to UK to work.

 About a month ago the British Secretary of State accepted our teachings, and I can assure you that within three to 21 days I have seen massive changes in British attitude and speech, very unlike before. It is the orthodox teaching where you cannot adapt the conventional teaching without implementing the mythology (the root).

 My teaching is what you can easily call ‘The Holy Communion’. For the first time Christians and Muslims have got so much problems in the world. If the Christians are not killing Muslims, the Muslims will be killing the Christians. Religion has made politics to wear the garb of a sham. Like I always say, for the first time we are teaching the orthodox-the way of common sense, even when sense is not common. Without Holy Books referrals, one should be able to differentiate between what is good and what is bad.

How do you want other African leaders under the auspices of African Union, AU, to be part of this progressive initiative so that Africans are no longer deported from UK?
African Union Government should know that TCLP has a name, integrity, reputation as a treaty alliance commission for them in UK. We are setting up the Protectorate Police Commission, and we have the Protectorate Police officers that would be starting operation very soon to ensuring that home and persons of Commonwealth memberships are protected. We are so happy that so many ex-police officers are buying into the ideology. We have resumes of various highly decorated retired police officers that are ready to start working immediately, committed to protecting the Commonwealth citizens in UK.

These are all top police officers that have worked for the British government, as government officials, even some of them are still in active service. They have seen opportunities in our commission and they said they are fully ready to serve in the Protectorate Police Commission as security officers by ensuring illegal activities and covert operations are not going on. The only difference is: the British government can no longer cater for their welfare, which we are able to take good care of. We want the African Union and Commonwealth Governments to be involved in making sure that funds are reserved to sponsor the Protectorate Police officers who would be genuinely working to protect the Commonwealth citizens.

At the moment, we need zonal operational center in UK for our Protectorate Police officers because we want them to be in the city. And we realised that a property in the city will be costing the sum of six million pounds. Aside that we are taking good care of the welfare of our employees, still producing instrument of law by the side.

 It they (African Union and Commonwealth Governments) don’t use their initiative to come to us in next two months and be kind donors to support the operation, then we will have to set up a scheme that will enable us to summon them and compel them to release funds. Truth is, without the Protectorate Police Commission, the Commonwealth citizens injustice will continue.

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