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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Air Force Personnel Reveals How She Was Battered By Senior

Air Force Personnel Reveals How She Was Battered By Senior

Igbobi Beauty Uzezi

Igbobi Beauty Uzezi, an air police of the Nigerian Air Force has narrated how a senior officer drugged, battered and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her

According to Vanguard, Igbobi, who hailed from Bayelsa state said in an interview that an officer, whose name was withheld forcefully has sex with her and infected her with a Sexually Transmitted Disease. She accused other officers of trying to cover up the incident and even told her it was a common practice in the Force as women where playthings for male officers.

According to Igbobi, the incident happened in May 17, 2011 in Kaduna where she had been posted after the completion of her training in the same state. She said one of her training instructors called her to come and meet him and they went out with another instructor and a course mate. She said when she excused herself to use the toilet; they got wine and barbecue which was also offered to her. Unknown to her, the drink was drugged

She said she was told to go and wait in the parlour with the promise that she would be dropped at her place later. She said when the instructor returned, he charged at her with the intention to have sex with her. She said she fought him to no avail as she was beaten.

She said: “Immediately, the instructor rushed in, pushed me back and shut the door. I asked why he pushed me and shut the door knowing Sgt Hossan was to take me home.

“He asked in Pidgin English, “U mean say after I train you finish as recruit, na your course mate go charge through you first before me?”I asked what he meant by that utterance just as Sgt Hossan zoomed off. I told him he knew quite well that it was not right for me to be in his apartment and Hossan, supposed to take me home has driven off.

“I begged him to open the door, he refused and we started an argument. From the argument, we started fighting.

“He was beating me mercilessly, carrying and hitting on the floor. If I want to scream, he would cover my mouth so violently that no passerby hears my screaming. We struggled for more than two hours as I shouted for help. I pleaded with him not to touch me because it was evident he wanted to forcibly sleep with me. I pleaded that I am a virgin and he should not hurt me.

“He said it was none of his business if I were a virgin and that he must charge through me first before any other person. I said I will not allow him rape me. Then he hit my head against the wall, saying he would teach me a lesson since I am proving stubborn. Then I fainted.

“When I regained consciousness, I discovered the bed I lay was soaked with water and I saw myself on a pool of blood. I sensed he has violently beaten to coma and violated me. Even in that state as I regained consciousness, he attempted raping me a second time. I was weak and dizzy with the wine.  cannot explain how but I managed to struggle out of the door. Outside, I tried crossing a gutter, but collapsed again.”

She said she woke up in a military hospital and when she narrated what happened to senior officers, they told her not to talk and in order to cover up the crime, she was posted out of Kaduna in a bid to cover-up the case while she also suffered intimidation from other officers.

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