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Saturday 5 December 2015

ALERT| High Chief Raymond Dokpesi

ALERT| High Chief Raymond Dokpesi


1. It  has  become  very  imperative  that  following  an  article  published in  the  Nation  Newspaper  and  reprinted  in  other  online  and  social media,  that  we  provide  more  clarification  on  the    current detention  without  trial  of  Dr.  Raymond  Dokpesi  by  the  Economic and  Financial  Crimes  Commission  EFCC  in  Abuja  over  allegations of  Criminal  Conspiracy  and  Money  Laundering.

2.  In  the  first  place  there  is  no  iota  of  truth  whatsoever  that  Dr. Dokpesi  had  a  hand  in  any  transaction  with  the  former  National Security  Adviser  regarding  the  purchase  of  arms,  locally  or internationally.  This  falsehood  has  become  commonplace  as  his detention  is  constantly  being  associated  with  what  has  generally become  known  by  the  media  as  the  $2.1  Billion  US  Dollars Arms  Deal  Scandal.

3.  We  will  like  to  make  it  abundantly  clear  that  Dr.  Dokpesi’s DAAR  INVESTMENT  &  HOLDINGS  COMPANY  LTD,  initiated  a proposal  to  the  Presidency  of  Former  President  Goodluck Jonathan  proposing  a  Multi  Media  Strategic  Development  Support Project  to  promote  and  project  the  achievements  and  highlight the  challenges  of  his  government  whilst  demystifying  false information  gleefully  circulated  by  the  propaganda machinery  of the  then  opposition  party.

4.  The    proposal  was  submitted  to  the  Former  President  in  person by  Dr.  Dokpesi  and  his  team  in  the  presence  of  the  Former  Vice President  and  the  Former  National  Security  Adviser  at  the Presidential  Villa,  Abuja.  We  must  further  emphasize  that  the proposal  had  absolutely  nothing  to  do  with  the  Peoples’ Democratic  Party  (PDP),  nor  the  Presidential  Campaign  Council (PCC).

5.  We  understand  that  this  proposal  was  thoroughly  studied and approved.  

6.  We  are  still  at  a  loss  as  to  why  a  Federal  Government  that claims  to  have  been  popularly  elected  only  about  six  months  ago, will  embark  on  a  wide  scale  propaganda,  misinformation  and brazen  falsehood  just  to  achieve  its  objective  of  decimating  its perceived  political  opponents  and  supporters  of  the  previous government’s  administration.

7.  High  Chief  Raymond  Dokpesi  remains  a  law  abiding  and consummate  patriot  who  has  served  his  fatherland  to  the  best  of his  ability  with  Zeal,  Zest  and  oftentimes  a  very  infectious  sense of  patriotism.  

8.  For  the  avoidance  of  doubt,  Dr  Dokpesi  has  never  applied  nor bidded    for  a  contract  for  the  purchase  of  arms.  Nor  has  he  ever been  registered  with  the  Ministry  of  Defence  for  the  similar objective  of  engaging  in  the  supply  of  Arms  for  the Government. Unfolding  events  will  soon  prove  irrefutably  and unlike  what  fictious  stories  are  being  fed  to  the  media  as published  by  The  Nation  Newspaper  on  Friday  4th  December 2015.

9. We  urge  the  Buhari-led  APC  Government  to  rigorously investigate  all  political  and  economic  crimes  thoroughly  before embarking  on  a  media  trial  and  sentencing  even  before  the  law courts  of  Nigeria  have  an  opportunity  to  adjudicate.

10.  Our  democracy  must  grow  on  all  fronts  but  more  so  under  the rule  of  law  which  remains  the  bedrock  of  any  democratic  system.


Raymond Dokpesi Jnr.  
For  the  Dokpesi  family

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