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Friday 4 December 2015

Indecent Dressing: A Form Of Vice Among The Youth

Indecent Dressing: A Form Of Vice Among The Youth

Indecent dressing simply refers to an improper way of dressing that tends to expose one’s body especially the parts that are meant to be covered or private. Indecent dressing is a vice that is being practised by all age groups but common to the youth, especially the female ones.

There is a popular saying ‘’Dress the way you want to be addressed,’’ the way one dresses determines the way he or she will be addressed. If a person dresses properly and decently, he or she will definitely attract respect and the person’s dignity will be protected, but when one is indecently dressed, he or she will attract disrespect, harassment, scandals and even rape which most indecent dressers experience.

Many youth are exposed to western cultures and their mode of dressing which they observe on television or social media where they see celebrities dress indecently and they try to emulate them. Most celebrities, while on stage, wear all sorts of clothes like pants, miniskirts, bumper shorts, tight trousers and some even wear their trousers on their waist, a style now referred to as sagging.

The youth tend to dress this way in order to be like the celebrities they see on television, thereby ignoring the value of Africans with respect to the way one should dress in order to be addressed with respect and value, all in the name of fashion.

Fashion is supposed to be a style, practice or manner in which a person dresses. It doesn’t necessarily mean one should go naked because he or she wants to wear what is trending. Fashion means different things to different people but whatever it means, it certainly does not refer to one dressing indecently.

Indecent dressing exposes the body thereby attracting other vices such as sexual harassment and rape. For instance, when a girl is dressed in a way that leaves her body exposed, she is in a way asking for attention from men, which could eventually lead to rape or sexual harassment. ‘’men are enticed by what they see,’’

Most of the indecent dressers are often influenced by peer group, who lure them into dressing in a way that they would never have imagined. Friends may tell you to dress the way they fancy, giving you the excuse that it is fashion and what’s trending.

Many youth in our country today have embraced indecent ways of dressing because they think it’s a way to show that they know how to dress or that they know what fashion is. They now see decent dresses as old fashion, sometimes this happens because there is no good advice from either close relatives or parents.

The home is supposed to be the first place a child is exposed to whatever he or she will practice in the future, so the parents should endeavour to inculcate good moral upbringing in their children.

As a responsible person, you must be conscious of how you dress because your dressing goes a long way to tell who you are, where you are from, what you do and where you are going.

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