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Thursday 10 December 2015

Pastor On The Run After Making Man's Genitals Malfunctinon

Pastor On The Run After Making Man's Genitals Malfunctinon

A pastor of a church in Kubwa is wanted by the police for allegedly making the genitals of a businessman malfunction after the victim visited the pastor’s church in Kubwa, a satellite town in the Federal Capital Territory.

The pastor was said to have run away after the victim came back to him with a complaint that he was having issues with his manhood.

According to reports, the victim, a resident of the area, had gone to the pastor to pray for prosperity in his business at the insistence of a friend who convinced him that the pastor had been instrumental to the success of others in their businesses.

Apparently, the pastor gave him a bottle of water to bath with after praying for him. He complied with the instruction, only to notice that his genitals could no longer function two days later.

The man came back to complain to the pastor, but he told him that he had no problem, and simply dismissed the man saying that the problem was not physical but psychological.

According to reports, one of the members of the church, who felt that the case would tarnish the image of the church, decided to intervene and took the victim to hospital to undergo a series of tests to cover up the incident.

Subsequently the victim, who could no longer bear the tricks of the pastor and his members as the ailment persisted, reported the case to the police, who in turn invited some of the members of the church for interrogation.

When contacted, Kubwa police officer chief superintendent Nurrudeen Sabo confirmed that the incident took place and that the member of the church who intervened on behalf of the pastor has been arrested and would be charged in court.

According to Sabo, the pastor remains at large.

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