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Monday, 29 February 2016

Had Jonathan Won, Nigeria Would’ve Seized To Exist – Evangelist Olomilua

Had Jonathan Won, Nigeria Would’ve Seized To Exist – Evangelist Olomilua

A former Governor of Ondo State, now a clergyman and chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Evangelist Bamidele Olomilua has opined that had the Peoples Democratic Party-led government by former President Goodluck Jonathan won 2015 Presidential Election, Nigeria would have seized to exist.

Olomilua in a recent interview with Vanguard Newspaper said the decision of Nigerian electorates to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari saved the nation from extinction.

Read excerpt from the interview bellow:

Do you approve of President Buhari’s method in reining in Niger Delta militants, as against the pacifist method of former President Jonathan?

Self-discipline is what can take a man to where he wants to go. Self-denial and self-discipline are very important in the life of individuals, and a nation should have discipline, we can’t continue like this.

If PDP had continued for another five years to 10 years, we would have been in trouble, there may have been no country anymore. So there comes a time when people must stand up and say, who are mine, where am I and how far am I going?

Buhari is a man who is well known for his disciplinarian pattern of life and he wants to apply it to governance. He has the boldness and self-discipline to say let us discipline this nation. So, must we be so afraid of those who break pipes, so that there can be stability? Do you bring stability by breaking all those things that the nation spent so much money on? I don’t think so. Discipline is necessary in the life everybody.

Chief Awolowo said two things affected his life, the grace of God and self-discipline, if you don’t discipline yourself and your government, you would be afraid. Look at the way we bring our children up, some children are pampered, they can’t face life or their own reality.

It is better we face the situation squarely and it will reach a point where people would accept the fact that some people are in charge. I think that even the bible, says spare the rod and spoil the child, we need discipline. We are only praying that God should spare and keep the life of Buhari so that these saboteurs who feel so important that they can defile the laws and do what they like.

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