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Sunday 7 August 2016

How To Stop The Pain Brought By Toothache In Just A Minute! –Must Read

How To Stop The Pain Brought By Toothache In Just A Minute! –Must Read

Many people are suffering from the pain brought by toothache. Sometimes it can happen almost every day if you don’t make a way to cure this problem as soon as possible.

Toothache is a common reason for many people to visit the dentist. The pain from this can affect the jaws and teeth. Tooth decay is the most common cause of toothache for many people.

This usually occur with young adults and children but can also happen in people with any ages. Cavities also can cause tooth pain because of the bacteria in the mouth that are developed due to sugary and starchy foods that attach to teeth and gums.

Try these natural remedies to get rid of the pain you feel

Salt Water: Swish a small amount of salt water or saline solution in your mouth for 30 seconds. Salt water cleanses are often used to clean out an infected area and providing temporary relief.

Clove Oil

Put oil into a cotton ball and apply it to the throbbing tooth. It is a short-term relief that last for only a few minutes.

Ice Cubes

Place a small ice cube in a plastic bag, wrap a thin cloth around the bag, and apply it to the aching tooth for about 15 minutes to numb the nerves.


This can inhibit the growth of bacteria that is attacking your tooth. Mash a garlic clove and a dash of salt, and apply the paste to the throbbing tooth or pop a clove or two of garlic into your mouth and chew. Repeat two or three times per day.

Peppermint Tea Bags

It is very useful for treating pain. Apply a cooled tea bag right on the throbbing area or put the tea bag in the freezer for a few minutes, then apply it to the tooth for 20 minutes.


Gargle your mouth with ginger soaked in water.

Source: The Artikulo Uno News

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  1. Stan Smyka Dentist was awesome. I had my first visit with him yesterday for a regular cleaning. He answered all my questions, took care of me and didn't try to sell me on anything.


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