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Thursday 13 July 2017

2019 election a walkover for PDP ―Makarfi

2019 election a walkover for PDP ―Makarfi

Senator Ahmed Makarfi National leader of the PDP.


BUOYED by its victory at the Supreme Court on Wednesday, the National Caretaker Committee (NCC) of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) is confident that the party would wrest power from the All Progressive Congress (APC) in 2019 as it observed that Nigerians were already fed up with the ruling party because of its poor performance.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja on Thursday, the National Publicity of the party, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, observed that the party had given the APC a two-year holiday, saying that with the decision of the apex court restoring the NCC to national leadership of the party, the PDP was now together and would become a virile opposition to the government party.

He said the return of the NCC has brought joy to Nigerians who were yearning for an alternative party as they could now be hopeful about 2019.

He said Nigerians have suffered too much and no matter what “arrogant” APC may do, the election would be a walkover for the PDP.

He said: “Everybody is happy over the court judgment. And why are people happy? People are happy because they can now see a ray of hope for them in 2019.”

“The APC government has been one of monumental disaster, the worst we have ever seen in the history of this country. People are looking for an alternative.”

“I’m not going to mention the word ‘change’ because I understand that the word ‘change’ may have some abuse, connotes some evil spiritual meaning. I want to say ‘alternative’. People are looking for an alternative in this country, alternative government in 2019.”

“And when the PDP was in crisis, they lost hope completely. They felt that, “well, is this how they will continue to deal with this terrible APC government?”

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“But now, with the judgment, they know that the PDP can come together and present a formidable opposition to the APC in 2019.”

“And from what we can see in this country, the election of 2019, no matter what APC may do, it’s going to be a walkover for PDP by the grace of God.”

“The suffering of Nigerians has been too much and the arrogance of those in power is unprecedented in the history of this country.”

“They talk of impunity. Which government can be more guilty of impunity than the APC government? So, going forward, I want to signal to the APC that the PDP had come together and they will now see opposition in full force going forward. Virile opposition is want we are going to present to the APC. They should be expecting that.”

“We have given them holiday for two solid years. And that had made them to feel that they can ride roughshod over Nigerians. We made them to believe that they can do whatever they like.”

“I have never seen this kind of government before but going forward, the PDP will provide virile opposition, very strong opposition to the APC government.”

“We are going to make Nigerians to see the evils of this government. We will bring it out more clearly so that people can begin to make up their minds in the run up to the 2019 election.”

The party spokesman announced an amnesty for all members of the PDP who were loyal to the defunct Senator Ali Sheriff National Working Committee (NWC), while also calling on all those that had defected from PDP as a result of the protracted crisis to return to its fold.

Adeyeye stated: “We will not draw any line. Our hands of fellowship are extended to those who are on the other side. It is normal in politics to have disagreements of this nature.

It’s only that this one was protracted and it was becoming very costly not only to the survival of the party but that of democracy in the country.”

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“We want everybody…it’s like a general amnesty to everybody. Let them come in and embrace it. It’s only if you begin to commit fresh offenses now that there will be sanctions against you.”

“But let everybody come in and take your place. Come and take your place in the party.”

“The Supreme Court has already decided who the leaders of the party are.”

“As for the state chapters, we are going to be looking at that and we will do justice to everybody. So, there is no question of drawing any line.

“So, everybody is welcome. It’s their party, they can come in. Unless you make up your own mind by yourself not to come in and embrace peace, unless you want to continue to fight in which case we will be forced to take some steps.”

“We are even extending our hands of fellowship to those who have left the party because of this crisis, those who are now in APC or some other political parties, those who have even gone ahead to form new political parties, they are all welcome back to the PDP.”

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