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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Call Me Okoroawusa, Okoroigbo, Okoroyoruba I Don’t Care – Okorocha Okorocha

Call Me Okoroawusa, Okoroigbo, Okoroyoruba I Don’t Care – Okorocha  Okorocha

Governor Okorocha says he don’t care if people call him all sorts of names because it does not affect his identity.

Okorocha stated this in an interview he had with the Vanguard Newspaper.

The Governor from the excerpts of the interview also stated he now is one of the most understood Nigerian today.

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Read Excerpts From The Interview..

Did you allow the bad ones to stay?

Of course! I exhibit political tolerance more than anybody. When I say these, I want people to challenge me on issues; not things that make them busy. It doesn’t make sense.

Maybe you should address this Okoroawusa issue. Some people say you are a son of the late Gbong Gwom of Jos, Fom Bot. So, you are a prince of the Jos ruling house (LAUGHTER). If you are, how did you come to be a governor here?

I think I am one of the most misunderstood Nigerians nowadays. It makes me laugh. I enjoy it, you know why? People do not face the real issues. You know too well where I come from. I am from this state. But I was brought up in the North.

The North gave me childhood, gave me education. I was born here. My parents were Igbo. They went to the North in search of greener pasture. I was brought up there. But when I went into business it was my contact with the West that made me what I am in business.

I claim, and I know, that I am a successful businessman. I cannot afford to hate the North or hate my people. Whatever they want to call me – Okoroawusa, Okoroyoruba or Okoroigbo – I don’t care because it does not affect my identity. Out of the 15,000 children I have, about 7,000 of them are Muslims.

These are my children. They have become members of my family. I can’t love them and reject their religions. These are statements from my political opponents who want to portray me differently to make me look like a jester or a joker.

There is also this is issue of making your government a reflection of your family, naming government institutions after your father, mother, wife and so on, and now ending up appointing your sister as Commissioner for Happiness and (not Couples Fulfilment but…)

Happiness and Purpose Fulfilment (laughter). Let me say something, Ochereome. Everyone from Imo State is a member of my family. I see the whole of Imo State as my family. Rochas is bigger than Imo State.
I am bigger than Nigeria…

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