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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The Real Story Of Dr Ngozi Olejeme’s Detention By EFCC.

The Real Story Of Dr Ngozi Olejeme’s Detention By EFCC.

Ngozi Olejeme

Dr Ngozi Olejeme who was declared wanted three months ago by EFCC for alleged diversion of several billions of Naira in NSITF where she was a part time Chairman during the last administration turned herself in voluntarily to EFCC on Monday the 18th of December, 2017 in order to clear her name which the alleged story of diversion tried to smear.

It will be recalled that Dr Olejeme was appointed a part time chairman of the agency when the agency was moribund and comatose having been divested of its core responsibility of managing pension funds of Nigerian workers by the New Reform Pension Act of 2004 .

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Dr Olejeme’s dexterity saw the enactment of a new law by the National Assembly that gave some responsibilities ( like social scheme compensation for employees who suffer injury or death in the course of their duties) to the agency and which resurrected the agency back to life.

The agency that had only two functional offices when she was appointed witnessed a tremendous growth both in offices across the length and breadth of Nigeria and personnel from 80 employees to about 7000 by the time she exited from the board.

While there as part time chairman and putting extra effort to grow the agency which made it a toast today, she was unaware that the management of the agency were busy diverting some of the monies of the agency to themselves.

She got to know about this when she was declared wanted by EFCC for alleged diversion of several billions of Naira by her and the management.

More shocking to her was the conspiracy of some of the management staff of the agency to heap all their nefarious activities on her head while she was away on the demonic understanding that she may not come back to defend herself, having known of her health challenge while abroad.

What compounded Dr Olejeme’s issues was that while she was recuperating from the surgeries carried out on her abroad, she was declared wanted by EFCC and she was unable to return to address some of the unfounded lies and allegations against her as a result of her doctors’ advice.

She made her lawyers to write severally to EFCC to exercise patience as her ill health has made it practically impossible to return immediately to answer to the allegations. Pictures of her complicated medical ordeal and doctors’ reports were also sent to the Agency.

When EFCC could not bulge and continued to insist on her return, she told her doctors that she will defy their expert advice and return back to address these issues, as lies undefended do normally assume some modicum of truth , and so on the 17th of December, 2017 she flew into the country and in the company of her lawyers turned herself in to EFCC on the 18th of December, 2017.

She has been responding to these allegations and interrogations, addressing the conspiracy and lies by some of the witnesses and accused persons in the case.

It must be pointed out that the EFCC has been very professional in the handling of the case so far. They have confronted her with some of their star witnesses whose statements appear contradictory in every material particular.

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Mr Chuka Eze especially on whose testimony EFCC is building their case, could not substantiate when and where monies were given to Dr Olejeme to the amazement of EFCC’s interrogators. Her responses are religiously videoed, and in accordance with the Administration of Criminal Justice Act.

The house where she lived before she travelled has been searched as part of their standard practice and nothing incriminating was found in it.

Most of the real properties allegedly traced to her do not belong to her but to other third parties as their documents will later show, and so the so-called interim forfeitures will be adequately challenged at the appropriate time .

The agency has given her administrative bail conditions which she has promptly fulfilled but they are yet to let her go but currently detained in hospital as a result of her complicated medical conditions confirmed by both doctors abroad and at home.

She is there under the watch of heavy security guards that makes her recovery from ailment nearly impossible due to her constant anxiety.

Her lawyers are puzzled as to why Dr Olejeme is not granted bail (allowed to go home) after she has fulfilled the said conditions, and therefore, are strategizing on the next possible action to take to secure her bail as the offence she is accused of is a bailable one.

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