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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Threat to traditional kingdom: Benins dare ljaw freedom fighters

Threat to traditional kingdom: Benins dare ljaw freedom fighters

The Benin youths under the umbrella of Benin Fundamental Movement has warned the Ijaw Freedom Fighters to desist from their threat to the traditional institution of Benin kingdom, describing the threat as a joke.

In a press statement issued in Benin on Tuesday, the Benin Fundamental Movement said it was instructive to note that the Benins are hospitable and receptive and will continue to accommodate the Ijaws particularly as the tenant in the Benin Kingdom.

Convener of the group, Comrade Edosa Idada, listed the hurried and illegal creation of the Olodiama Kingdom with a coronation of a Pere, the 21-day ultimatum slammed on the Oba of Benin and the Edo State Government, the threat to lay siege on the Palace of the Omo n’Oba and the Edo State Government house were steps taken too far, condemnable and assault on the Benin Kingdom.

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Comrade Idada said it was rather unfortunate that persons who were given the opportunity to occupy an area for work and business now claim ownership of same.

He said, “jaws in Benin are customary tenants, they must remain as such or relocate to their land. We wish to send a very strong warning to the Ijaws to desist from this war and the calamitous situation they are about to bring upon themselves; they do not have the monopoly of violence.

“First of all, the Ijaws may have to be reminded of UWAIS J.S.C. writ of summons taken out of the 9th June, 1970 from former Mid-Western State High Court, Benin that affirmed the earlier decision of an Appeal Court Judgement vesting ownership of Gelegele in the Benin Kingdom to the Benins.

“Secondly, by fiat, by heavenly and earthly authority, global and legal recognition, there is only one (1) Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare N’Ogidigan II, he is the supreme Oba of the traditional  Benin Kingdom and the head of all traditional rulers in Edo State.

“Any attempt by persons or groups to create a Kingdom within the Benin Kingdom, is not only illegal, it is sacrilegious, treacherous, anti-people and a deliberate invitation of the wrath of God and our ancestors to self; Benins/Edos must rise up in unison to resist this bad blood in the name of Ijaw nation

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“We respectfully call on the President Muhammadu Buhari, state governors and the international community to quickly prevail on the Ijaw people as any spark of fire by the Ijaws is capable of leading to a national disaster as the Benins will retaliate appropriately.

“Our people are very agitative and they are waiting in the wings for a marching order and once this order is given, nothing can reverse it.

“We must particularly implore Ijaw leaders to call the so-called Ijaw Freedom Fighters to order, we are not unaware of organised kidnappings by this faceless group and other anti-people elements within the Ijaw fold, for which if not desisted from, we will be left with no choice than to fight back.”

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