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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Stephanie Otobo undressed

Stephanie Otobo undressed

Stephanie Otobo

* Psychologist, neuropschiatrist, others speak

Behaviourists have offered professional views on the Stephanie Otobo sex scandal, revealing that the Canada-based stripper and musician may be suffering a form of psychological disorder.

Other Nigerians also bared their minds on Otobo’s recantation of her controversial amorous affair with the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Otobo had penultimate week made a sensational volte-face on her alleged romantic affair with the cleric during her appearance at a service in Suleman’s church, saying she was paid by some unnamed politicians to blackmail him.

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Dr David Igbokwe, a Psychology lecturer at the Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State said most people who vacillate from one story to the other as it can be observed in the case Otobo are likely to be suffering some psychological conditions, which, according to him, can only be diagnosed if the person subjects him or herself to a comprehensive psychological evaluation.

Dr Igbokwe speaks further, “generally many people have delusional disorder. There is always that element of vacillating from one story to another because they don’t have their whole senses, so to speak, together.

“There could also be that same behaviour when somebody has multiple personality disorder. You can’t really tell what personality is at work when somebody is speaking. I have seen some people with two or three personalities, all of a sudden you will see one that is very religious; carrying the Bible and acting all holy, but at another time, this same person now begin to wear all sorts (of clothes) and you begin to wonder what exactly is wrong with this individual.”

Also reacting, a consultant neuropsychiatrist, Dr Maymunat noted there had been a lot of backwards and forwards and contradictory stories in the Stephanie Otobo saga, which has made it difficult to ascertain the truth.

She, however, posited that there could be many theories as to why Otobo initiated this sequence of events, and even more as to the continuation of the charade by the characters involved.

According to Dr Maymunat, “ultimately, pathological lying isn’t a clinical diagnosis, but it can sometimes be a symptom of other issues, such as a personality disorder.

“One reason ‘lies’ like these are told, is because of the importance lying has to the ‘liar’. There is a ‘pressure’ or need for the lie to be told; a sort of personality trait, compulsion to lie that has become part of the person. At times it can be because of the sense of control it seems to give. The truth being an ‘inconvenience’ that doesn’t fit the narrative they desire or need.

Unfortunately, with lies, usually come more lies; to cover up a gap in the narrative, being caught off-guard, the compulsion to tell more elaborate lies and the fact that it isn’t a lie to them. Telling so many lies that the truth and fiction become muddled up, and with our memory of things not being quite reliable, and the pressure in that moment, they genuinely believe the lie is the truth.

“Another reason people tell lies is for some sort of personal gain. This includes attempting to attain financial gain, making others feel sorry for them, to get some sort of advantage. At the core of the reason is greed—something that has been and will continue to be the fuel to many lies,” she said.

Other reason why people may result to lying according to the neuropsychiatrist consultant, include attention seeking, individual’s nature and the possibility of having delusional disorder which could be as a result of genetics, dysfunctional cognitive processing or a defensive delusion.

“In conclusion, whatever the truth maybe, one way to possible uncover it would be to uncover the reason for the lies. Whether a personality trait or a delusion disorder, there are many psychological reasons people lie, and unfortunately in some instances, these lies do affect others,” Dr Maymunat submitted.

To some other Nigerians, there are other motivations fueling the controversy. A security expert, Mr. Benjamin Olanrewaju said while it was not out of place to link Otobo’s case with a psychological condition, he insisted that pecuniary gains could be a major stimulus for her actions.

Olanrewaju who claimed to have been following the story since it broke last year said discerning Nigerians are not in doubt about what the interest of the lady could be in the unending saga.

“What we may not be so sure of is the truth of the whole matter, which I believe can only be made known if serious and discrete investigation is carried out. What would make a lady to go public about the secret affair she had with a man? The most plausible answer to this is that the man in question is no longer meeting the lady’s expectations.

And should it be true that the lady was propped up by some people to implicate the pastor as she claimed in her latest confession, it is still the same lure of the money she was going to make from the wicked errand that would make her to accede to doing it.

So, I see the lady as somebody who is desperate to MAKE MONEY without considering the effect of her action on other people, Olanrewaju submitted.

A clergyman, Pastor Roland Omoghebele, in his own contribution, said hundreds of thousands of Otobos are on the prowl in search of men of God to be pulled down. The cleric who described the saga as a warning to men of God called on Christians to be watchful and prayerful to avoid falling victim of such satanic schemes.

According to him, “I see the whole development as a battle between light and darkness. For the spiritually discerning, and looking at how the whole drama has played out so far, it is certain that the devil is at work.

I don’t want to be accused of holding brief for the man at the centre of the controversy; you will agree with me that many ministers of God have similar challenge on their hand. The fact is that the devil has unleashed its agents on men of children of God and many of these agents are women who are on the prowl looking for men of God to pull down.

There are hundreds and thousands of people whose sole assignment from the devil is to plot the downfall of spiritual giants. And their aim is to cause instability in the Christendom and cause many children of God to backslide. Christians must know that this is one of the ploys of the devil, which must not be allowed to succeed.

Stephanie Otobo had last year accused Apostle Suleman of having an amorous affair with her and added that she was impregnated by the cleric. Their alleged romance was, however, said to have gone sour when Apostle Suleman allegedly reneged on his promise to marry her.

Piqued by the disappointment, Otobo reportedly released snapshots of phone sex she had with the popular cleric, where she was half-nude in a conversation and made claims of several travels and hotel meetings with the Suleman.

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But following the negative publicity, which her claim generated for the cleric, Otobo was arrested and detained for blackmailing Apostle Suleman with the intention to extort money from him.

However, on January 23, the court case against the lady which was before a Lagos Magistrate Court was suddenly stalled with the presiding magistrate reportedly pulling out, citing pressure from some quarters.

A curious twist was added to the saga when few days later and after Otobo had reportedly filed affidavits in court asking the court to examine his genitalia in comparison with the one captured on snapchat, she appeared before a congregation at the embattled apostle’s church, kneeling before his wife to confess and apologize to the man of God. She claimed to have been used by some unnamed politicians and pastors to blackmail Apostle Suleman.

But when many thought the unfolding drama had reached the climax, a new video clip emerged where Otobo reportedly recanted her confessions, alleging that she was manipulated by the man at the centre of the controversy to stage the confession drama.

In the video clip, which was believed to have been recorded on June 21, 2017, by a Canada-based Worship Media, Otobo claimed she was under pressure from Apostle Suleiman to apologize and lie that she was hired her to destroy him.

But before the public would digest the content of the last video clip, another disclaimer emanated from Otobo where she denied releasing another video to counter her confession and apology to Apostle Suleman.

However, one Chidi Nwanyanwu, on whose channel the June 21, 2017 pre-recorded video first appeared, expressed shock over Otobo’s recent disclaimer and insisted he had Otobo’s authorization to release the last video as a preemptive measure to any unwholesome development of the safety of the lady after the orchestrated confession.

Nwanyanwu claimed he felt it was the best time to release the video, which was recorded in June of 2017 since he did not hear from her after the confession at Apostle Suleman’s church.

However, few hours after the video went viral on social media, Otobo released a disclaimer saying she was not forced to make confession contrary to what she said in the pre-recorded video, and also claimed Nwanyanwu as one of those manipulating her.

As it were, the last may not have been heard on the issue with many Nigerians expressing their confusion and anger over the many twists that have been added to the whole saga even as they look forward to next episode of smelly drama.

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