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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Desperate Attempts By Marc Wabara To Shortchange Uche Ogah And Onyeizu For His Selfish Ambition Uncovered

Desperate Attempts By Marc Wabara To Shortchange Uche Ogah And Onyeizu For His Selfish Ambition Uncovered

Sir Marc Wabara

Press Release:

We the Ukwa Ngwa Youth Forum has observed with dismay the desperate moves by some expired and never do well politicians to deny the youths their chances and rights to participate in the forthcoming elections.

Desperation is such a destructive trait that not only destroys the man who possesses it but can also mars the fortunes of a people if not properly checked.

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Today in Abia state, it is common knowledge that Abians from all works of life, both at home and in the diaspora are earnestly waiting and praying that a Personality like Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah will accept the nudging and treatises of the people to run for the Governorship position and help reposition the state using his wealth of administrative experience.

Just as that dream is about to gain fruition, some enemies of the people, motivated solely by their ill conceived personal interest are busy plotting and scheming to make sure that the state remains in the quagmire it is currently enmeshed, so long as their vague dreams are fulfilled.

The so called Ukwa Ngwa meeting held on Sunday at De LA Paix Hotel, orchestrated and masterminded by the octogenarian, Chief Marc Wabara to hoodwink the Ngwa nation into thinking that he cares for them is merely a trick to gain endorsement for himself and distract the Ngwa stock from contesting for Senate.

Chief Marc Wabara who knows there is no way he can scale through the senatorial primaries given his unpopularity and battered image, in connivance with the gullible stock he could hoodwink, went ahead to zone the Senatorial seat to Ukwa bloc, when his own biological brother was the person who handed over to Sen. Abaribe, totally neglecting the Aba bloc. That is the height of insensitivity and desperation pushed to the climax.

By cunningly resolving to cede the Governorship to the Ngwa Bloc, sir Marc Wabara, intended to make sure the Senatorial Seat is zoned to Ukwa where he stand as the sole candidate.

Again, by ceding the Governorship seat to Ukwa Ngwa, Sir Marc Wabara and his cohorts tried to throw away competence, acceptability and capacity, which may ruin the Chances of the party to clinch the Governorship seat come 2019.

Why is Sir Marc Wabara agitated? Why is he turning Abia south into a theatre of war? Why is he afraid to go to the primaries with Engr. Chinedu Onyeizu, the 37 year old who represents the youth constituency and the Aba bloc?

If APC wants to zone offices in Abia State, it should filter down to other zones.

What sir Marc and co does not know is that they are in the minority. A look at the characters that attended the meeting will tell any right thinking person that the charade that played out at De la paix hotel holds no water, those gullible lot can not speak for the Ukwa Ngwa people!

If zoning is to be applied as it concerns the Senatorial seat in Abia South, then the Aba bloc reserves the sole right to produce the next senator of the zone.

Abia South Senate is not an exclusive preserve and a relay race in the Wabara Dynasty.

The Ukwa Ngwa Youth Forum will resist every attempt to trample on the people’s right to choose their own leaders or to shortchange our candidates!


Chief Marc Wabara and anyone running for any public office should be man enough to present themselves to the Generality of Abia APC in an open and fair primary election to test their acceptability.

Abia APC will be shooting itself on the leg if it goes ahead to field old, corrupt and unpopular candidates whose strongest selling point is zoning.

Elections across the globe today is no longer premised on mundane factors like zoning rather competence, acceptability and ability to deliver.


Chibuike Madumere

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