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Thursday, 10 January 2019

APC vs PDP: Dickson, Sylva in heated exchange

APC vs PDP: Dickson, Sylva in heated exchange

Bayelsa State Governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and his predecessor, Timipre Sylva of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have resumed their verbal war.

Dickson, on Thursday, reacted to a claim by Sylva that the governor was behind a plot to pitch the Chief of Staff to the President, Mr. Abba Kyari, against him through orchestrated media reports.

His spokesman, Fidelis Soriwei said that the governor was too involved and indeed occupied with the execution of the mandate the Bayelsa people gave to him, to be distracted by the hallucinations of a politician whose lifeline in politics was the mood of his political masters.

He wrote: “This type of report falls short of the standard of a story that should command a place in our respected media space. Somebody of the exalted status of a former Governor is crying wolf where there is none and hallucinating that Governor reputed to be his political nemesis is after him.

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“The point to note is that the Governor is too busy with the execution of the mandate given to him by Bayelsans in place of Sylva to be bothered by anticipated clashes between Sylva and the President’s Chief òf Staff.

“This comic claim by Sylva and his minion is a classic example of the wicked on flight at the sight of nobody. The fact is that Sylva is so scared and intimidated by the shadow of Dickson, that his nightmares about him occur in the day time.

“We hope Sylva is not having sleepless night over the possibility of yet another “leaked audio” in this era of “double speak and doubt thoughts.”

He stressed that while Dickson had worked hard to put his name on all the life changing, big ticket developmental projects in Bayelsa, Sylva would be remembered for the descent to lawlessness, the slaughter of the innocent encapsulated in his killing machine, Famutangbe.

“Sylva’s regime is one bitter story of the locust, pain, misery, waste and misrule in Bayelsa . His rejection by the Bayelsa people only showed the decision of the people to reject stagnation and sterility in governance”, he added.

Firing back, Sylva through his spokesman, Julius Bokoru, said he was glad that he was able to foil Dickson’s “desperate, demonic and criminal plan”.

“We thank the good people of Bayelsa State for standing with Sylva and the APC, for standing for truth and integrity, and for standing against those who think governance is about propaganda and psychological warfare.

“The issue here is not about Sylva but a campaign of fake news to undermine the Presidency. The purpose for Dickson, of course, is to bolster the faltering fortunes of his party the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state and in the country.

“Dickson has no fear of God. He therefore thinks it is man rather than God that determines another man’s fate. Hence he speaks of someone’s “lifeline in politics” and “the state of mood of his political masters”. If he does not know, Dickson needs to be reminded that the prevailing national mood, today, is the presidential elections scheduled for the next few weeks.

“Dickson speaks of conscience, but conscience is when you pay civil servants their salaries promptly, conscience is when you don’t attack a courthouse like a thug, conscience is when you don’t elevate violence to the status of a government policy, conscience is when you don’t impoverish a once thriving people and state, conscience is when you don’t fail abysmally at even basic levels of governance, conscience is when you don’t become a nightmare for those you are supposed to govern and conscience is when you don’t tell low level lies.

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“Dickson has no conscience, and that obvious absence of conscience, sadly, comes very naturally to him. He has ruled Bayelsa State for almost eight years and he is still obsessing over Sylva, he is still blaming Sylva for his many monumental failures, he is still blaming Sylva for his inability to comprehend the mathematics of good governance after all these years

“We are glad Dickson has denied he is not going to be involved in this mischief. This is good for the people of Bayelsa State, the polity and the country

“We will now watch and see if Dickson will keep to his words and refrain from the planned hatchet job. We know Dickson as a man with an established notoriety for mischief. He is not known to be a man of honour. Nor is he a man of conscience.

“Dickson survives on the politics of blackmail, petty mudslinging, propaganda and fake news. The bright news for the people of Bayelsa State, and Nigeria, is that he has exposed how alien he is to credibility.”

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