Let Somebody Tell Tinubu, The Thieving Iragbiji Migrant, That Lagos Belongs To All​ By Sanyaolu Juwon - Uju Ayalogu's Blog for News, Reviews, Articles and More

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Monday 4 March 2019

Let Somebody Tell Tinubu, The Thieving Iragbiji Migrant, That Lagos Belongs To All​ By Sanyaolu Juwon

Let Somebody Tell Tinubu, The Thieving Iragbiji Migrant, That Lagos Belongs To All​ By Sanyaolu Juwon

The February 23 Presidential election was by far one of the most desperately conducted elections in the history of Nigeria Democracy. It may infact be ranked as the worst election ever.

This was an election that was conducted amidst unprecedented state aggression, physical and psychological intimidation.

 Complicated by a “shoot on sight order” issued by the presidency purportedly against ballot box snatchers, circumstances surrounding the conduct of the elections later revealed that the much touted shoot on sight was in fact meant to intimidate voters and enforce a voter apathy.

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The elections witnessed unprecedented violence. In Lagos, the APC through theie “crime boss” Tinubu, with the aid of the bullion vans, used thugs to snatch ballot boxes, disrupt elections and foment violence.

The bullets, stones and bottles that were flying around had no respect for your ethnic group or religious inclinations. They had no idea whether you were Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or Efik.

The “Lion of Buordillion” who may have mobilized them with the aid of the Bullion Vans didn’t direct that they attack a specific ethno-religious group. They particularly intimidated anyone and everyone perceived to be against there desperation to cling onto power.

In all of the madness of this electoral violence, our lifeless Bubu eventually emerged amidst gross unpopularity. It wasn’t long before he told Nigerians that the next four years would be tough. You and I should begin to wonder what the next four years would look like especially when the last four years were extremely hotter than hell. Well! We won’t blame him.

APC did told us they were taking us to the “next level” and for people who play video or phone games, you know the next level is always tougher. But you should also know that this “Next Level” has no respect for your ethno-religious sentiments, it does not know your tribe neither has it any respect for your religion.

But you know what, in this same “next level”, Tinubu and his rich friends/allies in the APC/PDP would live very fat on the sufferings of the Nigerian people.

As the gubernatorial election draws closer, the APC and their caged “Lion” in Burdillon have set out other machinations to intimidate voters and foment violence. In the presidential election, the callous method was a shoot on sight order.

This time around, they intend to mobilize the instrument of ethnic sentiment. They intend to put together a drama of ethnic war, divide voters along ethnic lines and intimidate the Igbo population from voting.

Let someone please tell this “Iragbiji” man who now leaves in Buordillion (all thanks to stolen wealth) that Lagos belongs to all who reside in it and all those who intend to migrate to the state.

Just like the other states in Nigeria, Lagos belongs to all Nigerians of all tribes, ethnicity and religion. Lagos belong to Lagosians and we are all Lagosians just as we are all Nigerians.

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