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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Update! Female & Innocent - is not a Crime!

.Update! Female & Innocent - is not a Crime!

My attention has been/was drawn to the Online publication that I was jailed for Stealing 50Million Naira from my Employers and a Disclaimer was published online. This is classically .....”Trouble deyy sleep 😴 Inyaanga just go rudely wake am up .....”

Initially I regarded it as Tales by Moonlight but as time went on, after causing a Rejoinder to be published in This Day, Guardian and Daily Times, I decided to sue for Defamation Of Character, Unlawful Misrepresentation Of Facts to the General Public, Damages & Compensation Of 1billion Naira.

My Sisters - it’s always the case that Nwanyi taaasiiiAaaaa afuuuuufu to reVamp a moribund Company as a Co-Director, Once the Company starts making waves and profit, unknown elements start to creep out of their holes 🕳 and begin to arrogate megalomaniac statuses to themselves, or tales that should be flushed down in Pits where they were defecated & manufactured or worse still, is employing Faceless Officeless Locationless junk Unprofessionals to spread their baseless tales.

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It’s Sad, very Sad indeed that a business Barr Ify Morah grew from barely N8Million ($50,000) in 2011 to an Excess Of N280million, Her payback was for the Yoruba couple to gang up and try to take away her shares as a Co-Director. We all know that Forex transactions are barely 50koko/N1 margins so it’s very painstaking to turn around N8Million to an Excess Of N280,000million+

It’s instructive to note also that in the Court Proceedings, the Petitioners were ashamed of their Disclaimer claims as they were asked a simple legal question during Cross Examinations by Barr Ify Morah’s Lawyers - “...Is a Director the Employee or an Employer, why then did you mischievously put out a Disclaimer if not to push their Malicious prosecution and avoid payment of Profits accrued as at the material time in question?????? At the next court Sitting, the Matter was withdrawn from the court Suo Motu.

Please my Fellow Ladies - Don’t Be ever ashamed to stand tall in the face of Intimidation or Misrepresentation of Facts with a desperate effort to Ridicule or Malign you especially WHEN YOU ARE FEMALE & INNOCENT!!!!!!!

Being Female is not a crime, it’s an Asset as most females can meticulously turn a seed into a farm then into a Storage Barnyard! But like you always need a Good Doctor 👩‍⚕ 🥼 and a Priest - ALWAYS GET A GOOD LAWYER too to look at your Terms & Conditions Of Any Contracts 😎🤓😉

If I wasn’t a Lawyer - Aluuuuuuuu akaaàa emeeee Mu.

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