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Thursday, 23 January 2020

ÀMỌ̀TẸ́KÙN: The 3 Areas Where The S'west Governors Goofed - Tinubu

ÀMỌ̀TẸ́KÙN: The 3 Areas Where The S'west Governors Goofed - Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The much awaited response of the National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu over Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn, a security self help outfit by the 6 Southwest’s Governors has finally arrived.

However, a critical understanding of the speech personally signed by Tinubu, one could conclude that the ace politician sits on the fence over the controversial of the complementary security outfit, Amotekun.

In the statement released, Tinubu brilliantly sat on the fence. Despite applauding the Initiative, he mentioned three areas where the Initiative handler goofed.

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Below is the quote from his statement :

... First, the stated mission is information gathering by civilians. Such tasks are always and everywhere best done in low-key fashion. Some aspects of Amotekun seem to undermine rather than enhance this function.

Second, equipping Amotekun with showy paraphernalia may cause the public to misconstrue the role of Amotekun, incorrectly believing its mandate is more expansive than it is. This possible disconnect could impede the good aims of the program.

“We also should consider that the Buhari administration has approved implementation of a policy of community policing wherein additional recruits from all 774 local government areas will be added to the force to help protect their own communities.

As the Federal Government emphasizes grassroots policing it is uncertain how well Amotekun can complement the police force as the force moves toward greater decentralisation when Amotekun is organisationally leaning in the opposite way.

“We have been fighting for local and decentralised policing for a long time because we know that too much centralisation impedes performance. In regard to actual performance of its appointed tasks, Amotekun should have focused on grassroots local organisation at the state level without a regional command hierarchy.

The regional approach may undermine efficiency. There is no compelling logic why the same personnel providing security & informational assistance in Ado-Ekiti should be under the same functional and operational leadership as those providing assistance in Lekki or Akure. This will not lead to optimal performance.

“The regional approach has only limited benefit with regard to the procurement and maintenance of vehicles and communications equipment because this wider approach allows for economies of scale. The regional approach also helps tackle the growing incidences of interstate criminal activity.

Some things need to be corrected before Amotekun becomes operational. If not, it will not live up to expectations. Thus, the current formulation of Amotekun is in need of repair before it takes to the road only to quickly slip into a ditch.

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