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Saturday, 11 January 2020

How God Healed Me Of Cancer, Erectile Lucidity - Doyin Okupe

How God Healed Me Of Cancer, Erectile Lucidity - Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe

Above is the title of a book I hope to publish in the coming year. Many Nigerians know me but only very very few know who I really am.

I am a man who has found favour and received tremendous  Mercy from the  Almighty  God Jehova.

Over the next few weeks i will publish on this wall snippets of what will eventually be published in my book.

11 years ago while on holiday with my wife and children, in Florida, during a routine medical examination it was discovered  that I had cancer of the prostate. I was 56yrs old. I was shocked. I was stunned. I did so many things and considered various options. Eventually I went for Cyberknife treatment in India.

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My first post surgical  Psa was quite low 1.2. But 6months down d line it started climbing up and came up to 3.75 which is approaching upper limit of normal. I immediately went on my knees and told God this Psa in my blood serum must regress.

I became quite scared and did not go for any test for about 1year. When I eventually did it it had come down to a little over 2.

I fasted and prayed again for months and told God that even though 2 was normal, but in order to prove to me that He is God He should remove all traces of cancer of the prostrate from my blood. The next test I did came wt a result of 0.0!!! Today 1year down the line and 11years after the initial diagnosis I just got another PSA result reading 0.0!!

4 years before I was diagnosed as having Cancer of the prostate, my libido started decreasing alarmingly until suddenly I suffered erectile lucidity. Please note, not erectile dysfunction. Total flat out. I was 52yrs thereabout. I was devastated.

I searched the scriptures and came across Deut: 34:7. I called up and went to see a close friend pastor Niyi Gbade of CAPRO ministries.(08033010331). I told him of my predicament.

He summoned about 10 of his colleagues and I told them that I strongly believed in the word of God as contained in duet 34 vs 7 and that if we all agree in prayer I will be healed. We prayed only that once. Till this very day I have never ever experienced the problem again.           

Finally, just for this session I will talk of my SINUS BRADYCARDIA. it is a congenital heart condition where the heart is naturally slow.

It is compatible with life if no complications ensue. However while working as assistant to president jonathan, my heart rate dropped as low as 30 beats per minute instead of the average of 60 to 70 .

It was so bad I could not climb the stairs to the Presidents office without stopping to rest. None of my colleagues noticed because I always carried some files with me which I will pretend to be reading while I rested.i met my friend dr achililu a cardiologist who said I will need a pacemaker.

I went to my room locked my door and wept on my alter. I asked God that why would he bring me to this post only to disgrace me out because of poor health. Next day i went to work and did not stop to rest anywhere.

In fact I never had the symptoms again till the end of that regime 7months later.

Please join me to return all the Glory to God Almighty and His son Jesus Christ.
This is a fraction of the Mercies I have recieved in my life.

Please if you have followed this story and you want His abundant Mercies too just like me,pl go to your room or a private place and accept JESUS CHRIST as yr lord and saviour. Say this short prayer loudly &sincere .

Lord Jesus, I confess I am a sinner, but I believe you came to this world and died for my sins. I proclaim you as my Lord, Master, saviour and deliverer. Please come into my life today and continue to lead me alright.

On sunday please go to any bible believing church and share your experience with the pastor or elder in the church.  God bless you as u do so.

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