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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Prostitutes Beat Evangelist To Coma For Preaching In Their Premises In Lagos

Prostitutes Beat Evangelist To Coma For Preaching In Their Premises In Lagos

Evangelist beaten to coma by prostitutes, Evangelist Mathew of a popular church in Ejigbo, Lagos nearly lost his life when he tried to preach the word of God little did he know that some aggrieved unrepentant sinners could go the extra mile of beating him silly like a common criminal.

Evangelist beaten to coma by prostitutes, According to an eyewitness account of the public show of shame, Theresa Okwudili, trouble started for the 36-year-old man of God when he stood at a close range to Golden hotel, Ejigbo, and began preaching to the women and their male clients to forsake their sinful ways and turn to God for deliverance and salvation.

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An angry prostitute brought out a bucket of water and poured the man of God when he started preaching about virtues to them. Luck was not on his side as many of the sex workers trooped to beat the hell out of him.

It was gathered that he did not make any attempt to retaliate as Jesus did.

“He only said God will pay them back in threefold and left the scene with his audio gadgets and wet body”,
the eyewitness said.

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