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Monday, 9 November 2020

Catholic Priest Speaks On US President-Elect Joe Biden Being ‘The Antichrist’

A Nigerian Catholic Priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu who is based in Malawi has told his followers to stop promoting antichrist tales.

Fr Ugwu stated this on Sunday on his Facebook page.

According to him, all the recycled tale on Antichrist comes from fear. He stated that the Antichrist tale feeds, grows and spreads through fear.

The Padre noted with great disgust how John Paul II, Obama, Pope Francis, and Bill Gates were once ignorantly named as Antichrists respectively.

Fr Ugwu also revealed that same set of ignoramuses have also added Joe Biden in the Antichrist list after he won the US Presidential election on Saturday.

He Begged those promoting the false Antichrist tales to stop, stressing that it is “ignorance spiced with stupidity”.

His words;

“It is time we stop this recycling of antichrist tales. It is time we STOP!

I want you to know this, every of the recycled tale on antichrist comes from FEAR. It feeds, grows, and spreads through FEAR. It is not from faith, and it has NEVER promoted faith.

Let me rephrase. . .

Fear is the major factor why the antichrist tale is still existing. . . Another big factor is ignorance spiced up with stupidity.

There is something contagious about fear. Once you allow those recycling the antichrist tale into you, they will project a certain type of fear into you that will make you to automatically pass the same fear to another, who passes to another, and another. . .

That was how the news of bathing with salt to cure Ebola went viral that year. Two simple factors were responsible: Ignorance and fear.

Sorry, I just remembered that there is a third factor. . . The Boss of them all. . . I call it the SAVIOUR COMPLEX.

Most preacher or self acclaimed prophets telling you how one man is the antichrist are simply operating from their “saviour complex.”

The saviour complex makes them to feel that they are the one that God has chosen to deliver the message that will save the world. They always feel that they are doing the world a favour. That is why, the message always comes with some sort of boldness. In their heads they are always like: If I don’t deliver this message, the world will perish.

So boom, they announce. . .

“John Paul II is an antichrist. . . Stay away from him.”

Then, Antichrist John Paul II dies, another preacher with saviour complex will step forward and announce. . .

“Obama is the new antichrist . . The world will end. Obama is the devil now. He has a Satanic mission from Satan.”

Even while Obama is still alive, another preacher with same saviour complex will come forward to announce. . .

“Pope Francis has sacrificed those in Italy in the name of Covid-19, watch out, he is the antichrist.”

Then, Pope Francis got replaced by Bill Gates.

According to them . . .

“Bill Gates seemed to have taken over, he is producing vaccines that will carry chips. He is evil. He is the antichrist.”

And then. . .from last night, the present holder of the title is:


Friends, such ignorance spiced up with stupidity should just stop!”

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