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Sunday 6 December 2020

Actress, Amara Maduka Reveals What Her Family Thinks About Her Being A Nudist


In this interview with Sun News, Nollywood actress, scriptwriter and producer, Amara Maduka, reveals what drove her into creating adult content, her family reactions to it as well as biggest mistake she ever made.

Enjoy it.

Tell us about growing up. Where did you spend your formative years?

Growing up was fun and interesting. I was always artistic as a child. I would draw and paint cartoons all over my room and my father encouraged me always to keep finding my art. I was born in Aba. I had my primary school there and afterwards I went to Port Harcourt for my secondary and tertiary education.

What was it like growing up in Aba?

Growing up in Aba was fun and scary at the same time. I was a fat kid and I got bullied a lot both in school and in the streets. It wasn’t a good feeling then, but now I remember them and just laugh.

Can you say you were born with a silver spoon?

Yes, I was born with a silver spoon. I come from the type of family where you lacked nothing as a child.

What was the best gift you received as a child?

That would be my first phone. I was in SS1 then, and even though phones were contraband, my dad got me a Samsung flip. It was the best gift any child would dream of then.

Now that you have embraced nudity, are you not worried about your future kids seeing your naked images in different places?

I won’t bring up my kids with the basic myopic mindset. They will see and understand life at a deeper level. Besides, I don’t live in the future, it isn’t promised. The present is all I have and I make the most of it.

What drove your passion into adult content?

That would be my mindset. I don’t like seeing everyone doing the same thing. If I see too much of something, I would want to change it. Adult content is a niche almost everyone is shying away from, because people are scared of daring. But it is art, nonetheless. A lot of people would create adult content if they have the courage to just do what they really want fearlessly. But they are scared of what people would say and all that, but it’s their loss. I think people should embrace their demons more, because if you keep denying your soul freedom of expression, you’re just existing and not living.

What is the opinion of your family on your being a nudist?

My family understands that I’m an adult and I have a mind of my own. They have given me the necessary equipment to take on life and it’s all up to me how I choose to lead life now. They know where I’m coming from and they support my art full time.

Do male fans make advances to you when they see you physically?

My fans seldom get to see me in person. I’m not the type you find just about anywhere. I seldom go out or be in public places unless it’s about work. But they relate with me where they can, which is online and they make advances every damn moment.

Do you think adult content ensures increase in rape cases?

In my opinion, adult content has nothing to do with rape. As a matter of fact, rape would reduce if the society embraces adult content instead of frown at it. It’s basic knowledge that mankind will always long for the ‘forbidden fruit’. Because it’s a big deal, people are going to always crave it. But if it is embraced and the men know that a woman’s body is just a body, then they would see every woman as human and not an object. And whatever happens to masturbation? Rather than rape, they should probably watch some adult content and masturbate. And all that aside, people really need to practice self-control. Our forefathers rarely wore clothes and we didn’t hear of them raping their women and children to death like the men of these days. They didn’t see women’s bodies as objects. They accepted that it’s normal to see women naked and it wasn’t that big a deal, so they had extremely little or no urge to want to bed a woman who isn’t theirs.

What is your biggest fear in life?

Fear is a limitation. The good thing about being spiritual is you lose fear – mostly about the future, which you have no control over. When you realise that you are nothing and you are in charge of nothing, but at the same time you are everything, you surrender to the divine power: God. And with that comes gratitude and humility, not fear.

Are there still things you desire?

Oh, I desire a lot of things. I really want to touch and change lives. That has been one reason that keeps me pushing so I can get to the point where I can look at someone and literally make his or her dream come true. It would be amazing to get to that point.


Source: Sun News

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