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Friday 18 December 2020

‘Eastern Security Network Is Another Propaganda Taken Too Far’

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

I’m strongly convinced that one day more people will come to appreciate the good work I am doing. I have made it clear on numerous occasions that my commentaries about IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu is not borne out of any personal issue or jealousy. Far from it.

Kanu is a brother and former ally. I stand to gain nothing by pulling him down. But being a brother and former ally doesn’t stop me from questioning his actions when it threatens our security and Safety. Journalists in every democratic circle are meant to caution and redirect erring leaders before they leap into the threshold of authoritarianism.

Nnamdi Kanu indeed came for fame and money and not for Biafra project. A trouble maker who can’t engage his perceived enemies militarily but will endlessly bark for a war he will be flawed. Though, Mr Buhari in 2017 demonstrated to Kanu that military warfare is beyond radio jamboree.

I have read some commentaries from few Igbos in diaspora supporting the illegal Eastern Security Network of IPOB. Umu Igbo must be very wary of Kanu and his Eastern Security Network. The last time such stupidity was displayed by Kanu and his legions of thugs, it culminated to a brutal military raid. Till date, we are yet to get over the damage it caused the entire region.

Moreover, Kanu also told his followers that the Eastern Security Network has nothing to do with Biafra. But in one of the videos his business crew circulated online, he was seen on a black suit and red barret laced with Biafra coat of arms. The same man who vowed never to associate with Nigeria has turned around to launch a fake Nigerian Security Network with Biafra colouration! Is it not a clear evidence that Biafra project under Kanu and company is one big joke?

Like I said before, Kanu is an expert in propaganda. His quest to keep the rogue movement afloat has blinded him. Today, if he is not promising the coming of Biafra soldiers, it will be a UN supervised referendum that won’t come. What about Hitech Farming, Signed, Sealed and Delivered Deal of 2019, 40 million ballot papers and and the fake BSS Buratai and his men slaughtered in his Afaraukwu home when the chips were down?

Presently, Kanu is in exile fomenting troubles that will definitely consume innocent people while his wife and children are in Britain living lavishingly on peoples contributions and ignorance. If Kanu wants to dare, he should return home and lead the military onslaught against Nigeria and stop misleading Igbo youths.

Circulating pictures and videos of miscreants brandishing AK47 rifles in the bush under the guise of Eastern Security Network is another propaganda taken too far by the outlawed organization. It was a destructive show of hooliganism on the part of Kanu and his bunch of wannabes. No law recognises IPOB in the region. And IPOB is proscribed until the court says otherwise. Simply put, ESN is an act of illegality.

If Nnamdi Kanu has the ball, he should order his fake Eastern Security Network to begin operation like Amotekun in the South West. Hiding in the thick bush to make videos and take pictures are somewhat childish. Such strategy is practically out of fashion. We want to see the Eastern Security Network patrolling in their vehicles like Amotekun and Hisbah.

Our people in diaspora should not make any form of contribution to Kanu’s none existing Security Network. ESN is another means of stealing from the weak minded.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a writer and investigative journalist.

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