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Saturday 12 December 2020

Queens Of Sex: Check Out Nigeria's Multimillionaire Aphrodisiac Sellers

Gone are the days when local aphrodisiac sellers were mostly illiterates who wore make-up with loud colours and were often restricted to hawking their wares on the streets or at ‘motor parks’.

In recent times, thanks to the advent of social media, they have now ‘repackaged’. There is a booming market for these products, which is now sold by educated people, most of whom are ladies under the age of 30 but still, they smile to the bank daily.

Top on their shelves is a product called, Kayanmata, among other things.

Kayanmata originated from the Northern part of Nigeria and it refers to herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers for couples.

In Hausa language, the word, Kayanmata means women’s things. Funnily, there is a no refund policy for these aphrodisiac products.

The PUNCH highlights the luxurious lifestyle of these Nigerian aphrodisiac sellers.

Hauwa Saidu Mohammed

Known as Jaaruma, she is probably the most popular of the lot as she commands followership of 1.1 million followers on her verified Instagram account and over 42,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Also known as Queen Jaaruma, P Sweetener or The Luxurious Big Girl; regardless of what you want to call her, she is rumoured to be one of Nigeria’s most successful and highly-paid sex therapist

She reportedly founded her business in 2010 and is mostly known for selling a local aphrodisiac known as Kayanmata, among other things.

Jaaruma is known to flaunt her wealth on social media unapologetically. For instance, about five days ago, she announced N1m cash give away via an Instagram post where she was pictured leaning on a yellow luxurious supercar.

Jaaruma is known to give out millions of naira. She once gave a social media influencer, Pamilerin, a million naira for promoting her brand. It was reported that the 27-year-old also gave a former Big Brother Naija housemate, Ella, about N3.4m.

In another video on her Instagram page, she was seen flaunting about N120m. She captioned the video, “AED1,000,000 Dirhams = N120,000,000 Million Naira Make Jaruma’s s€x sound in this video in writing & win N100,000.”

Asides flaunting and doling out cash, Jaaruma is known for showing off her expensive accessories as well, like her diamond ring and designer bags. Most of her YouTube videos also ooze of opulence. Some online reports claim her net worth is about $2m but that is yet to be ascertained.

Deborah Erioluwapo Ajayi

Fondly known as Omoshola, she has garnered over 500,000 followers on her Instagram account. Although part of the bio on her websites reads that her craft ‘is a unique blend of day spa and sexual wellness spa stepping in to meet the challenges of today’s major skin and sexual crises,’ the young lady is known to trade in local aphrodisiac products.

A peep at her Instagram account and one can easily assume that business is booming for the 24-year-old who is planning a tour of West Africa. She is seen in several pictures posing in a private jet.

In several interviews, she has divulged that she ventured into business at the tender age of 12 while she started selling aphrodisiac some years ago.

So far, she sits atop an empire of different business concerns in two cities of Abuja, Nigeria and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Often described as a sex therapist, Omoshola owns a farm in Karu area of the Federal Capital Territory where she rears livestock. She also owns a body enhancement spa in Maitama area of Abuja, as well as a salon and body spa in Dubai known as HBG Beauty Lounge at the Dubai Investment Park.

Akinola Oluwatomiwa Balqees

Known in the sex industry as Miwa Signature, Akinola Oluwatomiwa Balqees, is another big player in the game.

The electrical engineering graduate of the University of Ilorin is proud to be called the Kayanmata goddess.

In an interview, Balqees noted that her passion stemmed from her parent’s separation after 13 years of marriage. Being a product of a broken home, she vowed to help mend troubled marriages with her business, which she started in 2016.

From her personal Instagram page with about 413 followers, it can be deduced that she is quite conservative but that does not stop the young lady from taking rides in private jets as she has some pictures to show for it.

Although she may not ostentatiously display her wealth via her post on social media, her clothes, jewellery, designer bags and wigs show that she is truly a big girl. A typical case of “if you know, you know”.

A peek into her business page on Instagram, which has garnered over 500,000 followers, one would easily know that business is booming for Balquees. She frequently posts orders, reviews and payment receipts, which range from N100,000 to N5m.

In the caption on one of her posts, she stated that she sent a picture of her in the first-class section of a plane to her mother who simply referred to her as “Miwa Gbajumo;” meaning Miwa the prominent/wealthy one.

The only time she gave the world a glimpse of her deep pocket was in a video post she made on her business page on Instagram where she was seen spraying money on some friends at a party, and indeed she made it rain cash.

Oji Oghenetejiri

Oji Oghenetejiri may have started her business about two years ago, but she is definitely a name to reckon with in the aphrodisiac business.

Fondly called Teji Gold by her friends and customers, the 26-year-old brags of a verified Instagram account with over 200,000 followers.

Not only is the self-acclaimed sex therapist popular in her industry, she also seems to move with popular celebrities. For instance, her Instagram page shows the likes of popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo; former Big Brother Naija contestant, Wathoni, and Bobrisky endorsing her product.

In a recent interview, the self-acclaimed sex therapist revealed that she dumped her beauty, cosmetics and make-up business and “it was the best decision of my life,” adding that “it is quite lucrative.”

In a video she posted on her personal Instagram page, she was seen playing with money as she kept saying, “I need more of this, more of this,” while she giggled excitedly. She also flaunted her designer bags in a post.

Oji Akponehwe Miracle

Miracle is also a big player in the game despite her petite stature and she has the likes of Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, who recently became brand ambassador to back her up.

Fondly referred to as Mimi by her close associates, another known face, Bobrisky, in a post on her Instagram excitedly yelled, “Mimi is your new plug guys, Mimi is your new plug.”

With over 40,000 followers on her Instagram business page and 5,000 followers on her personal Instagram account, it appears that business may be booming for the young lady who posted a picture showing a bundle of N1,000 notes with the caption, “How my office table looks every day.”

While much might not be known about her background, based on her post, it seems her bank account is fat as she also posted a picture of her expensive bag, as well as videos of her cruising in an exotic car.

Although there have been mixed reactions about their craft and their mode of advertisement via the social media space, it does not dim the fact that these young ladies are not only smiling to the bank, but they are building empires from a trade that was ploughed by the dredges of the society.


Source: The PUNCH

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