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Saturday 12 December 2020

Woman Who Has Been Married For 41 Years Explains Why She Always Takes A Bite Of Husband's Lunch Every Day

Tracy Howell and her husband

An American woman identified as Tracy Howell, has revealed the 'adorable' reason why she has taken a bite out of her husband's sandwich every day of their 41-year marriage.

Tracy Howell, from Texas, posted on Facebook, where she explained that she helps herself to a nibble of husband Clifford's roll because it makes the couple feel like they are eating lunch together, even while he is away at work.  

People from all over the world have praised the devoted wife, and said that Tracy and Clifford have a 'role model marriage'.

Posting on Facebook, Tracy wrote: 'Clifford and I have been married almost 41 years and I have made his lunch every working day since day one.

'On occasion I would join him on the job site and have lunch with him. He made the comment once that lunch tasted better when you share it with someone you love.

'Soon after that, while fixing his sandwich one night, I took a bite out of it before putting it away.'

She continued: 'When he got home (long before cell phones), he commented that someone took a bite out of his sandwich.

'I told him that since I couldn't join him for lunch, I took a bite so he knew I was joining him.

'I continue to do this frequently (unless it's tuna or pimento cheese), and he still says, "saw you joined me for lunch today and it sure was good".'

She takes a bite out of her husband's sandwich

More than 23,000 people have 'liked' Tracy's post since she uploaded it earlier this month, with many of the commenters saying they hugely appreciate the simple but sweet gesture.

'That is so sweet. I just love this,' one woman wrote.

'I can see how your love has stayed strong for 41 years, happy anniversary,'
another added.

Many said that they do something similar for their children, so that their kids feel like they are always having lunch with their parents.

'I love you guys anyway and now I love you even more! That's how it’s supposed to be and so seldom is,' one woman wrote.

'This is so special. You have a role model marriage,'
another added.

In a sweet follow-up post, Tracy opened up more about how the simple act of taking a bite out of Clifford's sandwich has helped to strengthen their bond over the years.

'The only thought that comes to my mind when I fix his lunch and "take a bite of his sandwich" is how much I love him,' she explained.

'About as much thought as he puts into a phone call in the middle of the day when he tells me "he just needs to hear my voice" or a little note we leave for each other here and there from time to time.'

Tracy added that the couple make a point to tell each other every day just how much they love each other, explaining that it comes 'naturally' to them to express their feelings.

'We probably tell each other a dozen times a day that we love each other,' she wrote. 'We never wanted the other to "assume" we loved them. We don't go out of our way, it's just as natural to us as brushing your teeth.

'I give all glory to God for putting us together almost 41 years ago and giving us the patience to find the good, and learn to talk it out instead of throwing in the towel when times got hard.'

She added: 'I guess when Cliff asked me to marry him on our first date that him and God knew we were meant to be. Wow!'


Source: Daily Mail UK

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