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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

"Africans Aren’t Important, If Not For Us They Will Be Smelling Like Dead Rats" – White Woman Says

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A white woman identified as Tracy Zille took to Facebook to lambast Africans stating that we can't produce anything asides from anointing oils and making prophets wealthy.

In series of post shared on her social media page, Tracy Zille berated Africans and labelled them as modern-day slaves who relied on the United States, China and other European nations for their products.

According to her, if not for the US, the mouths of Africans will be smelling like dead rats because they can’t even produce their own toothpaste.

She said that the only things Africa produces are babies, rich prophets, pastors, bishops, anointing oil and prayers because of their heavy reliance on importation.

Noting that African are not important to the world, Tracy said that Africans must shut up and stop being stereotypical about the COVID-19 vaccine because it was not made to kill them.

Read The Full Posts Below:


"If it was not for us, your mouth would have been smelling like dead rats because even today you can’t make your own toothpaste. So shut up and take our vaccine or Die.

Colgate (Made in USA), Aquafresh (Made in Britain), Close Up (Made in England), Mentadent (Made in Canada), Oral-B (Made in USA), Sensodyne (Made in Japan).

Rich Prophets, Pastors and Bishops (Made in Africa). We produce toothpaste, you produce anointing oil and prayers.

Don’t insult me for telling you the truth. We used our money to build universities and science research facilities. You used your money to build big churches and to buy your pastors and prophets big cars and houses.

Our Research Facilities produced Covid19 Vaccine. Your Churches produced anointing oil. You buy expensive anointing oil from your churches without any noise but you are rejecting free Covid19 Vaccine from scientists. Something is wrong upstairs".

She also wrote on Twitter:

"This Covid19 Vaccine should be a lesson to all Africans. You must produce what you eat and your own medication. Now you are left with no choice but to take vaccine from your enemies. It’s either you die or buy vaccine from the enemy. Where are your rich prophets and pastors?"

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