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Wednesday 27 January 2021

My Girlfriend Was Used For Money Rituals, Now She Has Complications


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A Nigerian man has cried out after sharing his girlfriend's predicament on Nairaland.

The man claimed that his girlfriend has developed complications after she was allegedly used for money ritual.

Read his story below: 

Believe it or not, this thing called money ritual is real...

I noticed that ever since i started dating this girl, things have been very difficult for me. In fact, things just stopped working for me and life became so difficult..

The red light came out first when she left to travel for a week. It's was like a magic, things started working well for me and just when she arrived everything became stoned... This sequence continued for months until one of these school holidays when i went for a church program and i was told to leave the girl that she was used for money rituals and anyone she gets in contact with will become broke and difficult as the person's luck will move to the ritualist.... Everything happening in our relationship was revealed to me that day....

When she finally came back from holiday, all my business and street hustle became blocked again and we always have this argument because she has a difficult attitude and lies a lot. At first, i didn't want to tell her about it, i didn't want her to feel bad and it doesn't seem right to me then... One night, i frankly told her, i had to because i had no one in my life except few friends, i was fending for myself and paying all my bills right from 100level...

Well, i broke up with her this night, not because of the ritual stuff but because of her attitude and she called me crying that she rather die than for me to leave her to go through this kind of pain....

She has turned it to a do or die affair... I need input on this.

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