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Tuesday 23 March 2021

Fadaka, Proposed Currency For Yoruba Nation Will Be Stronger Than US Dollar — Group

A group pushing for the Yoruba nation’s independence has said Fadaka, the currency for the proposed Yoruba nation, Oduduwa Republic, will be stronger than the United States dollar.

The group had on Sunday unveiled different denominations of the proposed currency on its Twitter page.

“Oduduwa national currency shall be called ‘FADAKA’, meaning silver .. or short as just ‘FAD’ Here is a 20 Fadaka sample banknote,” it had written.

Speaking with SaharaReporters on Monday, the group said the goal of the Oduduwa Republic is to have the strongest currency in Africa.

The group said: “Economy is one of the major factors that will determine the value of our currency. Our goal is to have the strongest currency in Africa. The current strongest currency in Africa is Libya dinar which equals the dollar. Fadaka would be rated more than the dollar. Yes, it will be equal to a pound or even more.”

The group said the insecurity in northern Nigeria had taken a huge toll on its investors’ interest in the country, thereby affecting its currency.

“Northern terrorism has made many investors have zero interest in investing in our land. They believe that terrorism is everywhere, not knowing that it ends in northern Nigeria.

“If we successfully secede from Nigeria, the investors would be convinced; the lost interest would be restored, which will be good for our economic development,” it said.

The group said it had the backing of Afenifere, adding that it would resort to organised violence if its request for the passage of a bill on a referendum were not considered by the National Assembly.

The group added, “We must invest hugely in agriculture; agriculture was our major investment in the old Western Region. Through agriculture, we built the first university in West Africa, the first newspaper in Africa, the first skyscraper in West Africa, Western TV, Tincan seaport and many more.”

“We were also lending central government loans. So, we must reinvest in our agriculture. The largest resource is human resources. We have millions of wasted talents in the streets; we must also invest in human resources. We have people who can invent many different things. We must invest hugely in technology. The world is going digital now.”

“After the expiration of the 30-day ultimatum given to the federal government to organise a referendum force majeure ends on April 16, we will resort to organised violence.

“It will be controlled under one condition – if the Nigeria government calls for the negotiation of our unity. We’ve told the Yoruba in the North to come back home. Moreover, we are not fighting with any Nigeria citizens and we don’t expect the Nigerian government to attack our indigenes.

“We can achieve the Oduduwa Nation through restructuring. But it’s not in our plans. It’s either they give us peace, or we take it by force. But we are not praying for war, except the Nigerian government wants it. On April 16, we are going to reopen all our land borders; we will shut down our seaports and airports; that’s the organised violence.”

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