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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

“Marry a man you love and not a man who is ready” – Reno Omokri advises ladies

Nigerian author, Reno Omokri has advised ladies on the type of man they should marry.

The former Nigerian presidential aide gave this advice in a recent post he made on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

According to the proud husband and father of four, ladies should marry a man they love and not a man who is ready to marry them.

He stated that if the man that you love is not ready then wait for him to be ready rather than marrying a man you don’t love, simply because he is ready labelling it as a recipe for HEARTBREAK.

The post he made reads;

“Dear women,

Do not marry a man that is READY.
Marry a man that you LOVE.
If the man that you LOVE is not READY
Then wait for him to be READY
Rather than marrying a man you don’t LOVE, simply because he is READY
That is a recipe for HEARTBREAK!”

The post got some varied views from social media users. Read some of these reactions below;

@ogbozoranthony2 – Dear women pls don’t follow dis mis leading advise..it will do you no good

@TheWritingBeing – Marriage is based on love.
Everything else is an addition.

@twitformytwit – Too much pressure on the women. For every advice given to a gender it would be nice to hear a supporting one for the other gender.
In this situation, what should the man who isn’t ready but knows he is loved do? Especially if he knows she is waiting for him to be ready..

@BrightIcan – Women are highly emotional creatures. They respond to how they feel around men. The good feeling is what they most times call love. Things like money and good job erupts this feeling, hence they “feel” in LOVE. So sir, a READY man is automatically lovely man to women.

@Mayoradebowale – What if he is not ready in 5 years? She should wait for him for 5 years to make up his mind? Is love even enough for this marital journey? Speaking the mind of some ladies who are in their late 20’s and 30’s..

@XerxesEmperor – So the woman should continue waiting for the man to become ready? 7 years later she is still waiting.
And when he finally becomes ready he will tell her he has found love elsewhere.
Maybe he should become ready first before tying down someone’s daughter with marriage hope.

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