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Thursday, 22 April 2021

The truth about spirit husband and spirit wife – Apostle Joshua Selman

Founder and senior pas tor of the Eternity Network International, Apostle Joshua Selman has revealed the truth about spiritual husbands and wives who torment people in their dreams and forbid marriage.

According to him, it is a very serious thing to sleep and dream about having a sexual escapade in the dream. He cited evil spirits as the source of the bad dreams which in turn hinder marriage and prosperity for the fellow.

He said: “If demons oppress you in the night while you sleep, and you shouting the name of jesus seems helpless and fruitless or you can’t even shout the name of Jesus, it might be a very serious sign. If you see someone coming to make out with you in the dream, it might also be a very serious sign.”

“There are some beautiful, virtuous and submissive ladies that anytime a guy seeks for your hand in marriage, something happens to him immediately.

The spirit will frustrate him until he leaves, then he begins to give excuses as to why the relationship cannot workout anymore. For some ladies, no responsible man ever comes your way. It is either he is a tout, drug baron, gambler or he is married already and just wants to have a fling with you.” He said.

“Some people would have been married since, but the devil has laid claims over their marital lives. Some cannot even sleep, they see snakes everywhere.

There are demonic ordinances against some people which must be cast down. Sometimes, spirit husbands appear because of the covenants your parents might have had with them in the past.

Perhaps you were sick or you needed a job desperately or had an urgent need, then they rushed to the village to look for help from a deity, and because the devil never gives anything for free, they begin to torment you.” He added.

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