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Sunday, 30 May 2021

How to stop Yahoo business in Nigeria

Although Yahoo or internet fraud comes in numerous methods that include romance scam, identity theft, hacking, money laundry scams, and other methods which is also know as illegal side hustle, currently love scam is the most popular internet fraud method. Most of these scamming methods are called latest format.

Currently, over 50% of Nigerian youth make money from Yahoo business or another scamming method everything is still the same thing because all they do is to scam people especially foreigners online.

This unlawful activities put Nigeria in the black book of millions of people especially in Europe and America, millions of people believe Nigerians are scammers because they are known for it, although it is not true.

Now let's go straight to the main purpose of writing this informative content how to stop Yahoo business in Nigeria there are numerous ways to stop or reduce the rate of crime among Nigerian youth, make sure you read this article to the end so that you will know how to stop your business in Nigeria and other information that is related to it

How to stop Yahoo business in Nigeria

Parents Training

Nigerian parents should teach their children in the way of the Lord so that they won't be involved in anything illegal especially when it comes to stealing from someone else.

All parents need to train their children so that they weren't involved in Yahoo business or other illegal activities, they should let them know that it is not good for them and they may go to jail if they try to do it.

Job Availability

It is no longer a story that Nigeria is one of the countries that have the highest rate of unemployment in the world currently, lack of a job is one of the main reasons why most Nigerians youth go into Yahoo business, although it is not a good reason because they are not the only one. There are millions of Nigerian youth that create jobs for themselves without waiting for the government to help them with jobs or any benefits from the government, even though there’s numerous articles on the internet that teach How to become a yahoo boy.

The government should prosecute the Yahoo boys or girls that are caught in the act this will reduce the rate of yahoo boys and girls in the country because they won't want to end any jail. EFCC arrest and charge Yahoo boys to court every day but it will be better if they increase the rate of the arrest so that it will change order people especially those who are about enjoying the business a good lesson.

These are the best method of stopping Yahoo business in Nigeria you can add your method of stopping your own business in Nigeria by commenting in the comment section.

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