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Monday, 17 May 2021

Rape Allegation: Twitter Influencer, Tife Sues Sansa, His Ex-Girlfriend For N100m

Tife and Sansa

Tife and Sansa

A Nigerian man who is popular on Twitter has taken legal action against his ex-girlfriend.

Twitter influencer, TIFE has sued ex-girlfriend Sansa for accusing him of raping her.

Recall that Sansa had accused him of forcing himself on her sometime last year.

See the lawsuit below:

Akeem Fadun & Co.

14th May, 2021 Comfort Oroboghene Omovre, c/o Ifeoma Solanke, Justice Beyond Hashtags Foundation, 1, Task Force Road, Opposite PPL Police Station, Ojo, Lagos.



We are Solicitors to Boluwatife Fabunmi, hereinafter referred to as "Our Client" and on whose behalf we write.

Our clients brief is summarized thus;

1. Our client sent an E-mail to you requesting you retract the libelous allegation of rape, blackmail and assault you tweeted about him on your twitter timeline.

2. In your lawyer's response to the mail, dated 10th May, 2021, the same concocted version of the story was repeated with newly added assertions for added effect.

3. That you had stated in your tweet of 18th May, 2020 as follows;


I only ever loved Boluwatife Fabunmi (Our Client) and was there for him as best as I knew how to.

And what did I get in return? I was shamed! Ridiculed! Abused.' Blackmailed.' Raped! Disrespected! Cheated on!..."

4. That you deliberately accused our client of rape, blackmail and assault.

5. Owing to our client's large following on twitter which presently at 130,000, the false allegation topped the Trend list on Twitter in Nigeria and was consequently covered by several blogs.

6. That our client did not rape, blackmail or assault you at any point during the relationship. Our client shall establish this fact at trial.

8. It is on record that purported "rape" and "assault" you falsely accused our client of, was on the 9. of January 2020, after the consensual sex you both had on that day, you sent our client a lengthy Whatsapp message on the 10. of January 2020 stating how much you loved him and how he was a blessing to you.

9. The next day, 10. of January 2020, which was our client's birthday, you both went to the Mall and you surprised our client with a birthday cake, retired to the hotel where you had even more consensual sex.

10. On the 11. of January 2020, several videos were uploaded on your Snapchat account wherein you both lovingly cozied up to each other, whilst grinning from ear to ear. You returned to Ife later that day.

11. On the 13. of January 2020 you sent our client pictures of yourself and described the sexual encounters you had with the following words;

"It was sweet sha"

"I got you where I wanted"

"That's why I dressed in the Bathroom"

12. That a month later, you and our client spent 13th to 15th of February 2020 together in commemoration of the valentine's day celebration where you further had consensual intimacy.

13. On the 10th of March, you both agreed by mutual consent to discontinue the relationship after you tweeted some things our client didn't like and he called you to speak about it.

14. Fast forward to your tweets in May 2020, you falsely and maliciously accuse our client of raping and assaulting you on the 9th of January 2020.

15. You then proceeded to get married 2 months after the false allegation. Our client would not asked how it was possible you got married within a few weeks as it was no longer his business. This made the libelous and damaging allegations needless.

16. You further resorted to strong-arm our client into tweeting an apology after you had your father call our client's parents and he called our client's mother "Mother of a rapist". You calculated that knowing our client's relationship with his parent, they would do anything you requested to make it all go away. You leveraged on that to force out an apology which was fashioned by our client's brother and was sent to you for approval, you kept fine tuning the apology until it turned out the way you wanted, before you same was tweeted. As you are aware, our client did not participate in the process because he was distraught and depressed he was apologizing for an offence he did not commit.

17. You had promised that in return for the apology which was unwarranted to begin with, you would take down the post falsely accusing our client within 30 minutes. After the coerced apology was tweeted, you refused to take down the post, till date. You had succeeded in fooling our client and his parents who were only desperate for the mental torture to end.

Our client never raped, blackmailed or assaulted during the period you were together. The malicious and libelous allegation has damaged our client's reputation before him teeming followers and brands that do business with him. Consequently, we have our client instruction to demand the following:

1. A video and written apology posted on your twitter timeline, retracting the false allegation of rape, blackmail and assault made against our client and acknowledging that you deliberately lied against the person of our client alongside a promise to never fabricate lies against our client or any other person.

2. An apology to genuine victims of rape as your false accusation makes light of their plight.

3. The requested apology most be approved by our client before it is posted on your timeline.

TAKE NOTICE that if our clients demand is not met within 14 days of the receipt of this Pre-Action Notice, we shall immediately proceed to the Lagos State High Court to institute an action for Libel against you seeking general and exemplary damages to the tune of N100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Naira Only).

Accept the assurances of our highest professional regards.

Yours faith ully,

Akeem Fadun LL.M.

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