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Thursday 17 June 2021

I just realised that God loves me – James Brown hints on giving his life to Christ, after brief illness

The popular Nigerian cross dresser James Brown took to his Instagram to share a new video of himself.

In the new video, He said that the reason he hasn’t posted any talking video of himself is because he was sick.

During the time of his illness, he went to heaven and then he came back to earth. He decided to share what he experienced in heaven with his fans.

James said that he found out God really loves him when he went to heaven, so he has decided to forgive whoever offended him in the past. He said that there is no gain in fighting with anyone because there is heaven and there is hell.

He also said that from that moment he will be giving his life to Christ because Jesus loves him.

Alot of his fans were happy after he made this revelation to them, they even took to the comments section to wish him happy recovery.

It is no more news that James Brown loves cross dressing so much, he is always seen sharing pictures and making videos of himself in female clothes. James Brown feels comfortable when he puts on female clothes, he enjoys it alot and it makes him feel good. Apart from putting on female outfits, James Brown also calls himself the Princess of Africa.

He has alot of followers on Instagram and on Tiktok, they are always ready to watch his funny and dance videos. James Brown doesn’t look like he would be backing down from cross dressing soon, he is making alot of money from the business. This cross dressing business has gotten him alot of endorsement deals from different brands.

James Brown is one of the most popular male cross dresser we have in Nigeria, he is slowly making a name for himself.

James Brown even went as far as singing a song calling himself the Princess of Africa, and alot of his fans vibed to the song. Even his own junior sister doesn’t address him as a male, she calls him her big sister proudly.

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