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Sunday 6 June 2021

Learn to let go, even if you’re right, fighting makes you look bad — Bbnaija star, Tayo Faniran

Reality TV star and actor, Tayo Faniran has advised his fans not to always fight to defend yourself as you may look bad will trying to prove your point although you may be right.

According to Tayo Faniran, he used to think that those who say ‘fear people’ are cowards because I wanted to live for me and not the people and it is also why he does not like fake people because they are bad people pretending to be good.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate said in a lengthy post on his Instagram page that he watched some people fight for what is right in their eyes but they looked like mad people as the expression of a fighter is horrible in nature and ever since, he has asked God to give him patience to be quiet, losing but attractive fool.

He wrote;

Just recently I realised that keeping quiet is more rewarding than trying to prove points or defend myself,I’m one of the most confrontational humans on earth,a vocal giant,I don’t backdown,fearless and I’m popularly known as Mr say it as you feel. I used to think those who say “fear people” or “people would think “ are cowards,because I wanted to live for me and not the people,but can one really be alone in this life?

I don’t like fake people because most of them are bad people pretending to be good,but the things we do sometimes to stay real also don’t make us look good,we don’t like to kiss “Ass” like others but it doesn’t have to come out of our mouths that “that ass” stinks,I’ve never seen or heard of anyone who was crucified for not speaking,but the moment you open your mouth (weather you are right like “Jesus “) be prepared to gain more enemies than friends.

It took me watching some people fight for what’s right (I was so convinced they were right ),but they looked like mad people to me while “fighting “ because the look and expression of a “fighter” is horrible in nature,it became really hard for me to find them attractive again. Since then I started praying to God to give me the patience and grace to choose to be a “quiet,losing but attractive fool” over an “aggressive,defensive,self-righteous but unattractive winner” .

Remember,you will never beat them,you are a minority,so my advise for you is to learn to “pretend” to stand with them rather than to stand against them,for your own “look” ,”peace” and “sanity “ .

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